Monday, January 24, 2011

Did someone say POKER?

I played alot of poker this weekend.  It didn't seem like alot at the time but I played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Es mucho, no?

Let's start with Friday night.  Friday I was in the mood to play a big tourney.  Truth be told I was in the mood to WIN a big tourney, but you catch my drift.  I decided to play a satellite for the Fifty50.  I won my ticket 20 minutes prior to the Fifty50 starting.  Woot!  I doubled up early in the 50/50 and was doing great.  Till I risked my whole stack on a hand I like to call...........Ace Rag.  Fuck. I flopped top pair but didn't know I was up against big slick. All I can say is, IT WAS SOOTED.

Between the satellite and the actual game, I put in over 3 hours of play, only to throw it away with one shitty hand.  I went to bed aggravated, but as I've said to Sugar Bear, it's okay if you learn from it.


I played in a live tourney at L&BM, which btw is actually called The Playa's Club.  This was the last regular tourney of the year for our league and the last opportunity to increase my points and standing.  The big game is on Super Bowl Sunday.  I was dozing in the living room and really didn't feel like going out but I've missed so many games (about 6) and didn't want to miss another.  Marvin had already secured first place and neither I nor anyone else could catch him, but I still wanted to go down swinging.

Since Marvin has the most points for the year he gets the winner's jacket.  I really wanted that frigging jacket. Eh, who cares about a fugly jacket?  First place prize for Superbowl Sunday is $800.  I told him he's won the jacket, but I'll get the 8 benjamins

Anywho, Saturday night was 11 peeps and a 2 table.  Marvin was at a separate table.  I had alot of weak players at my table and I was ready for them.  I played tight and aggressive.  It doesn't hurt that they're all afraid of me, but that doesn't help a helluva lot cuz these guys chase everything.  Regardless I like to make them pay for those cards.

I took out the hostess (Lynne) when she raised, doubling the blind and I smooth called with J-J.  (JJ are ok!)  Flop was 10 high, she bet out and I smooth called.  Turn was a 3 and she went all in.  Was I slightly worried about trips?  Even a smidge? NO.  Lynne has NO poker face.  For this entire tourney I'd been watching her face and knew when she bet with a hand and knew when she had crap.  Every time!  I shiat you not.  Like I said, it's a combo of her wearing every emotion on her face and me being awesome.  :)

So I instacall her jam and watch her face go from worried to crushed.  She flipped over A-8 for....I dunno, Ace high.  I knocked her out and got a $5 bounty and bunches of chips.

I used the chips to bully, bully, bully.  I could smell weakness like a shark smells blood.  Mmmmm By the time we merged into a final table I was stacking and Marving was the shortie.  He sat down saying "It's gonna be hard getting all those chips Josie, but  you know I'm gonna do it."  I'll tell you this, if anyone could, it's Marvin...or so I thought.

I have a gazillion chips and Marvin has mebbe 2 bbs when he jams in.  Just to be sociable (and for the $5 bounty) I give hims some action and so does Shaun and Freddie (Marvin's nephew).  I have J-9...ALMOST my fave hand.

Flop is 9-9-K.  I'm gonna knock Marvin Maverick out!  Obv I check.  Shawn checks, Freddie bets 2K and I jam all in baby!  Shawn and Freddit start moaning and groaning and fold. (both had a king).  I turn over my trips, with K-J kicker and Marvin has....Ace nine.  I picked up more chips than I gave Marvin but still!

Next critical hand is A-K.  Freddie raises and I call.  Flop is A-x-x.  He bets and I'm all in baby! He calls with Ace Rag (7) and catches the 7 on the river.  Fuck, I just doubled him up.

Marvin finally gets knocked out....there are 3 of us itm and then Freddie took out Rick so now we are heads up, but I am shortstacked to say the least!

A word about Freddie.  He was very very very very drunk.  As in so drunk, thinking was difficult.  And I was trash talking him like no one's business.  He's the black guy in the pic below.  You can't tell from the crappy quality of the pic, but he has on this frigging cool ulta embroidered red sox hat that cost like $50.  I keep telling him I'm going to win it from him.  I could wind up with his jacket too.  He kept saying I remember you.  I know what ur like.  Blah blah blah.

But like I said we're heads up and I'm a shortie.  2nd place is $60 and first place is $165.  He offers me $60 and we split.  Yep, he was that drunk! I tell him I'm getting $60 if I LOSE, and reject his offer.  And of course I remind him that he can't out play me and he's dead.  

Then I lose a couple hands.

I'm down to mebbe 3 BB and he says "Josie, what if you get $100?  Would you split for that?" 

To quoe Jules from Pulp Fiction "Sheeeiitt Negro, that's all you had to say!"

I take the deal!  I got $100 and he got $125 even though I only had 3 bb left.  Who am I to say no? Freddie got 1st and a few punches, I got 2nd and Rick got 3rd.

Rick, Josie and Freddie

Damn, this post is long and we still have Sunday to review.  I shall TRY to make this quick.  Sunday night I got home from visiting my Mom and decided to play a game.  Little did I know I'd be playing for over 6 hrs.

I chose a PLO $6 9 peep game.  I focused on playing hands with synergy, never playing out of position, and double soots.  Believe it or not (cuz I barely believe it myself) I won!  First place!  And it was OMAHA. $27 baby!

I decided to go for a $14 $75 token frenzy game.  88 peeps and top 20 get $75 tokens.  When we were down to 25 play took FOREVER with everyone waiting for the clock to wind down and zero action but I got my $75 token.  Woot!

I was in my groove.  I wasn't getting great cards but I was playing well and wanted to keep playing.  I decided on a satellite game.  11 peeps, top 3 get entry into $216 tourney and 4th place got $42.  11 peeps and it took OVER 2 1/2 hrs.  I shiat you not. I played till about 2am this morning, but baby, I got my $216!!!!

I unregistered from whatever event it was and I have $216 tourney dollahs!

Clicky to see that I winned!

Play smart.



SirFWALGMan said...

Nice job Josie.

Josie said...

Thank you Waffles. And nice job to you, with the tea! ;)

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats - Way to go.

Josie said...

Thanks Mojo!

lightning36 said...

Nice job! But ...

"Till I risked my whole stack on a hand I like to call...........Ace Rag."
"I went to bed aggravated, but as I've said to Sugar Bear, it's okay if you learn from it."

Uhhh ... I thought you learned this lesson long ago?

Josie said...

I know Light, I know. Fucking killed me.