Monday, January 31, 2011

In case you didn't know....

I've got looks, confidence, and a seductive gaze that hides a cynical soul and a killer instinct. I am cold and unfeeling, emotionally-calloused, angry and vulnerable, and my wicked cruel streak is unforgettable.

I am a hard-hearted opportunist who resorts to extreme measures to get my piece of the action. I can come-on like the fragile damsel in distress, but under my pretty "little Miss Innocent" act lurks a soulless siren. Or, I can come-on like a kitten, cuddling and toying with my prey before drawing blood; but behind my kittenish purr growls a man-eating lioness.

I am no mere bad woman. Anyone can be bad. I am wickedness as high art, beauty carved out of arsenic. I'm a devil in stilettos and a skirt, a siren that uses sex to lure men to their doom. I have larceny in my heart, murder in my soul and a fortune in my eye.

You've been warned.


Thank You Sassy, for letting me borrow a marvelous bit of prose.


KenP said...

Meet Miss 9-5. The anal, detail monkey that makes a small world revolve.

Meet Mama Bear who beyond glandular in the rearing process.

Meet VeryJosie, playing a bit of poker in comfort and in duds that might be grunge band hand-me-downs.

And, you know what? I like this version better.

Josie said...

Obv Ken has a camera honed on me 24x7.

Ken you're ruining everything! lol

KenP said...

Well, you're not perfect. You need to wash the bedroom window so I can see in easier.

Camera? I don't need no stinkin camera!

Josie said...

lol Ken