Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Poker baby!

Wednesday night at 9pm ET on Full Tilt is.......

The Very Josie!

Now listen to Auntie Josie for a minute.  You should really play because the winner gets a Very Josie T-shirt.  It's the height of fashion and the only way to get one is to WIN one.  Plus you get a $2 bounty for each person you knock out.

Speaking of bounties, that mean old man LIGHTNING has put a bounty on me, the hostess with the mostest.  If you should be lucky enough or skillful enough to take me out of my own tourney, Lightning will ship you $11.  Free money! 

But be warned.  I have a bit of a hot temper.  If you do knock me out with your damned luck, expect some verbal abuse. (and alot of 4 letter words)  Full Tilt has given me a time out more than once for using profanity.  The fuckers!  I mean seriously, kids aren't playing this game yet they don't allow me to type in "shit" or "fucker" or "dickhead".  Now I can understand the time out if someone submits a formal complaint but other than that, we are all adults, are we not?  Some of you are really OLD adults and I think you've been exposed to these words before.

Lightning ain't no fool though. He knows I'm gonna win so he won't have to spend that money.  He claims that he is going to felt me.  The guy whose butt I kicked is going to felt moi?  I don't think so.
And I will be chatting live on Yahoo IM under the name very.josie (don't forget the dot!) so I'll let get the bad words out of my system there. 

It's private tournament #208247564 and I'm already registered, so you can just look for me to find the game.

The password is pokerbaby

Now go register!  Especially YOU Kenan.  Kenan lives in The Netherlands and not too long ago I sent him a Very Josie t-shirt.  He got it when I was giving them to first time players.  For this latest tourney, you have to WIN to get one.  Kenan, do I have to send ANOTHER tshirt to the netherlands?

I am such a procrastinator.  I was supposed to send him that tshirt before I went to Vegas, but I had so much going on, it just sat in it's envelope by my front door for a couple of weeks before I got around to it.  I'm so sorry to make you wait sweetie!  But maybe it was worth the wait?  Good things usually are.

Play smart and play tonight.  The Very Josie.



SirFWALGMan said...

I am going to play and beat you again. Last time I played the VJ I outlasted you by a mile. It was fun. You should open up an IM conference with everyone who hits you up for chat. That way you can keep all the chat in one window.

Josie said...

OMFG - You outlasted me BARELY. And then I schooled you HU. :P

I was thinking the same thing about the IM - but might need some help figuring out how to do it. :)

JT88Keys said...

I'm planning to play tonight, but my FT screen name is different. Look for me on there as IAHawx985. Don't worry...I'm sure the shipping for a t-shirt is way cheaper to Iowa than it is to the Netherlands.

How many players does this usually draw?

Josie said...

JT, Glad you're playing! It's usually a 2 table, but I'm thinking tonight just might be a 3 table. *fingers crossed*

JT88Keys said...

So far this is looking like a heads up match. I'm not so sure I'm interested in an $11 heads up game.

Josie said...

TRUST ME. 2 Table at least.

Memphis MOJO said...

Well, crap, I forgot about the Very Josie -- I would love to have one of those tee shirts!

Josie said...

Mojo - next month. you always dominate my tourney - if you play.