Monday, January 17, 2011

Part 2 of 3: The Spanish Inquisition

So with my win I'm feeling pretty good about my play.  I have Monday off and there's a pricey deep stack event.  By pricey I mean $250 buyin.  But that's just too much of the money I just won even though it's tempting as I'm sure there's some nice cash associated with that.  I make a deal with myself.  I decide to play the Sunday 4pm $70 tourney and if I win, then I'll play the $250 tourney on Monday. 

$70 buyin and 10k in chips, 35 peeps.  Plus there were about 6 big screen tvs surrounding me and they all have The Pats/Jets game on.  I thought that was a good thing.  Very quickly it became a bad thing.  The Jets outplayed The Pats from the first quarter on.  Poor Tom.

Anyway, I'm playing away much the same as yesterday.  I'm building my stack slowly, playing precious few hands and watching my opponents with my head phones on.  My first big hand was The Spanish Inquisition.....The dangerous 6-3 sooted.  Ever read about it on CrAAKKer's blog?  I was in the middle of the pack when I decided to limp with 6-3.  Very rarely do I limp in a hand, and certainly not at the beginning of a tourney.  I see alot of guys doing just that...limping into alot of hands...trying to see a flop on the cheap.  I just don't play that way.  Anyway, limp I did, along with 4 other peeps.  Flop was 4-5-7.  Donkey Kong!!! (with 2 hearts)

First to act bets 400 2nd to act calls, 3rd calls and I raise to 4K.  First to act calls and everyone else folds.  Turn was an 8.  He checks and I jam all in.  He thinks about it and calls me.  He has trip 5s.  No boat on the river and I take him out.  And he had alot of chips.  BOOM!  Mind you I'd been playing very tight and he was shocked to see the 6-3.  Thank you CrAAKKer!

A few hands later I get 6-3 AGAIN.  I smile to myself and decide to limp with them again.  The guy to my left is a real regular there.  He's ALWAYS there and wound a little too he's on cocaine, coffee and mebbe a four locko chaser.  Anyway after I limp in he raises to 4x BB and since The Spanish Inquisition has been so good to me, clearly I must call.

Flop is 4-5-10.  I check, he bets 800.  I hold my breath and start thinking HAMMER!!!  7 OR 2...I need you! and I call.

Turn is a 2!  I frigging LOVE Craakker!  I bet 1,500 now and HE goes all in.  I instacall.  He says YOU CAN'T HAVE 6-3 AGAIN.  Ahhhh but I do.  He has J-J and is drawing dead.  He's twitching like a mo-fo, jumps up and says "You call my raise WITH THAT?" 

He's right!  What can I say?  So I try to explain that as he knows, I just won with that hand, and I know this guy Craakker who plays it.........he said something rude and walked away.


I have about 40k at first break and I'm grinning from ear to ear.  I text Gary and let him know my status.  The only bummer is The Pats.  They cannot seem to get their game together but I keep hoping something will click.

After the break I became card dead for over 2 hours.  And I mean card dead!!!!  I kept those same chips for over 4 hours but couldn't do anything great with them.  And it's not like if I'd called I would've hit something.  Just crap cards that I couldn't play.  When we get to the final table I have about 36K and I'm not happy.  No bad plays, just very little playing.  I'd won a few pots here and there but that's it.

Then I lose a third of my stack to this retard.  Now rarely will you hear me call an opponent stupid, but the only thing this guy's head was good for was a hat rack.  TWICE duing the tourney while he was the BB he mucked his cards when he could've just checked.  He never knew what was going on.  The second time he did it, even though the cards hit the muck, he grabbed them back when someone (me) told him he could've just checked.  I wasn't in the hand but I was like wtf he can't take them back.  Dealer was silent and staring straight ahead.  The guy asks the dealer if he can play them and the dealer says "Am I stopping you?"

I was outraged.  The cards HIT the muck!  Dealer said if the guy could get them back (and he did) he could play them.  The SB didn't call the floor but I would've. 

In another hand, this same idiot calls on the flop, turn, and river....and there are 4 diamonds on the board.  When retard calls the river he asks...."Do you have a pair?"  The guy answers that he has trips and the retard says "Oh, I only have an ace"  and throws it down.  Ummmm it was the ace of diamonds...nut flush and he didn't know it. OMFG.  And he called all those big bets thinking he had ace high.  FML

Anyway, final table and the idiot's in first positiona and smooth calls.  I'm one before the blinds with AK and raise big.  He jams all in.....hmmmmm.......  This was the best hand I'd seen in hours so I call!

He has A-A.  Fuck me!  I double him up.

I am tilty now.

In the next 15 minutes I get BIG SLICK 3 MORE TIMES.  I lose with them against A-J.  I lose with them again the 3rd time.  I double up the 4th time and the guy next to me whispers that if he called he would've knocked me out.  Blahhhhhhh

I ended up out 6th and although it was 3 itm, when it was down to 4 they did a 4 way split.  Soooo frigging close.  I ended up winning $50 in the cash game so I almost got my $70 buy in back.....but no big money deep stack event for me on my MLK day.

And I KNOW how AK ain't all it's cracked up to be yet I fell into the A-K trap......even though I am fully aware that it's a hole in my game and I thought I'd plugged it up.  Had I just limped with it I may have made it to the money.  Something to think about.

Play smart.

Part 3 to come.



lightning36 said...

Grane has it wrong. The Spanish Inquisition is 3-6! You of all people should know that 36 is magic!

Josie said...

3-6, 6-3....potato, potahto....

Grange95 said...

6-3 > AK. Like, duh. Have you paid no attention to my wisdom?

P.S. You remain my Hot Poker Mama!

KenP said...

Biggest cop out:

I wasn't just playing to make the money; I was playing to win.

Thankfully you avoided that. ;)

Josie said...

Grange you rock!

Ken, go get some geritol. :P