Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm in work!

I made it in.  Someday it's going to be hot and sunny in Boston.

As I was up uber early, and in the mood, I played a tourney on Full Tilt.  If I won, I was going to stay home.  Um, I'm here.  I played an $8 tourney with 52 peeps.  I played strong and smart.  I was pretending I was at Seabrook and it seemed to work.  When I play live I'm much more selective with my hands.  Online, not so much.

Anyway, a couple of breaks later I was down to the final table with 6 itm.  I'd been a chip leader for a while but suffered 2 bad beats, having the best hand till the river.  Anyway I was out 8th when a guy in early position raised and I jammed all in (7k) with 6-6.  He called with king jack off, the jack off! lol jk.  Flop was 2-3-4.  Hope!  Turn was an 8. Exhilaration....Mama's doubling up!  K on th river.  Suck.  LOL But it was FUN!

And it got me thinking.  When I went to Seabrook 2 or 3 times ago I was the bubble jamming with 6-6.  Perhaps I played a little too much like live!  I have to stop jamming with those mediocre pairs.  I know how to play post flop.  Perhaps if I waited till after the flop was flopped Mr. Donkalicous would've folded.

Oh Lightbulb, your b-day gift is at your disposal.  I suggest you start checking stuff.

Okay I ain't getting paid to blog about poker....well maybe I am, but still.  Work calls.

Play smart, like I'm gonna do tonight.  Still in tourney mood and I'm playing a big one tonight.  I'm up for suggestions.

Oh, and my bad mood is finally gone and I know the culprit:




SirFWALGMan said...

We all figured the PMS out a long time ago... like when you started with "I am in a bad mood and do not know why"...

Do not think KJ is folding.. He is jamming the flop representing something.. your doomed as soon as you get in the hand.. but on the good side the times when you double up you go deeper and that is MMTs.

The Neophyte said...

Isn't all that snow just beautiful to look at? And the girls, so cute with those gloves and hats they wear in the winter. It's getting chilly here tonight too. Tomorrow I'll probably have to wear a sweatshirt to go outside. Brr.

Josie said...

Neo I hope you don't get hit by a hurricane! lol jk

The Neophyte said...

I hope I don't too, at this time of year that would be an act of God.

The Neophyte said...

BTW I do miss snow, just not the 6 months of cold weather and the 35 degrees and raining weather you get a lot up there in the winter

Josie said...

Neo, only reason you miss it is cuz you aren't here. I miss warm weather!

The Neophyte said...

It beats most of the alternatives I'll grant