Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This isn't me, but when I get angry I get those lines between my eye brows.
Sugar Bear says my 11 is showing.

I'm in a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad mood.  Now when I say bad, what I mean is if you try to talk to me I might rip your mother fucking head off.  The problem is I don't know why!  Trust me, I'm usually very sweet.

Boss is the same as he always is, yet today I'm a hair away from taking a pipe to his knees ala Nancy Kerrigan.  I'm eating lunch at my desk and he keeps asking me work questions, to which I reply "I'll check it out after lunch."  To which he retorts "Oh take another minute".

I don't want another minute.  I want 30 minutes of peace and uninteruption.

But like I said it ain't him, it's me.  Everyone and everything is pissing me off.  If I didn't have concrete proof otherwise I'd swear I had my period.

New architect started yesterday.  I spent over a frigging hour with him yesterday with orientation and blah, blah, blah.  Today he quit.  Frigging really?  And get this...they're paying him for the day! 

And the receptionist didn't get milk for the coffee, even though I reminded her yesterday afternoon.  So I tell her again this morning.  She goes out.  20 min later she's back.  Guess what?  She forgot to bring money.  God help me.  Then (while waiting for milk so I can have coffee) I notice one of the airpots is kinda busted.

I tell her "Call the vendor, tell them the name of our coffee system, and get a price on a new airpot."

I give detailed instructions cuz you's her and it's necessary. 20 min later she has catalogues out and has prices ranging from $50-$150 and is wondering aloud about the differences and says "I was thinking on this....."

"No!!! Just call them and tell them the product name. Please no thinking!" Yes, that was mean, abrupt and brusque.

And it ain't her.  She's just being "her".  It's me being in a horrible mood.

Okay one more example so you guys will know how terrible I really am.  Mormon guy (who is NOT adam) owed me a receipt and I had to remind him twice.  As I am typing this post he sneaks up behind me and puts receipt in my hair!  Oh I almost killed him.  Then he LICKS the receipt and tries to stick it on me.  I just told him to get the fuck out.  (mormon's don't swear) I made him run away and feel terrible.

Since it ain't the monthly curse, maybe it's the nasty, horrible, cold weather?

Stay faaaar away from me, and if you dare comment you have no one to blame but yourself.

Devil Woman


Rakewell said...

So then this would be a bad day to remind you, say, of reraising with 10-7 offsuit?

Josie said...


Just remember, I WILL be coming back to Vegas and I'm Sicilian.

Bob, you live in beautiful sunny vegas and I'm knee deep in slush, frozen water and icy sidewalks. :(

KenP said...

Up to now I'd always thought THE CYCLONE was in AC and not Boston.

Go Pats... oops, my bad!

JT88Keys said...

I just heard a story the other day that according to British psychologists the third Monday in January is the saddest day of the year. Maybe you're just a day or two late for it, but there's scientific evidence that you're allowed to be, nay, supposed to be depressed and angry today.

It's a combination of lack of sunlight, bad weather, holiday debt, failed new year's resolutions, etc.

Josie said...

Ken, Mentioning the pats was PURE fucker. :)

JT, I think you're onto something. I am a winter hater.

Gary said...

I can vouch for this because:

1. "Mormon Guy (who is NOT Adam)" was a shot aimed right at my knees, because I dared to not keep the lunatic asylum known as her cast of characters straight.

2. We had a rousing four-minute conversation before, out of the blue, she says (and I quote), "OK, bye" and hangs up in my ear.


lightning36 said...

Suck it up and quit your whining. Your life is a cakewalk compared to mine this week. : o P

Josie said...

Gary.....If I say "Ok, bye" before you hear click then it's officially not hanging up on you.

Light, I agree it ain't bad, it's just me. Hey.....look who's about to be a year older!!! You!!! Does this latest b-day make you 65 yrs old? :P

lightning36 said...

Biotch. I will be known as lightning37 beginning tomorrow. :o )

Josie said...

Awww Lightbulb, some things get better with age. Like ME for example.

SirFWALGMan said...

More snow today! Wheee! I think my Hate page has corrupted you and done it's job! Nailed a Mormon in the process too! YES! SCORE! I can never get Adam and Mormon straight either.

Josie said...

LOL Waffley Waffles. Yeah, I'm still kinda cranky. I hate hate hate going to work in this yucky weather.