Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 Tonight's event is a PLO8 event, which is a high low thingy.  A thingy I do not play.


I am looking for tips, tricks or just plain ole guidelines on how to play hi/low limit omaha.  Anything you can provide would be greatly appreciated. 

I'm assuming I should be playing hands that have both a high and a low possibility, right?  That's about all I know.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not clueless about "low" games.  You may not have heard, but I once won a big razz game in Vegas.  My rule of thumb for that one was "keep calling and keep drinking".  Um, that strategy may not always work. :)

Play smart.



Heffmike said...

Play two way hands with nut/nut potential.
Pot control/watch position preflop.
Pound pot postflop with nut hands/huge draws.
Run goot by holding/getting there.
Repeat 30-40 times.

Grange95 said...

I play a little O8. Just a few quick tips:

* Position is even more important than in Hold 'Em.

* Look for hands that can scoop. Obviously you'd like AA23 double suited, but traditional Omaha-high hands are playable, in position, as there will be no low hand roughly 35-40% of the time.

* Beware being quartered (or worse). If you only have a low hand, don't invest too heavily if the action is multiway. Odds are high you're splitting half the pot, so calling can easily be a money-loser.

* 9s are the devil. They are too high to use for low hands, and too low to be of value in most high hands. If you hold a 9 or pair of 9s, make sure you are in position, or the 9 helps make a nut flush draw. Otherwise, ditch 'em preflop.

* Whatever Drizz tells you, do the opposite. ;-)

KenP said...

The word for the day is scoop. That means winning high and low. (Yes, I know you know that.) Of course the flop will possibly eliminate a low but you don't know that.

Chopping pots is like a kiss from a family member. It beats a slap but no tingle.

Sooner or later you have to accept the gamble with lots of out. But, that's different than chasing and chasing can seem attractive. Lo and behold, you end up with a chop of one side and winning was -EV.

Dave said...

In Mike Matusow's epic tome "Check-Raising the Devil" He describes Scotty Nguyen's advice re: O8 as never playing a hand that does not contain an ace. This is not bad advice although all poker is situational, of course. Good luck!

Josie said...

ty ty ty heff, grange and ken.

When I read what you guys have written it makes sense and seems obv - but really wasn't aware of any of this.

I will keep ur comments on screen during the game.

Josie said...

@DoubleDave - I have that book at home! I will review it - thanks for the great idea!!!

Drizztdj said...

Sadly due to tax deduction #1 and #2 having skating lessons tonight that I forgot about I will not be winning this tournament.

So... despite Mr. I-play-58o-and-root-for-horrible-football-team's suggestion I can point out a few things:

- Listen to Grange's advice, it is solid.

- The game is POST FLOP. Do not try running over people preflop until later in the tourney, nor get jiggy with AAXX and be all-in preflop against four people. Patience is good.

- Bet flopped draws like made hands, if you have a nut-nut draw, three-bet it.

Since taking down pots preflop is near null, running good is very necessary. Good luck.

Josie said...

@Drizz, Thank you. That makes alot of sense. I'd love love love to make it to the tickets in this one too.

Wolfshead said...

Pot control. It's a game of drawing to the nuts but about 75% of the people you run in to haven't figured that out yet thus they are betting pot with great HE hands pre that usually suck post. This usually winds up costing you when you have one of those 22 out hands that don't hit. Actually i prefer O8 as a limit game and regular Omaha as a pot limit one just because of the tendency of many PLO8 players to play 4 card HE. Follow your own advice for once and play smart.

The Neophyte said...

Good job again last nite Josie. I sucked but in my own defense, I missed the 1st hour due to family obligations. You were on fire for a while there. That call with 4-6 by mistake was hysterical but getting aces cracked by ace/deuce sucked.

A lot of good hi/lo info there Josie. Here are my own personal preferences. Early position you almost always want an ace in your hand with cards that go together like 245 or something like that. I especially prefer the ace suited with something else to play in early hands. Avoid hands with 3 or more cards between 5-9. Hands with 4 high cards like AKKJ can play well but I don't like to push them early in case the flop is low and at best you're gonna split the hand

In later position you can open up a little more BUT be careful of getting into too many hands. The thing about O8 is that almost any flop will hit you you in some way. The more hands you play, the more you tend to chase which gets expensive. So even more than holdem the hands you don't play can save you a lot of chips.

Finally O8 is a game of nuts. You will often be on big draws but you want to be drawing to the nuts. You want to be drawing to Ace high flushes and not King and queen high. A set of 10s on a 10-9-4 board is a lot better than a set of 10s on a Q-10-4 board.

PokahDave said...

That is some other Dave. You may want to play hands with 4-6o and 3-6 etc. NUTS! I'm sure you will be fine just play two way hands..a high and a low Nut-Nut....and having an ace is never a bad idea...