Saturday, January 1, 2011


I love having a new year, a fresh slate, and I am really excited about this year.  I've never done this before, but this year I've written down a series of goals that I have and things I can do that can get me there.  My road map for 2011!

You don't want to know about my personal and professional goals, but how bout my poker goals?  I have alot of those.

Have a profitable 2011 (obv).  End Goal is to win $2,000 profit by July.  In order to make that kind of profit I have to do the following:

* Commit to tracking all of my poker winnings and losses.  I usually do this for the first couple of weeks in January and then let it slide.  My plan is to track it all; live, online, and league.

* Play more often live in New Hampshire.  That seems to be where I make the most money.  In the 50 peep tournaments.

* Learn to fold more with the 2nd best hand.  Focus on throwing that shit away, particularly in the latter half of an MTT.

* Win online tournament with more than 200 peeps.  (Play more bigger tourneys)

* Play in Atlantic City this year.

*Bank roll management - this is the key to my success so it's time to take it seriously.  I have no problem with bankroll management live, but online - that's a big hole that I will be focused on this year.

End goals:  2K in profit and lose 25lbs.  If I do both by this summer, I'm thinking a weekend in HOT HOT Vegas.  Doesn't that sound good?  All I have to do is some winning ($2,000) and some losing (25lbs).  Incentive does wonders for me.  And Linda Lou says that if you put it in writing you're more likely to achieve your goals.  And......not to brag......but I've lost like 5 lbs since returning from Vegas.  :)  I'm just sayin'.

This was me in the airport on the way to Vegas. 
I weigh 5lbs less than her!

While we are on the subject of me, notice the highlights in my hair above?  They're gone.  My hair is now a very dark brown/blackish.  Can't decide which color is better.....but mebbe I'll post a pick of the uber dark hair and you can lemme know.

I'm playing in a league tournament this afternoon at Lynne's house.  I missed the last game cuz I was in Vegas, so I'm down to 4th place.  Hopefully today I can pick up some point and knock the donkey in third place down a peg.  (Just kidding.  xoxo)

So my fave black man Troy, has been kicked out of the league.  :)  I am so bummed out.  He had a big fight with Lynne, and according to her, he threatened her.  So obv he is not welcome in her house.  He was drinking and he hadn't paid into the league so she was telling him he wouldn't get his points unless he paid.  Bad scene.  Hopefully people at the tourney today will be like Fonzie, and be cool.

So last night was New Years Eve.....I got a little to tipsy a little too early and fell asleep before midnight.  Not only that but I was playing PLO while drinking, and it didn't end well.  I won a couple of $2 games, and moved to a $10 HU game and I lost.  Grrrrrr

Play smart and wishing you all you desire for a happy and prosperous 2011!



The Neophyte said...

Audacious goals Josie. I have done some tracking and it takes some work to keep up on. Don't let it go and get behind. I am working on my list. Will post some soon.

lightning36 said...

"Learn to fold more with the 2nd best hand. Focus on throwing that shit away, particularly in the latter half of an MTT."

If you can master this, you will probably be shocked at how good you can be. Seriously.

The Wife said...

Happy New Year! That's a beautiful picture, five pounds or not . . . but good luck on your goals. If you make your goal, let me know and I might come join you in Vegas for kicks!

Josie said...

Oooooo The wife AND vegas in the summer - Yay! more incentive!

Josie said...

Lightning, i know!!! it's def an area to work on.

Sassy Sassy said...

These sound like great goals - you made them specific enough that they are definitely do-able. Good luck achieving each one! :o)

Josie said...

Thank you Sassy! I LOVE female readers. :)

SirFWALGMan said...

Bankroll management is your goal.. then at the end you talk about how you won some 2$ and jumped to 10$... LOL. You are a lot like me in Poker.