Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Very Josie and other stuff too

The Very Josie was last night and there was a record 20 players!  Woot!  Maybe that was due to the bounty put on me by Lightning Bug.  Lightning Bug has a post up called "Josie Sucks".  Know why?  Because after bragging that he'd be taking my ass out of my own tournament, I felted him.  Yes, you read that right.  And that's after dominating him heads up.  I own that guy.

We'd been playing for about an hour and a half and I had Light on my right.  Both of us were pretty short stacked for the longest time, and he'd jammed all in on my blind one or twice before.  Then he did it again when I had Jack Ten.  Yes, my favorite hand!  So I had to call him!  It wasn't pretty as I was up against A-J but the mighty JT did what it does and I got trip 10s on the river.  gg Lightning!

Now who else was threatening to bust me out?  Ahhhh that's be Pancake Boy Waffles!  He didn't even want the bounty!  Just the joy of kicking my ass.  Well, I lasted longer than him too.  Put that in your pancake and smoke it!   On the upside, when Waffles started the VJ he was small stack in a PLO game and then went on to win it.  Obv because of my cheering him on.  So he wound up ahead anyway.

Soooo The VJ, was dominated by the defending champion Gary!  Yay!  2 wins in a row!  Damn that's good.  He was heads up against HeffMike but we all know that Heff can't play HU right?  Obv that's why he always comes in second, right?  Don't get me wrong, 2nd ain't bad.  It's certainly ITM but if he tweaked that HU play, BOOM.  He's 80% there already.  I still can't believe we tied HU.  Blah...

Speaking of HU - I lost the Mook and went onto play a little HU with Mr. New Hampshire (xkm) so I didn't get to watch the final table of the vj.  I just know that when I left Gary had a short stack and when I came back he had 33K.  WTF!  But I was distracted!

The Very Josie:

Clicky to see where people wound up.

Sooo HU with Mr. NH - We play the first game and I pwn him.  Trust me.  At the time I was thinking, Fawk, this dude just lost 2 tourneys, I don't want to take all his money.  2nd game he GETS LUCKY and wins.  I truly forget the details but whatever.  After game 2 my thought was, I'd win game 3 write something degrading about his play and call it a night.

Game 3 lasted a long time and I enjoyed the competition.  I got a generous lead and thought the game was over.

This was all in PREFLOP

But it's really not an issue because I have plenty more chips.  I can take this donk.  Until this hand comes along....

That's pretty much how that game went.

Now after this, you'd think I'd focus on the VJ or the Mook but instead I was chatting away with Lightning, and the conversation got very interesting.  Somehow (perhaps it was me) the conversation got to my 6 favorite parts of a man.  I shot off my top 6 list to Lightning and we had a laugh over a few on the list.  Below is the list.  Mind you, perhaps I am not like the average woman, but these are my fave, in this particular order.

1.  _____________________
2. Penis
3. Eyes
4. Hands
5. Hair

Hmmmm so what were numbers 1 & 6?  Lightning knows for sure, but the question is how well do you know me from reading my post these past months?

If  you can guess what numbers 1 & 6 are, I will ship $5 to your full tilt account.  If you get them right but don't have a full tilt account - I'll send you something else.....

So what is my number 1 and 6?  Hmmmmmmmm?  I highly doubt anyone will get both right.  Lightning keep your trap shut.

Play smart.



JT88Keys said...

Glad to see that Gary went on to win the thing after he felted me in tenth place by hitting a three outer on the river.

Guess it's better to be lucky than good sometimes.

....but I'm not bitter.

Josie said...

Yeah, it happens. BTW JT....Toldya so! Hmpf, you thought the very Josie was gonna be like 2 people but it was a 3 table as I predicted!

Gary said...

JT, the last two tournaments I lost, I got felted with AA againt AJ and 77 respectively. Do you hear me complain? It's poker. Suck it up and move on.

JT88Keys said...

I'm really not bitter. I was just joking. I got what I wanted and had my money in as a huge favorite and he was cool about it afterwards. I would have been like third in chips if I won that hand though.

I should have trusted you. Could you make it semi-monthly instead of monthly? I'm already looking forward to playing it again.

Josie said...

Gary, Um, I'VE heard you complain!! Just last night, in fact! lol

JT - Is fun, No?

JT88Keys said...

Can I retract my "he was cool about it afterwards" statement since I posted it before he wasn't cool about it?

Josie said...

JT, The irony was not lost on me! btw remember I told you bout JT being my fave hand? Last night it knocked out Lightning and it was up against AJ. ha!

Rakewell said...

1. Brain
6. Smile

Josie said...

Check out the big brain on Rakewell!

Brain is right, but no, didn't think of smile - which I do like but it didn't make the top 6.

Rakewell said...

1. Brain
6. Chest

(How many guesses do I get?)

Josie said...

Blah to chest! You get one more guess but I will help with some hints.

* It is indeed a body part.
* #5 Hair means body hair so don't make that your guess (like someone else who emailed me)
* It's kind of ummmm a physical thing.

Rakewell said...

6. Butt

Josie said...


I will email you the answer so as to keep with my ladylike image.

BVUGrad2003 said...

I'll say
1. Brain
6. Feet

BVUGrad2003 said...

I can't believe I got it wrong :(
I had the PERFECT present in mind in lieu of the money

Josie said...

Well BVUGrad, I hope it wasn't a picture of your feet! Blah! LEAST favorite part of a guy!

BVUGrad2003 said...

noooooooooooooo I meant the present for YOU to send to ME!
"If you get them right but don't have a full tilt account - I'll send you something else....."
I had the PERFECT gift in mind! :-)

Josie said...

Oh well, do tell! You didn't win, but I can keep it in mind for next time...

Josie said...


I know what you had in mind. A Very Josie Tshirt! Fuggetaboutit!