Sunday, January 2, 2011


Ahhh, I love football season

This is the last week of the regular season, hence it's the final week in my football league.  I am sooooo excited.  I am in first place by 10 points but I know anything can happen.  Well....if history repeats itself them Imma gonna win.

This is my 4th year in this league and I've taken first place for the past 3 years, but let me give you a little history.  The league's been run by a friend of a friend (of a friend) so the first year I play, all these guys are on me, like white on rice.  All wanting side bets, not knowing who they were up against.  It was my most profitable year.  I had guys paying my weekly entry via side bets and of course I went onto win it.

Year 2 was a repeat, except perhaps a bit less enthusiasm about going against me heads up, and yeah, I won for the year again, in addition to winning more than a few weekly prizes.

Year 3 the commissioner decides that we don't need any year end grand prizes and just removes the year end prize entirely.  I truly feel that this change was because of me and it pissed me off.  I didn't know about the change until after I signed up.  Yes I won for the year again but got zilch.  I went on the record to say that I would not be coming back.  No year end prize means those guys have no balls No Josie.

And then surprise, surprise, I got an email saying the year end prize would be back and they'd like me to stay.  Meh.  Fuckers.  I made that goddamned league fun in previous years, but not this year.  Just not feeling it, and I am not one to fake it.

Like I said, these are not really my friends; more like aquaintances.  Some I've met, most I have not.  The only friend in the league is Adam, a kid I work with.  Last year he joined my league and I joined his, just for the trash talking fun to be had in work. 

Adam and I have a couple of side bets this year, and damn, but didn't I fuck the big one up.  We had a mid season side bet...whoever had the most points midway won the bet.  Um...that'd be me.  I was up over 100 points!  Our bet was double for end of year (this week) but there was no way he could catch up that much.  So just to make things interesting I did something stupid threw him a bone.  I told him for the second half, we'd wipe the slate clean and start at zero.  Whoever has the most points for the 2nd half wins the big side bet, and you know what?  For the second half we have THE SAME EXACT POINTS going into this week.

Sheesh.  I suppose it makes for an exciting Sunday!  So long as I am a 4peat for the league, I'll happily pay him off.

Was I too nice?  No one in their right minds changes a sure win, dontcha think?  But here's what Adam did for me earlier in the season.  I was out shopping with the girls and completely forgot to put in my picks for the week.  I think this was the first week there was a Thursday game.  Anyway, he knew I was battling for first (he's never been even close) so even though we had our side bet, he texted me and alerted me to the fact that I had to get some picks in post haste. If you fail to submit your picks you get whatever points the worst guy puts up.  That boy has my back.

So I just made my picks and hopefully didn't choke.  I obv need to do the same ole same ole that got me into first place, but I am so worried because teams like the pats that already have their positions secured might not play like they normally do and screw me!  I mean why risk injuries if you're already in the post season, right?  I dunno, I don't want to over think this, but that's pretty much par for the course at the moment.

I brought my Pats number down, just in case.  Below are the winning picks.

Gooooo Atlanta, Baltimore, Green Bay, Indy, NO, San Fran....oh and New England too. :)  Pats are playing Miami.  Sorry Donnie but the Dolphins ain't gonna win unless Belichick decides not to play Brady and Branch.  Sorry sweetie.  Thanks for the lovely New Year's email though.  Seeing it made my day. 

Play smart.


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