Sunday, January 30, 2011

What do I like almost as much as Poker?


You will never evah see me without earrings and a necklace. I could post some pictures of me with big jewelry but I'm sure you've seen some of them before.  Besides, this post isn't about me. (I know, I know, I'm usually like "All eyes on Josie")

Anyway back to jewelry and how I got a bunch of free necklaces........Yay me!

I've been reading  I CAN'T HELP IT, IT'S JUST ME, a blog written by Tara.  She's a great writer and tells it like it is.  I like that in a person.  Anyway, she makes beaded jewelry and she wrote that if you told her something funny she'd send you a free necklace because she was trying to get rid of inventory to make room for new stuff.


I sent her a story about Vegas baby!  Heh.

And look at what she sent me!

Pretty!  Wheee!

Can you believe she sent me 6 frigging necklaces!  I <3 Tara.  Yes, I know there are only 5 shown here.  That's because I gave one to the receptionist in work, who was drooling over these. 

Now I know what you're thinking!  You old guy poker players are thinking..."I don't give a rat's patooty about jewelry".  But Auntie Josie has a surprise for you!

Tara also happens to be a hottie!  Here are a few pics that I grabbed from her blog (with permission!).


Tara is on the right.  Actually the girl on the left is named Tara as well and they used to be BFF's's a long story.  Read her blog - frigging better than fiction!

Tara and Tara (blog Tara is on right)

Tara is the Ref

Read my blog

Thank you Tara for the beautiful necklaces! 

Tara loves Vegas too and says she may wanna meet up there for the weekend, should I get my ass in gear.  And she's a paaaarty girl.  I think it would be a blast even though she doesn't  play poker.  Oh and she has a weakness for very tall, black haired men with blue eyes.  Sound like anyone WE KNOW???

Hmmmmmm I just thought of a great idea!



Anonymous said...

Green eyes but whose counting.

Hook a brother up.

Josie said...

LOL Whatever!

Josie said...

Seriously, she does go for that dark hair and light eyes thingy you got going on...its mentioned in posts...and she's single...PERFECT!

Too bad I'm gonna kick your butt today in the WBCOOP main event. Better hope ur not at my table! :) GL GL GL

Tara said...

Oh hey, that's me :) Thanks for the love Josie! Smoochies <3

SirFWALGMan said...

Man how do you not know the color of Don's eyes?

Josie said...

Waffles, My gaze was directed lower.

Tara said...

And yes, just to verify, dark hair, light eyes.... Total weakness.....

Josie said...

Tara, my pleasure.

Josie said...

@Tara, I know!

He's a cutie too, lives in vegas and an awesome poker player - almost as good as me. :P

Have I mentioned that he's hot and buys drinks? :)

Tara said...

Oh now we're adding hot & alcohol into the mix..... Great :)

Josie said...

Tara, if he weren't hot we wouldn't be having this conversation.