Monday, January 31, 2011

It was just a joke!

Yesterday Evan told a joke at my expense, that had me dying laughing.  Dead panned and straight faced, he said "My mom is so nice, she'd give you the hair off her back." 


Sure I'm Italian, and if it weren't for hot wax, I'd be sporting a unibrow, but I DO NOT HAVE BACK HAIR.  It was just a funny...and I took it that way.

But little joke about Lightning last week....the one where I posted a pic of a weirdo and said it was a picture of him.....I think I offended him.  It was only a joke and I am officially sorry.

Someone EVIL whispered in my ear and said "I dare you to post this pic and say it's Lightbulb".

I am not the type of person to turn down a I did it.  And boy am I sorry I did.  Because of this Lightning resumed his "Josie Free Zone" on his blog...which means my comments are chucked...which also means I keep commenting and commenting wondering when I'll be allowed back in.  So mean!  I'm not allowed back into the inner sanctum until I post this retraction.  As if everyone THOUGHT that was him.  Obv they didn't. We all know Lightning is a tad more handsome than that pic.

Anyway, as I was pondering whether or not to do as he bid, Someone EVIL whispered in my ear again: "Dude then you will be licking his undies for the rest of your life. Get a spine."  LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

As gross as that visual is, it had be cracking up laughing in work. Frigging hilarious.

And even though I'm risking being an undy licker for the rest of my life, I'm sorry Lightbulb!  Am I forgiven NOW?

How bout some poker talk?

I resumed the Heads Up Challenge last night, with this butt ugly guy from New York.  You may have played with him during the Very Josie....his name is Frankie.  Anyway, that bastard has $10.50 of MY MONEY. OMFG.  I lost the first game when I jammed all in with 6-6 and got called by 4-4.  Of course he flopped trips.  Then we played a few more games - what sucked was that it was a double stack.  My uber aggressive play works better with less chips.  Then the biatch has the audacity to ask me if I'll talk about this nicely on my blog....what do you think my answer was?  Anyone?

Then he says "Well, you'll be mean but fair?" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Biatch, I won't.  It's MY blog!  And he played like shit - but the shit player has10 bucks of my money.

I had a straight and Frankie asks me if I made my straight.  I promptly answer NO, he folds, and I show him my straight.

He asked 3 or 4 more times and I always answered no.  After that first fold, he always called.  And I always got paid off.  I have no idea why he has one of my buyins but I'm getting it back.  Along with some retribution.

Play smart.



SirFWALGMan said...

Cmon now you agreed it was a dead ringer for Lightning. I bet he wore that shirt in College too!

Josie said...

@Waffles, I bet you have one of those shirts too. :P

SirFWALGMan said...

You of all people...

Josie said... don't ask me to print a retraction like someone ubersensitive and old. :)

lightning36 said...

I just couldn't let Waffles exert more control over you than me. Sort of like a HU match that one is determined to win.

Text message from Josie: "Never mind. Lets (sic) keep it josie free."

I acquiesce to your wishes ...

Josie said...

Lightning, since you're being so accomodating NO MORE FRICKING Josie free zones! It's stifling my god given rights.


And come on, don't forget that I kicked both your butts heads up.

J said...

What's going on Josie? Long time! Just wanted to say hi. Keep rockin' those cards.

I'm beginning the quest for 100k on my blog next week. It's actually been in full effect for a month now...began with a 5k stake. Will be updating and trying to push it 100k by December 31.

Please check it out every now and then and tell me what you think as I value your opinion.



Josie said...

Hey Contriboy....good to hear ur blogging..can't wait to see how this 100k challenge goes...