Monday, January 3, 2011

Clowning Around

I got a couple of comments today on previous posts, which pleased me to no end.  First there was one from Grange, who I met in Vegas.  I cannot believe that I didn't get a photo of him (it was the damn booze) but I found an image on Google that will suffice.


Grange said: 

Josie, please forgive me, I was on the road when this was posted, and I marked it for commenting later, then forgot about it.

Anyway, it was amazing to meet you at MGM! You are one hot, funny gal, and if I were straight, I might have bought you a drink ...
Looking forward to seeing you next WPBT. I demand lunch!

LOL Thank you Grange!  I just didn't spend enough time with Grange but I KNOW that if/when I do, it'll be a blast.  And Grange honey, regardless of your orientation you are still going to buy me a drink.  I must say I LOVE a demanding man.  :)  Being easy on the eyes doesn't hurt either.

I also got a comment from this guy:

Bow chicka bow wow

Drizz said:

After we're done with the HUs match, I promise to give a few pointers.
Ones that will keep your bankroll and sanity intact. :)
If you have Twitter, I have the same name there, or Yahoo IM is hrking275
This thrills me because I've found out that I really like PLO.  Unfortunately I also found out that there is alot more to the game than the rules of play.  Of which, I know nothing.  I would LOVE some pointers once I kick his ass.  :) 
Now Drizz, I do not do twitter, but I am on Yahoo IM as very.josie  I'll send you a message tonight so we can pick a day/time for our heads up match.  And I'll be playing a game I don't know well so since I am being so accomodating, mebbe you can do something for me - like add me to your blog list and other stuff too - but I'll put that in the IM.  :)
I played a few more HU PLO matches since those last ones I posted about.  Won another 2 small ones in a row and then decided to up the buy in - bad idea - I lost badly.
Speaking of heads up matches - I wanna play some more!  XKM!!!!  Hello!!!  I didn't scare you, did I?  Email me at so we can set up a time for your demise game.  After XKM it's onto Frankie baby - which is gonna be easy peasy - I don't feel right calling that a challenge even. (I'm kidding!)
Once I'm done with the three of you, I will take on the daddy of the WPBT - The winner (yeah he split 6 ways, but he's still the winner) of the WPBT - Miami Don!!!!!
Hmmm after that, mebbe Annie Duke?
Play smart!


Drizztdj said...

The guy in the clown suit... he was part of the WPBT chop as well.

How about I just offer the PLO advice since you seem to like it?

It is a very fun game but the variance is a tad steep.

Josie said...


Grange95 said...

That pic of "me" is quite flattering. I may use it as my official photo for work and for my drivers license.

Josie said...


Right now he's downloading a pic of YOU for HIS driver's license photo. I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

You got the info wrong baby.

I won and got 2nd place money, the rest of them split it five ways, hence Champion.

Josie said...

Ahhh big diff. You won and they split - I get it now.

Wolfshead said...


are u brain damaged or do u figure u can get away with those type of comments because u r gay? Hot??? Funny??? Maybe being gay damages the senses?

Josie said...

Awww Wolfie, you're back!


I missed you.

Grange95 said...

@ Wolfie: You're just jealous I got better game with the ladies than you do. :-p

Josie said...

Wolfie IS jealous. He wants me all to himself - get in line wolfie!

Wolfshead said...


Hell a moss covered rock has better game woth the ladies than I do so you ain't special

@ VJ

Girl, give me some of whatever you are using. It might not help the arthritis but it sure as hell would make it easier getting through the next few months until I'm elegible for treatments again. I can sit back in my recliner and live in a world of delusion

Josie said...

@Wolfie - I got some stuff that I could share....