Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drizz iz my hero

I've just been annihilated.  Heads up.  Over and over.  First at PLO and then good ole NLHE.  Yeah there were some bad beats that I don't wanna bore you with.  Bottom line, we played 5 games and I won ONE.  Now I knew I was going to lose the PLO games but thought for sure I'd make up for it when we switched to holdem but not so.

Very well done.  I'm impressed and I don't say that or feel that very often.

Then Drizz bestowed some free advice on me.  He told me to play post flop and not jam so much pre.  Great.  Except that advice is the polar opposite of the advice I'd been given. 

Play smart, like Drizz.



KenP said...

Well, they are both right but all things are relative. Use either exclusively and you paint a target on your forehead. If you opponent sees a pattern, we're all but ready to hold the memorial service.

Josie said...

Please bring flowers.

SirFWALGMan said...

I really do not think your good enough to outplay Drizz in PLO post flop..

Drizztdj said...

Your first drink of the 2011 WPBT is on me.

And Waffles advice was right to a point (yes I typed that).

Ping me anytime and I promise to be in a better mood ;)

Bayne_S said...

PLO has to be played post flop since you are rarely more than 60% pre

Josie said...

Well Bayne, that info is about 15 hours too late. I was like George Costanza, I did the opposite.