Friday, January 21, 2011

I hate snow

I also hate sidewalks in Boston that are never cleared properly and become sheets of ice.  Working in Boston is treacherous lately and as I write this, more snow is coming down. 

It's Friday, but I now work 5 days a week and I am dreading the commute. 

Here are some pics from last week's snow dumping.

The photos were taken from my window and back door.  I stayed home from work that day, but it cost me a vacation day.  A vacation day that I could've used DURING THE SUMMER, at the beach. Gah!

So now that I work Fridays, I'm going in.  There is no way I am using TWO vacation days on this crap.  Besides, I  just found out that if you make it into work during inclement weather, no matter how late you are, you get paid for the entire day.  So, I'll be showing up at some point. :)

Brrrrrrrr....I hate hate hate the cold.  Hmmmm maybe I should use another vacation day......I dunno.  Sugar Bear's school is closed, as are Boston Public Schools.

I'm on the horns of a dilemma. I mean I'm already awake and it's only 5:30am.  I could just stay on the couch and play online poker.  Hmmm one game right now, and then I'll decide.  Stay tuned.

Play smart and stay inside, unless it costs you a vacation day.



Memphis MOJO said...

We had snow yesterday. This morning it had turned to ice (in my subdivision, the main roads were fine), but the office was to be open. I showed up, but at 9:30 -- the Jose Plan!

Josie said...

Nice! Makes for a quick day, eh? :)