Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Patrt 3 of 3...Why I went in the first place

Disclosure:  Not a pokery post

While Sugar Bear was on school vacation after Christmas he told me he needed to buy xbox microsoft points because he wanted to "trade" them.  Huh?????  He said that he could trade microsoft points with some kid that he chatted with online.  Sugar trades the points and in return he gets "10th Prestige in Black Ops".  I'm not exactly sure what that meant but I thought it sounded sketchy.  I told him it was a bad idea because he didn't really know this kid.

Evan assured me it was fine.  But still, I just bought him a shitload of Christmas gifts and was not about to spend another penny on whatever that is.  Evan begged me to let him buy them with his money.


Did I think it was a good idea?  No!  But it's his money that he saved up.  If he wanted to risk his own money, that's for him to decide.  Now mind you Evan saves every dime.  He keeps his wallet in a locked box, and of the rare occasion that he opens said wallet, I'm sure a moth or 2 fly out.

Sooo he buys the points....sends the code to the kid....and guess what happens?

If you guessed that Evan got screwed, perhaps you are not a naive 12 year old boy. :)  The kid unfriended him and disapeared with the points.  No 10th prestige!

Evan was very upset and said to me "Why did you let me do it?" 

I said "I told you not to do it!  But  you learned a lesson that cost $20.  The important thing is to really learn from it and don't do it again."

Fast foward to last weekend.  Evan was playing a demo game online called Plants and Zombies...and of course it ended with....you can buy the game for so many points. "Mom, I want this game so much, can you get me the points?"

Me:  "If you didn't give away those points you'd have them."

Evan:  "Ya, that's the thing.  Because of that, I'm a little short on cash now."

Me: "Ask again at your birthday".

Evan: "I gotta have this game!!!  I can't wait till my birthday."


Evan:  "Where are you going?"

Me:  "Seabrook..."

Evan: "Gross, poker again?"

Me: "If I win, I'll buy you those points for the Zombie game"

Ev: "Yay! You always win!" (no pressure!)

I stopped at Walgreens and got those points on the way home.  Mama was a hero on Sunday morning!  And for a little while the killing on Black Ops stopped and we focused on killing Zombies.

Play smart.....for the kids!



PokahDave said...

that's what I always say...."it's for the children!"....

JT88Keys said...

Let him earn his tenth prestige the old fashioned way, by never leaving the house and getting carpal tunnel syndrome from playing for so long. It'll mean more to him in the long run.

Anyway...at this point the game hasn't been out long enough for you to really be tenth prestige anyway. It's all a matter of pride and if you are tenth now, everyone knows you bought it or got it through cheating and not regular play.

Josie said...

JT I have no idea what it's all about but I'll take your word for it. There will be no more "trading" with kids he doesn't know...plus I wonder if some of those "kids" are men in their 40's.

Gary said...

To learn that people are bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling, for $20, that is a lesson VERY cheaply learned.

Josie said...

Gary, Yeah and I knew odds were it wouldn't end well...but you know Ev...sometimes there's no talking to him because he thinks he knows it all...I dunno WHERE he gets that!

Gary said...

Well, the burned hand teaches best.