Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WBCOOP Event #2 a/k/a Thank God It's Holdem LIVE BLOGGING

3 hours into event #2.  I have about 18k in chips and around 36th place out of 155.  153 are itm. I'll keep live updating every 20-30 minutes when something exciting happens.

Thus far I had Bastin and Lightning at my table.  Alot of fun to play with some friendly faces.  Until I knocked one of the friendly faces out.  Sorry Bastin baby!!!!  Light was card dead and left the tourney  not too much later when he shoved with 8-7.  Ace rag called him.  I told you ace rag sux!

While playing this event I was also playing spewday and replaced Heffmike as first loser.  Yep, I came in 2nd place.  My own damn fault.  I was playing against A DOG that kept raising my bb.  5th time in a row that he did it I shoved and he had a hand.  An ace high hand.  Bu-bye VJ.  Meh...small potatoes.

I need to win this WBCOOP tourney.  Kinda liking my table....I will keep you updated.

Oh and I'm having a martini.  :)

10:15ISH - I get AA and shortie before me jams all in.  I just call hoping to get others in the pot but no luck.  I'm up against A-2 off.  Flop is 2-2-FUCK.  See below.

Aces cracked

Then I win some chips back....I'm chatting with Gary and he asks me about my stats for the game...while I'm clicking around I MIS-CLICK and call an all in with 4-6 off suit.  Fuck.  Then someone else calls behind me.

Lucky for me I flopped trip 4s!!!  When the other guy jammed all in, I joined him!

Lucky lucky lucky

11:00pm Not playing too much.  Bullying with my big stack here and there.  Very selectively.  As Neo baby just pointed out to me, my chip stack is at 69K. 

11:07pm.  75K now and 6th place with 50 peeps left. *fingers crossed*

MIDNIGHT.  Boooooo!!!  After being card dead for quite a while I laid it all on the line with a pair of lucky ducks....deuces.  I got called by 10-10 and gg Josie.

Out 26th place out of 720.  One dumb move.  It's always one dumb move that's my demise.

Play smart.



Rakewell said...

Didja notice how 2-4 would have worked in that hand against your 4-6?

Josie said...

Ya, I noticed....I like 3-6 better now though.

Rakewell said...

Harumph! And you expect me to give you a scarf?

Lucki Duck said...

"I laid it all on the line with a pair of lucky ducks....deuces. I got called by 10-10 and gg Josie."

Crap. I can't believe the lucky ducks let you down :o(

Josie said...

Rakewell, yes, and dinner too.

Thanks for feeling my pain, Lucky Duck.

Josie said...

btw Lucky Duck, did you notice my "small potatoes" reference? you were in the post twice!

bastinptc said...

It was fun sparring with you. See you around, no doubt.

Josie said...

Bastin, it was fun playing with you too!

Lucki Duck said...

@ Josie- Yeah, I noticed the "small potatoes" reference, but you didn't link it, so I had to deduct a letter grade from your score :o)

Josie said...


I was live blogging while in the tourney....no time for links. I'll link u up next time.