Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Facet

All I've been posting about lately is poker, poker, poker.  Funny enough, I have a few readers that aren't interested in poker, yet they read my blog!  I shake my head in disbelief at the thought, but this post is for you, non-pokery reader...although it ends with poker baby, cuz it's all about poker.

I'm also a bit artistic.  No....not like really artistic......more like crafty.  Anyway I have a few pics of my "art".  Wanna see? 

Full Disclosure:  NO it's not real art, but it's all been made by the two little hands typing these words, so there's that

A couple of months ago I had 2 players at the poker table that hardly ever play.  Maybe once a year.  Anyway, on this particular night the following factors were in place which resulted in art.

1.  Both people that never play were here on the same night.
2.  Sugar Bear has these bendy sticks that are moldable and adhere to anything called bendaroos.
3.  I was showing the bendaroos to someone at the poker table.
4.  I was drinking.

Because of all these factors I thought it would be a great idea to make portraits of the rarely there poker players....on the wall, with the bendaroos.

And of course.....I also decided these would be nude likenesses. Yes, nudes made of bendaroos and a bit of booze. I'll show you the girl one first.  It started looking soooo much like her I thought better than doing a full frontal for her. (he was not so lucky).  So I threw a pair of pants on her.

Close up with a little nip showing.  Sexy!

Are you ready for my interpretation of this guy in the nude? 

He got the shirt....but no undies

What?  You don't think that's art in the classical sense?  Hmpffff

How bout this then?  I have a desk planner on my desk that shows the month at a glance and whenever I'm on my phone I doodle up a storm.  I draw anything and everything.  At the beginning of the month it's nice and clean.  By the end of the month (like now) its a mess with drawings everywhere. 

Here are a couple.

Drawing of my scissors...

This was just me adding plant after plant.  I think I like the grassy plants on the left better than the softer looking grasses on the right.

I can't wait till February!  All that clean fresh space on Feb's page to draw on!  Sometimes it's the simple stuff that counts.

Now, back to poker.  I am about to play a 9 peep PLO game.

Well I played it and I lost....and then....I realized that SmBoatDrinks has a private tourney on Tues and Thurs.  Woot!  I go join and was a bit disappointed to find it was PLO8.  I really only got to play one hand in the WBCOOP PLO8 tourney the previous night, but as I told SmBoat, I was considering it a donation.

Donation to Very Josie!  One place paying and I got it!  Not only that, but I dominated those guys from beginning to end.  Chipped up early and added to it bit by bit.  I knocked the host out first. (you didn't mind SmBoats, didja?)  I told the host I'd only come back if I won, so I guess I'll be playing again.

This PLO and PLO8 is alot more fun than I thought.

So much for a post without poker content, huh?

Play smart.



KenP said...

Yup, looks just like you before the (strikethru start)veterinary(end strikethru) plastic surgery.

Josie said...

Kenneth!!! That is 2 strikes for you! You think I don't know where Indiana is? Huh punk? :P