Friday, January 14, 2011

Bayne of my existence and Canadians

Oh Bayne, Bayne, Bayne.......I cannot believe you Rick Roll'd me!  Messing with Mama's link love is below the belt. 

Can you imagine my shock when I clicked on Very Josie on Bayne's side bar, only to be sent to "You've been Rick Rolled!".  LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Now fix my link pronto!  This certainly cannot be helping with my image of being a guy.

Fix. It.


Canadians.....they freak me out.  I suppose the biggest reason is because of the trauma I sustain on a daily basis by our Canadian receptionist.  Long time readers may remember my encounter with her at a bar at Christmas time.  Well this Christmas she upped her game.  I know better than to post the story so you're going to have to trust me when I tell you she's koo koo for cocoa puffs.  And then there was DB Cooper, the Canadian blogger who played The Very Josie and then promptly stopped blogging the next day.  Frigging freaky. (Full Disclosure: Through blogging I've had the pleasure of meeting some of the nicest people who happen to be Canadians)

Anyway, the other day I was on Full Tilt chatting with a guy from *gasp* Canada!  I'm sure I let my fear of Canadians somehow slip into the chat.  So he tells me "I'm not from Canada, I'm from Quebec".  Now Geography is NOT my strong point, but isn't that like saying "I'm not from the U.S., I'm from Massachusetts?"

I assumed he was pulling my leg so my response was "If I was from Canada, I wouldn't admit it either..."  but he kept insisting he wasn't Canadian.  Am I missing something?  Aren't people from Quebec Canadian too?

Today's Adam's last day at work.  Booo!!!!!  He's going to Cambridge 7, a shee shee up and coming architecture firm.  So only for Adam am I going to..............blow my diet.

Well kinda!

For my 25lb weightloss challenge I am down 5 whole lbs!  Wheeeee.  Now this is just since Jan 2nd and one of the keys to this success is NO BOOZE.  Sad but true.  If I wanna lose weight, no empty calories is the way to go, but Mama's drinking tonight!  And then there's the matter of a brownie, that I am currently consuming.  Darn it!  Free food gets me every time!  One of the girls baked brownies for Adam's last day and I had to celebrate.....Mmmmmm celebrating as I type.  :)

Adam's girlfriend is leaving today to go back to Minnesota for school.  What convenient timing!  BVUGrad, who sometimes comments here, (and lives in Minnesota) has a thing for Adam's GF, who is frigging gorgeous and one of my facebook friends.  If you're my facebook friend and wanna be REALLY envious of Adam, look up Libby in Minnesota.

The big drama going around the office today is Crazy Canadian Receptionist.  Will she go out tonight after the stuff she pulling last month at the holiday party?  No one even knows if she's aware of the location.  Should be very interesting......

Drink smart.


Bayne.....fix my link!!!!


SirFWALGMan said...

I dunno she kinda looks like a Wicked Witch.

lightning36 said...

Dang -- seems like Bayne is always one step ahead of me ...

Josie said...

LOLLLL No she doesn't!

Light, I immediately went to your blog (and others) and started checking links.

FWIW Loretta8 messed did the same thing to me months ago, except on his blog, when you clicked on me, you were sent to a dominatrix.

KenP said...

Bayne needs to fix your link?

I had a dog fixed once.

Anything similar?

Josie said...

Ken, I will fix YOU.

Bayne, Thank you baby.(for fixing it)

Schaubs said...

Everyone from Canada hates Quebec because of their need to seperate.

Stupid frenchies won't compyl with the rest of the country.

BamBam said...

I can't comment, I'm just a stupid Canadian.

Time to take a good look at the links on my blog.

Josie said...

Bayne_S said...

So tempted to change tinyurl for a 2nd rickroll rather than direct fix

Josie said...

LOL That would've been pretty funny.

BVUGrad2003 said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Very Josie! Was VERY happy to see my name (errr...handle) in print :D
So they're still together? No shock there! And who's this WALGMan slamming her? I would be deeply incensed if I actually had a chance with Libby (that is, if you'd do something to start greasing the wheels!)
On another note, I'm +$350 from the casino tonight, but NO Royal Flush (4 or 5 times I ended with 4 to the Royal, but couldn't close the deal!)

Josie said...

Hi BVUGrad!

Congrats on the win! Yeah they're a happy couple but she just went back to Minn and he's jk.

Nice job cashing!