Monday, January 10, 2011

Poker Goals and Good Advice

I'm in work, eating my lunch and journaling a bit about goals and such.  As I'm writing, I'm thinking about the games I played last night and how I need to change from the types of games I've been playing for the past few months, when I see this comment come in from Drizz:

Drizz said:
If you want to reach your goal online I'd suggest something different than heads-up matches.

The rake eats up a lot of your winnings. Rush poker is VERY good for get in a ton of hands without spending all night waiting for decent cards/bad players.

How weird that he and I wrote pretty much the exact thing about changing games?

Now truth be told, the majority of my game isn't heads up matches, although I do enjoy them.  They feel more like a chess match to me, which is another game I enjoy.  But Drizz is so right about changing my games.  I haven't had much success lately, but looking back to previous online successes, most of my cash has come from (90) person games and larger tourneys, so I've been thinking about focusing on that for a bit.

Now I previously posted being down $60 for 2011.  Which, by the way, the majority of that went to fricking Drizz himself.  How does he sleep at night, taking hard earned cash from an innocent short little girl? :P  I'll tell you how.  He's going to continue giving me good advice as it's the least he can do.  Even though I might have been a wee bit short tempered by then end of our session. (I was a litle pissed off for more than one reason) 

Anyway, I played 3 games in the past 24 hrs.

Game 1: A $6 (90) person and came in 12th.  Yep, you read that right. Blah!!!!  I did get 3 knock outs though. Net negative $3.

Game 2:  I played The Poker Slut (keep your comments to yourself) game last night, cuz Bammer told me to and I came in 3rd.  I dunno who that Gadzooks guy is but I owe him a beating.  I was chip leader from the start but one bad hand had me scrambling to get itm. Cash of $9, net of $4.

Game 3: I played an $11 (18) peep and came in 3rd for a win of $32 (I think) and a net of $21.  Yes, again I was chip leader through most of the whole damn game.

So that puts my shitty online play at negative $38, which is certainly better that -$60.

Drizz, I'm gonna need more advice than "Play Rush".  Please be more specific.  :))))))) Thank you.  I promise to be un-bitchy from now on.

Play smart.



JT88Keys said...

I do like Rush for profit taking, but it's kinda boring. There is little to no second or third level thinking. It's for the most part my cards against your cards, playing my position, and what do I think your bet represents. Thats it. If I have a monster I bet it and hope to get paid. I may try steals in position, but will lay down to big bets when I have a marginal hand.

If you can just be patient and wait for good cards and monster hands you should turn a profit. However, the reason you hear people complain about online poker being rigged is because the sheer volume of hands you play make the variance that much more apparent. Those hands where you're an 80-20'll still win 80 percent of them, but the 20 percent seems to happen more often just because you're playing more hands.

Now play Rush poker where you're playing 5-6 times as many hands an hour. It just magnifies the variance even more. This is why I tend to squirrel profits when I play Rush. If I double up I close the table and reopen with the max buy in for that table stakes again. I might be leaving profits out there, but I don't play for a living. I just want to maintain and slowly build my online bankroll.

Josie said...

Hmmm JT - Thank you for the thoughtful comment which I will reread tonight when I delve into Rush. Sounds like your talking about cash games and I was thinking MTT though, but perhaps this is applicable to both.

BamBam said...

Thanks for coming out on a whim Jo. It's always great to sit at a virtual table with you my dear!

Oh and as for Zooks, getting "him" back might be a bit challenging.


Josie said...

LOL I see what you mean Bammer!

lightning36 said...

I might be playing at Zooks's home game later this month. Make the price right and I just might smack her for you!

And if Zooks is reading this --- "Uh -- just kidding."

Josie said...

Light....No!!! I didn't realize she was of the female persuasion. Beatings are only for men!

Drizztdj said...

Find your most profitable game first.

For me, for a long time it was PLO8/NLO8 cash and SnGs.

Now it's Rush PLO and small Rush MTTs. Rush poker plays to my advantage since I'm a former MMORRPG gamer and enjoy quick-fire decisions to be made.

Plus I don't have three hours a night to sit on a regular table, take notes, and learn betting patterns.

Again, find what works for YOU. 12 tabling while chatting on Twitter and YahooIM and a movie going on isn't for everyone :)