Friday, January 7, 2011

Road Trip

The Crafty Southpaw and I are heading to The Seabrook Poker Room in New Hampshire tomorrow for a deep stack tournament.  Starting chips are 15,000 instead of the usual 7,000 with 30 minute blinds (instead of the usual 20 min).  You can read about it HERE. 

The tournament starts at 1:30.  xkm or Pokah Dave, shoot me an email if the deep stack tourney interests you.  I have a feeling we'll be there all day/night.

Mmmmm live poker.  It ain't Vegas but I can cash more here.

Play smart.



lightning36 said...

Good luck to you and Gary. Time to rock 'n' roll!

Memphis MOJO said...

GL to you and Gary.

KenP said...

Your link is: http://here./


P.S. My current blog is about you and Drizzt

Josie said...

Oooo I post about me!!!

Josie said...

lol I meant to say "A post about me."

Thanks for the good wishes guys. Those NH noobs don't stand a chance. :)

PokahDave said...

It certainly does interest me...however...I can't go. I expect to be able to do some live poker within the next couple of months. Actually I can't wait..

Memphis MOJO said...

I post about me!!!

lol I meant to say "A post about me."

Hmm, Freudian slip?

Josie said...

Mojo, you could be onto something.

Dave, it was FUN!!!!