Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yes, I Did It Again

It was hot and sunny on Friday so we went to Revere Beach.  That's where Sugar Bear made his appeal.  "Can I pleeeease get Just Cause II?  I need it!  I played the demo and I have to have it!"

No Sugar Bear doesn't get video games whenever he wants them so I said no, but he can get it for his birthday, which is in August.  He wasn't happy with the answer.  And explained for the next two hours why he needed it NOW.  I don't remember his reasons but whatever.  Soooooo since he wanted it that much I came up with an idea.

I told him that I'd go to the Poker Room at Seabrook and if I won at least $100, I'd buy him the $50 game.  Sugar Bear was thrilled.  In the past he's seen me come home with fistful's of cash and knew he had a good chance.

You guys know I'd do anything for my son, right?

I played a sit & go (per sugar bear's instructions) and came in 3rd which was a net of $40.  I texted him and told  him the game was his and then I went on to play the 7pm $100 tourney.  48 players.

We started with 8K in chips.  By the first break I had 22K in chips.  Really good start, with a couple of lucky hands.

As I've told you, in the past when I play there I start the tourney being quiet and observant.  And when I bet a hand guys love to call me down with half assed hands.  Last night was no different. 

I had Q-J and the flop was Q-J-X.  I bet and one guy calls.  Turn is  a jack.  bing!  I check, he bets and I call.  River is an Ace. I check again he bets 2k (huge but I have the nuts) I raise him another 2K. He thinks a bit and calls.  He has ace rag (aces over jacks).  And 15 minutes into the game instead of having 8k in chips he has like 2K.

Not long after that I get a straight, which I bet, bet, bet with.  A different guy calls me all the way to the river.  By the time the river comes along it's no longer the nut straight but it holds up. 

Now I have plenty o chips to play with.  Mmmmmm.  We play and play and play.

I'm a short stack going into the final table but my favorite dealer is dealing!!!  Remember the guy I took the picture with?  Freddie?  It's him.  We are both thrilled to see each other and of course I call him my favorite dealer a few hundred times.

The chip leader is to my left and is NOT the brightest bulb on the tree, if you catch my drift.  At one point he makes a string bet and a woman calls the floor about it.  The rules are explained to him and when the floor guy leaves he says to the lady, "Look, I'm not trying to make trouble.  I have pocket Kings, you decide if you want to call those."  Ummm you're not supposed to tell what you're hand is.  You get penalized for that.  When he hears this, he picks up a stack of his chips and tries to hand them to the lady with an apology.  No you can't do that either!!!

And this guy is the chip leader!  But not for long.  I become "unshort stacked" because of him.

He's to my left and the big blind.  Everyone else has folded so I raise hoping to pick up his BB.  He says 'I know he's your favorite dealer so I'm not calling you."  Really?  That's what you base your play on?  So I try it again.....again, he tells me he isn't calling any hands I'm in.  Good to know!!!

About an hour into the final table he's first to act and raises.  I'm the BB with A-J and shove all in.  Do I want a call?  No.  But I want his raise and really don't put him on a hand.  Plus I'm trying to bully him.

He goes into the tank and then calls.  I say "Oh shit I'm screwed".  I KNOW that if he's calling an all in he's got better than AJ, right?


He has A-4 suited.  WTF If I lose to that, I am going to be pissed off.  But there was a jack on the flop and Mama was all set.  He gets up to leave and I say "Dude, I'm sure  you've got more chips than I do".  But he has like 200 less.  Bu-Bye.

BTW I called all ins about 4 times with the best hand and got sucked out on but whatever.  Cuz baby I am owning this fnal table.


There's over 100K in chips in the picture above.  I was chip leader but not by much when one guy suggests a 4 way split.  I just shake my head No.  It's after midnight though and the blinds are huge.  Although I'm the chips leader all 4 of us are within 20k of each other.  And this guy points out that if we split we'll get better than 2nd place.

I'm tired and although I know I could outplay them on a short table I take the deal.  But I had the most chips!!!  I want to call that a win.

These pictures are all starting to look alike but I swear the photo above was taken at 1am this morning when I got home.  Note to self:  don't take pictures when you're dog tired.

As I write this Sugar Bear is jumping  up and down waiting to get to Best Buy.  Other than that purchase, the rest of my winnings is going into my  "Josie Goes to Vegas" account.

Vegas better watch out!

Play smart.



Wolfshead said...

Nice wins but you are worse than I am with my daughter. You tell him a $100 win and give in after $40? Sheeesh.

BTW, I have the same deal with my daughter, I win enough at poker she gets a new video game. I owe her one. But then again Dad's are supposed to spoil their daughters

Cricket said...

That's some nice work there, pretty lady!

The Neophyte said...

Congrats Josie, well done again. I'm sure this new game you are getting your son is all about being kind to others and helping the elderly and such right? If not I hope there is alot of killing and explosions and stuff. Again, congrats for the victory.

Josie said...

Thanks Wolfie - I know I gave in after $40 but that was close enough. And he usually doesn't get a video game with every win.

Thanks Cricket!!! Mama's on fire!

And Thanks Neo - Yes Sugar bear says you can jack cars, shoot people, blow stuff up and sky dive.

Wolfshead said...

$40 is close enough to $100? And you're an accountant? How often do they audit the companies books?

Lucki Duck said...


Nice one VJ!

Josie said...

Thanks Ducky!

Wolfie, you know what I mean! $40 was close enough to the cost of the game.

Wolfshead said...

Besides, close only counts in horseshoes.

Wolfshead said...

Don't go changing the subject. I know I gotta wonder about those math skills.

Josie said...

LOL I have awesome math skills baby. I just also happen to have a soft heart for my boy.

J said...

Hell Yes!!!!

Josie said...

Hey J!!!

Thanks for the comment - I know I owe you the ultimate gravy recipe. Stay tuned.

Hurricane Mikey-- said...


BTW, Vegas is waiting for you...

Josie said...

Thanks Mikey! I can't wait!