Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Wrap Up

Let's start with frigging Pokah Dave a/k/a DDionysus.  He won Wednesday's Very Josie and got my bounty.  He pissed me off so much that I made the Pokah Dave Rule.  Next tourney's bounty goes on the winner of the prev Davey Boy, THAT'S YOU.  This will be an ongoing rule.

Davey Boy was at my table for the whole tourney, and although I was the one who dominated that table (IMO) he played a solid game the whole time.  I was at the TOUGH table. The other table had the likes of Deliverance a/k/a College Boy.

Now I get that College Boy is only 20 years old so how good could his game really be.  Yet I didn't expect him to suck THAT badly. :) He sure did talk a good game, which had my hopes up about his play.  Didn't see him playing that much, but I did see him shove all in with 6-3o.  College Boy, I think you need some summer school!

Earlier in the week I did the "Full Tilt" steps thing.  I started with $8 and climbed those steps up to a $216 entry into Sunday's 750K tourney.  It's a pretty big tourney.  522 places in the money.  I didn't know if I should put all my eggs in that basket or what.

Someone with anger issues suggested I cash out the $216 Ticket for tournament dollars.  I didn't know I could do that!  So I did that, and had plenty of cash to play with. 

I played a $33 one table and came in 2nd place.

I played a $50 tourney and sucked ass.  :(

I played a $24 (45) person and came in second place!!!  Woot! That a $270 win baby!!!

So now I'm waaay up.  And here's my question.  Should I play that BIG $750K which would be about a little less than half my bankroll.  Yes I know you should never play for that big a part of your bankroll, but..................

but................... I can't think of any good argument as to why I should play it on Sunday.  It's just too much money right?  Except maybe I was meant to play in it. I feel like I want to and first place is like 130K!!!  Hmmm I didn't justify playing in it, did I?  Except I've been playing so well lately.

I'm giving Seabrook a skip for today.  Tomorrow is a live L&BM tournament which should be a (2) table.  Sunday is The Bloggers Battle Royale.  I'll let you know how I do.

Play smart.



Riggstad said...

playing a tournament worth half your bank roll would not be playing smart

SirFWALGMan said...

Listen to me again.. Play a couple of steps. They are cheap now that you are flush with money. You can win another seat. There are probably other 5-24$ tourneys that give entries into the 750K also. Play those. Only n00bs buy into the 750K. LOL. GL to you.

Josie said...

I know, I know. Okay, up the steps again.

SirFWALGMan said...

I think I need a VeryJosie Steps primer. LOL. I do not even know how the stupid things work. Sounds too much like exercise.

Josie said...

Not a step expert either...but I'm climbing them as I write this. Just won Step 4 which is $75..I rule! It was a 2 table game and 5 places move on, so you don't have to win it.

Using the $75 step right now in a 9person....fingers crossed. 2 places get entry into $240+16 and 3rd place gets $109.

PokahDave said...

Ima steamroll the next Very does that mean I collect my own bounty? YUMYUMYUMYUYMYUM!!!!

Josie said...

You are NOT doing that again. Trust me. No effing way. so since I have NOTHING to lose, yes you win, then you get the $5 pokah dave bounty. But sleep with one eye open. lol