Friday, June 25, 2010


Mmmm I just woke up after such a good night's sleep.  I slept till after 9am this morning.  Amazing for me.  And now I have the whole day/weekend ahead of me.

I kicked ass at Seabrook last Friday, but I'm thinking of skipping it this weekend.  Instead I figure I'll work on my tan a little (that's hard work!), work out, hit the mall for some retail therapy, and cook some homemade spaghetti sauce with meatballs (while staying on the diet).

Sounds a helluva lot better than working, doesn't it?

The spaghetti sauce and meatballs (my family calls it gravy but I didn't want to confuse you) takes hours to make so I haven't made it in a while.  Beauty cannot be rushed.  But once it's done then I'll be able to make a quick meal whenever I want.

In the past I've tried to pass off ground turkey meatballs instead of the real deal, but my son was not fooled.  And sonny boy loves Mama's meatballs, so he's in for a treat today.  According to him, his nana makes the best ones though.  And dammit I have to agree!  I think it's cuz I use leaner meat than my mom.  I don't know what else it could be because I follow her recipe.

Not that she's ever written a recipe down.  Hell no!  She doesn't measure anything either.  It's a pinch of this, a hand full of that, and two fingers of the other.  LOL 

Which is exactly how I cook too!  So it's hard when a friend loves what I've made and wants the recipe.  I try to write down what I do, but invariably I always hear that it didn't come out quite the same.  I tell them it's because I put love in my recipes.

Anyway, I digress.....

No live action this weekend, but I'll be playing a little online.  I've been playing stud8 a little and find it's alot of fun.  Unfortunately I know nothing about the game so the plan is to grab a book on it at the bookstore while I'm out.

Is there a decent book on the subject that you can recommend?  It would be most appreciated.

Gotta go.  The lounge chair in the back yard is calling me and my coffee.

Play smart.



Memphis MOJO said...

Have a good weekend!!

Hurricane Mikey-- said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend of relaxation and good food!

Josie said...

Thanks guys, you too!

And Mikey, get those epic fingers moving! um, please.

Wolfshead said...

Spaghetti? There goes the diet. Luckiloy I don't diet, I just exercise and cut down on food consumption and eat tons of blueberrie.

Shrike said...

Very few books on Stud8 out there. There is a decent chapter on the game in SuperSystem2. Once you've got the fundamentals down Ray Zee has an old but very good book that covers advanced topics. I highly recommend working through some math for common situations so you know how to avoid unprofitable scenarios.

At low stakes don't get too fancy; but keep betting all your good hands until and unless you get raised and then re-evaluate.


Josie said...

Well wolfie, there are two options. whole wheat pasta, which isn't bad, but the key is portion control. Or - no pasta at all - which is what I'm going to do, but i'll have a meatball.

Ugh, There'll be sausages slow simmered in the sauce too, but I won't be having any of those either. yuck. they are a huge hit at poker night tho.

Josie said...

Thanks Shrike...I only have SS1, so maybe i should go for super system 2.

Josie said...

Fuck, another canadian! ;)

Gary said...

please, Josie, in the name of all that's holy, if our friendship counts for anything in this shithole world, save me a sausage or two and a little sauce. You work with gravy like Bobby Fischer worked with a chessboard.

People out there: I stand tall and say unabashedly, Josie makes a better sauce than anyone I know, including Mrs. Crafty Southpaw.

Josie said...

Gary, i'll def save some for you. and your mrs. is a great cook!

suitedaces said...

Todd Brunson's chapter in Super System 2 is excellent. Good Luck with it. ROI is better than NLHE these days.

The Neophyte said...

I concur with the chapter on Stud Hi/Lo in Super System 2. I also have a book by Susie Isaacs that gives some good info on it. Biggest thing to remember is to try and play hands with a chance of scooping the whole pot, either strong big hands (cuz often times no one makes a low) or low suited and straight hands.

Wolfshead said...

Anyone check on Josie to make sure the diet hasn't done her in? One post on a Friday morning and nothing the rest of the weekend. She's either turned (turned?) into a raving beast and has been locked up or she's dead.

Josie said...

Wolfie, I'm still here!