Thursday, June 10, 2010


Very busy in work this week.  Still trying to play catch up because of year end.  The question is, do I go in to work on Friday even though I have to use a vacation day?  I'm leaning toward NOT doing that.  The owners are away, and although the reason to come in is to meet a deadline if they aren't there to see how awesome I am, did it really even happen?  If a tree falls down in a forest but no one's there to hear it, does it make a sound?  lol

The worst part is I'd be so much further ahead but I'm waiting to get a report approved by my boss so I can proceed and he's just dragging his feet.  When I asked him for it for the 4th time he said "I'm not trying to slow you down, I just have other priorities."

And he hugged me today.  For no particular reason that I know about.  Grrrrrrrrr

Tomorrow is my awesome friend's last day at work.  :(  She's been at the firm for over 5 years.  Nikki, if you're readying this HOW DARE YOU ABANDON ME!  We went out for lunch today and she seems happier than she has in about a year, so perhaps it was the right decision  for her.  Not so much for me. 

Doing a group good bye lunch next week when Nikki comes in to clean out her desk.  And here's the problem.  The CR.  No one likes it when CR is included for lunch because she is embarrassing in public (I'll spare you examples).   If CR finds out she'll be upset she was excluded, especially since I'm arranging it.  But it's nikki's lunch not CR's.  And nikki isn't the only one who will be pissed if CR is there.  Still dunno what to do. 

I asked Nikki about it and she said to do "whatever I want".  The ball is in my court. (that's basketball talk - go Celtics!!!) 

In poker news, I played the mookie last night.  Small field.  maybe 22 players.  I was out early.  I meant to limp when I was a small blind and accidentally called a huge raise. Lost alot of chips when I had to fold. Eventually I went out with A-Q.  All in preflop with 2 callers.  Flop was Qxx, turn was a 6.  Dionysus had pocket 6s, made trips and I was out.

But I'm still up for the night!  Know why?  I bet you do!

Didja read these GUIDELINES for playing a 6 person Super Turbo?  Even with all those rules, I found the super turbo to be lots of fun and quick.  Perfect for a person with little patience.  I came in 2nd in the first 2 I played.  Both $2 games.  Upped it to $5 and when it was Mookie time I was 4-9.  I was planning on going to bed but decided to play one more because it was so quick. I won like 3 in a row!!!  So I decided to up the stakes again.

$20 (9) person Super Turbo!

I didn't know how to adjust the guidelines for the bigger table so I pretty much kept them the same.  First place baby!!!  $90 for first place!

I took some screen shots:

I played one more game, lost it and decided to call it a night, up more $$ than I anticipated.  Let's see if I can hold onto it.  Although even if I can't I'm sure Waffles can recommend another game for me to play. :) 

Play smart.  If you don't know how, then read this.



KenP said...


Waffles = Good Idea

The sky is falling!

The sky is falling!

,said Foxy Loxey to Henny Penny

Josie said...

Ken!!! I <3 new commenters!!!

Josie said...

WORK UPDATE - I just yelled at the boss! He was working on approving my report and bitching and moaning the whole time, till i what does he do? Ugh, kisses my fingers and cheek - wtf. Does he think I have a fucking boo boo?

dear god, get me thru this day without killing him.

OES said...


Josie said...

Yeah College boy, you're right....I guess crack is fun!!!

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on your success at the new thing!