Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday Peeps!

I was writing up my post, and linking to Ken P who was nice enough to provide me with software to make the badge.  Of course I wanted him to just do it.  And get this, he said no to me.  lol What he actually said was something like "My name's not Waffles and I'll teach to fish instead of giving you dinner".  Or something like that. But Ken, I like dinner! lol However, I am checking it out. We'll see what I come up with. It might even be easy enough for me to actually do myself.  Only problem is it's like shopping I want to try ALL the options. Stay Tuned.

In the mean time, I've never seen Ken's blog has he evaded me for this long?  Of course I like it because the first post mentions................ME.  Toldya I liked this guy!  And he did the badge thingy for me after all.  It is at the top of this post.  I <3 Ken.  Waffles, fuck off.

The badge on the right is the final product of Gary's.  Doesn't it rock?  It even has the time posted! He only had to make one or two (or 22) versions.  Thank you Gary!

Full Tilt has been very profitable this weekend.  Started slow and then BOOM. Not squandering half my bankroll in a $216 tourney this weekend, that's for sure.  Only thing is I've only been playing Super Turbos.  Alot of them.  And somehow I got a Super Turbo free roll.  It's a 100K game - Sunday night.  I don't even know what I did to qualify.

Notes about Comments:

1.)  I am so frigging cool I have a comment from Scotland! It's LittleAcornMan.  Cute name. huh?
2.)  You MUST read Neophyte's commnt.  HIGH-larious.


In other news today is a spa day for me.  Manicure, pedicure and wax.  Eyebrow wax.  Fucking hurt like a bastard.  You guys have it sooooo easy.

Which reminds me of  a story.

I've always had eyebrows that need grooming. lol Perhaps it's cuz I'm Italian.  Yet my mother and my sister have light practically non existent hair, while my hair is dark and thick.  Cuz of this I always have to wax my eyebrows or I'd be sporting a unibrow....go ahead, laugh....I'll wait.  Keep in mind eyebrow waxing (as well as any other type of waxing) hurts like a mother.

One year for my birthday Cricket gets me a spa day.  A facial, a massage and yes, cuz my brows are always out of control, an eyebrow waxing.  It was a nice fancy place.

I get the massage and facial.  I'm all relaxed and happy....only thing left is the waxing. (which I dread)  As the girl goes to do it, she spills hot (very warm really) wax ON MY FACE.

A good amount of wax is now on the side of my face/cheek.  She apologizes and tells me she'll take care of it.  No biggie I think.  In my relaxed state I wonder how she'll clean up spilled wax.  There must be a procedure for when this happens but I can't noodle out what it would be.

Know why?

Cuz there is none.

She covers the huge wax spill with cloth and practically rips my fucking cheek off.  She took care of it alright.  Fuck.  Then she waxes my eyebrows.  I'm not a happy camper and she surely knows this.  She tells me she doesn't know how else to get it off.  I still think there must've been other ways than that. 

Play smart.  



Gary said...

The problem is that I don't have even the most rudimentary graphics software program. You get anything that supports layering and it should be easy enough. I'm trying to find something free - anyone got any ideas?

lightning36 said...

Your waxing situation made me laugh. Yeah -- being a guy is great. Nothing like being able to look like crap and still have it be okay for 90% of social situations.

KenP said...

Wow! your new favorite? Me? That made me loosen the ol' truss!

Try GIMP. It is freeware and powerful.

This feature should do what you want:

And you can downloaded at:

Josie said...


In order for you to be the fave, you have to do it for me!! It's not that I'm lazy, it's just that my mad skillz lay elsewhere.

Oh and I emailed you but it got kicked back. send me an email

Littleacornman said...

Great banner, but what time does it start?! Double stacks at 2am/3am UK time is just no good at all!Dang timezones.Btw if you ( and readers) fancy a game with us Brits ,we play The Bloggerment on Sundays at 9pm UK time on Stars.( 4pm EST I think?).Pass:donkament.Usually gets 10-15 runners.

Gl the felts!

ps Good luck in the World Cup v the English tomorrow :-)

Josie said...

Hey Acorn! I <3 Brits!

Game starts at 9pm ET. What time would that be in the UK?

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE play. And I DO fancy a game with Brits. lol But Sunday afternoon is tough. Do you play any games during the week?

Yayyyy A UK Comment!!!

Gary said...

@Jo, Acorn's point may have been that that info should be on the badge. Your thoughts?

Josie said...

Yes, Gary that's his point - it's a good one, eh? I just didnt wanna bother u again. But if could add the time that'd be great.

Ummm I have a Scottish reader! Cheerio! Bangers & Mash. Spotted Dick and all that.

Memphis MOJO said...

Very cool badge. Add the starting times and you're all set.

Josie said...

Thanks Mojo! Glad u like it. I suppose the starting time's a good idea. lol

The Neophyte said...

Oh you women. Your life is so full of pain in the pursuit of beauty. I keep hearing how if men had to do what you did, we'd die. Don't believe it guys! My wife kept pulling that crap until I made her put her money where her mouth was. I had her wax a section of my leg. Now keep in mind, this isn't some lady leg. I have HAIRY legs. Think sasquatch or yeti and you're close. So she puts the wax on me. Hot but nice, almost comforting. Then she puts the cloth on and lets the wax cool and harden. She gets ready to pull it off and licks her lips in greedy anticipation of seeing me writhing on the floor in pain. Then she yanks it off. I just looked at her and asked her "When is the pain supposed to start?" Man was she maaaad. And I had this nice patch of beautifully smooth hair free skin for awhile.

Littleacornman said...

More haggis and neeps and Mince and tatties than bangers n mash or spotted dick, but you're not far off :-)

The updated banner ( with start time!) looks great now. It would be 2am UK time so it's probably not a goer unless I'm on annual leave.I have managed to play in a few Mookies over the years so maybe one day...!

'Fraid the Brit Blogger is only once a week, but any time you guys can make it,you're all more than welcome.We need all the dead money we can get ;-)

Josie said...


Neo Baby, that was hilarious, and I like your wife!!! She should read my blog too. And you KNOW it just didn't react.

And lemme tell you, the face is more sensitive than an old man's leg. lol So it's NO comparison. Face is much more sensitive and painful.
However, my eyebrows look AWESOME. as do my bubblegum pink fingers and toes.

Josie said...


I will TOTALLY play that "Britain's Got Talent" tourney on Sunday. But not THIS Sunday. When you least expect it.

And then i'll write about how I kicked your scottish bum. LOL

Memphis MOJO said...

"When is the pain supposed to start?" Man was she maaaad.


The Neophyte said...

Josie, it's your eyebrows. They're on your forehead. Trust me that's not that painful. Soccer players get hit by balls in the forehead all the time. Boxers get punched there ALL THE TIME. I don't see them cringing in pain everytime they get hit. Now mustache or beard, that can be painful. I pull them out all the time. Nice try. I'm told giving birth hurts like hell but I wonder how much of that you ladies make up as well.

SirFWALGMan said...

Fuck Waffles!! I will give you a facial if you talk to me that way again! :P

Josie said...

Neo, you are SOOOOO wrong, but funny as hell.

Waffles, you better get that facial ready! :P