Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hey Baby, Guess What?

It's time for The Very Josie! 

And it's time for you to live a little.  You play those boring fucking games online and where does it get you?  If you play The Very Josie, you'll be laughing your ass off while you take chips from your fellow bloggers.  At least that's what I plan on doing....dazzling you with my mad poker skillz while distracting you with my chat.

Yeah I know I'm usually the one who ends up distracted by chat, but so what.  I'm allowed to have a little fun. :-P

It's Wednesday, June 2nd @ 9:00pm ET
Double Stack, with a KNOCK-OUT
Tournament # 162963907

Password is pokerbaby

The easiest way to find the Private Tourney is to find me, I'm already registered for it.  Find veryjosie and you'll be in.
Here's what else I'm thinking.  I'm thinking it's time I win The Very Josie.  I'm so confident I will that I'm adding a bounty.  Take me out and I'll ship you $5 for your trouble.  Of course I'm putting a bounty on someone else too....to be named later.  Are you wondering if it's you?  :)  More info to come.

If you haven't played The Very Josie before, this is the time to start.  Play tomorrow night!

Let's see, who hasn't played The Very Josie before?  Riggs hasn't and neither has Loretta or BamBam. Come on boys, if you're around consider yourselves invited.  Hell, if any of you guys play, I'll take an extra drink.  If all 3 of you play that's 3 extra drinks I'll down.  It'll be like taking candy from a baby....a drunk baby, but still.  :)

In other poker news.....I just won entry in The 750K Tournament running this coming Sunday night!  $216 entry (I rock!!!) for the $750k Guaranteed.  Not sure if I'll unregister or play it.    Got entry the hard way, working my way up from a Step 1 Ticket.  It was a grind, although College Boy and Jew Boy popped by to say hello throughout the night.

Played in a sucky cash game. (L&BM game)  For you newbies, that stands for lesbians and black men, but a bunch of the brothers were no shows.  Pissed me off.  I was on the fence about playing and I wish I stayed home - not enough action.  Boring game that ended with me being down $17 because of 2 horrible bad beats on the river.  Ugh. 

Only thing interesting was the chat - they crack me up.

Marvin left to get Troy and Junior and never returned.  Lynne tries calling him but his phone is dead so she calls his "baby mama".  Marvin gets on the phone and says he doesn't know if he can play cuz she's mad.  We wait awhile and Glenn (his brother) says to call again.  Lynne says "I don't want to get her mad, Glenn you call."

Glenn says "No, she'll get mad just hearing my voice cuz when I call, the brother's going out!".  Then Lynne says "Josie, why don't you call?"  I say "Sure, I'll call her".

Glenn says "No way.  That ain't gonna work.  You got tits and ass!.  Tits and ass can't call her.  You crazy girl?  He ain't getting out if you call."  I say "Lynne's got tits and ass too but she can call."  And he says No. You got the tits and ass, not Lynne!  lol

Okay whatevah!

On a side note, Lynne (who is married to June) asked me twice if I was REALLY into men.  Ummmm some of them kinda suck is pretty much what I told her.

Then she says "Josie you should've been here earlier.  I had "Sex on the Beach" it was so good. (she always makes one signature drink for Sunday night poker, and I always partake)  So I say "Oh you know I love Sex on the Beach."  She says "Yeah, but you're into men".  I shiat you not - that was verbatim.

Does this stuff happen to you when you play poker or is it just me?

To find out if I'm REALLY into men, play The Very Josie tomorrow night at 9pm....these questions and more will be answered.  :P 

The Very Josie signature drink will be........SEX ON THE BEACH. (oj, cran, vodka & peach schnapps, I think)

Poker baby.  It's all about poker.



BamBam said...

If I'm going to make it back from golf in time, I'll be your huckleberry.


Josie said...

Yay BamBam!!! Fuggetabout Golf!!!

Riggs? Loretta?

Riggstad said...


Josie said...

Maybe Baby!!! That's practically a YES.

SirFWALGMan said...

Wednesday is the 2nd of June. :P.

Josie said...

Thanks Waffles - I shall edit.

dbcooper said...

Geez Josie you get hit on by young guys, old guys and now women..... You aren't changing teams are you? I mean you could always have a one night tryout.. LOL

I should be there on Wednesday and I would really love 5 more dollars of your money

Josie said...

I've been hit on by women over there before, but not LYNNE!! Although her comments made be think back and perhaps I've been oblivious to prior hints. NOT GOOD

Hmmm a one night try out....I'll do that AND take pictures....NOT. lol

dbcooper said...

Pictures??? Pitter Patter. Geez my heart skipped a beat... Ha Ha

Josie said...

Coop - get your mind off of girl on girl action and on something more important....which is.....

I won a $216 tourney ticket thingy....from an $8 investment. This is only my 2nd time attempting the step thingy. Isn't that AWESOME? Repeat after me..."Yes Josie!"

dbcooper said...

Yes Josie. Yes Josie. Yes Josie. How many times do I have to say it?
Congrats on the tourney. Now can I go back to my daydreams??

Josie said...

LOLLLLLLL Yes Dear, as you wish.

lightning36 said...

Looks like I'll romp through this easy field of biatches again ...

Oh yeah -- and watch for the Waffles rant Wednesday night or Thursday after I felt his nasty ass for the upteenth time.

Josie said...

Yay Lightning!!! Time for me to felt YOUR nasty ass though. :P

Cricket said...

I'm in!!