Monday, June 21, 2010

Starting off the week

Well I'm having an early lunch here at work and thought I'd do a little write up. 

First off I was almost late for work this morning.  Played on Full Tilt a little too much last night.  The number is still 4 but in addition I have a Step 4 ticket (valued at 75 smackaroos for you noobs).  I'm hope hope hoping to turn that into a $216 ticket tonight.

So cuz I was late I threw on a summer dress, left the house and got to work on time.  The thing is I NEVER (well hardly ever) wear dresses to work.  Only reason I even HAVE a summer dress is cuz I went shopping with Cricket a while ago.  She always talks me into buying things that I normally would not.  In this case, she talked me into buying THREE sun dresses, which have been hanging in my closet till this morning.

Anyway people in worked are shocked that I'm in a dress....a girly dress. People keep coming by and commenting.  Receptionist loves it btw....that can't be anything but bad news.  Cannot WAIT to take it off.

The other day I was mooching around on line and came across a post on a poker blog called Say Hello to My Leeeeetle Friend.  Well imagine my surprise when I discovered the leeetle friend he was referring to was ME!  It's a funny and smart little blog - take a look yourself.  No not because I am the title of one post, but because I'm the title of TWO. :) There's another one called Dear Josie.  That's not the only reason though - he's a good writer....and he's an Italian Texan.  That right there is pretty interesting. 

Diet's been going good but didn't work out on the weekend, although I was quite active.  Workout resumes tonight.

Play smart.



KenP said...

Cannot WAIT to take it off.

Ummm, donuts!

KenP said...

18? That last happened in 1958.

Josie said...

Ken, Donuts??? I don't get it but I do LOVE donuts. I mean LOVE. Mmmmm but I digress. What the heck are you talking about?

Cricket said...

Jo, maybe Ken meant, boobies!
Love a dress to get out of the house in a hurry! Didya wear the flying nun? hehe

They looked nice, what can I say?
Hopeing to inherit!

Josie said...


1.) You think donuts = titties??? Ken please clarify!

2.) Yes I'm wearing the dress that makes me look like The Flying Nun. OMFG what was I thinking...I wasn't thinking I was in an uber hurry.

Note: When sugar bear saw the dress on me he told me I looked like a nun. btw - after receptionist told me how much she loved it she added that I looked like I could be in The Sound of Music....THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT CRICKET!!!! I should've worn the purple one instead....I think.

Josie said...

Yes I look like a fucking nun.

Cricket said...

It's funny how, when we recieve complements, they're glossed over.
But when we recieve what we percieve as less than a compliment, THAT becomes the focus and all the nice comments get forgotten and pushed aside, why???
The dress is mearly DIFFERENT and pretty, and looks nice.

Cricket said...

Wear the purple one tom0rrow!

Josie said...

Cricket, NO I'm going to wear one that "man" work outfits. Brown pants, white shirt with brown sweater. Just call me Mr. Rogers.

J said...

Awwww shucks. *hands in pockets*

This Texan becomes a Floridian (Tampa area) in six weeks. And guess what's legal and will have no more farkin' $100 buy-in limits.......Poker baby!

My full intention is to write (for a living) and play poker (very much trying to make my living). The wife is from that area and has a bad ass job. So I finally get a chance to at least try and do what I love and know best!

My motto is patience pays at the tables.

Talk to you soon!


KenP said...

Just one of the things that sets a Homer Simpson to drooling uncontrollably.

Josie said...

Contri Boy,

You're welcome - hope you got a little extra traffic today. You're a good writer and will do well. It's a good motto btw and it's where I have my most trouble, as I am not a patient person.

Ken, LOL I get it now - although I'm on a diet - so all I was thinking was Mmmmm DONUTS!!!

KenP said...

The more obscure I can be the happier I am.

As to the donut, yes, you may have a donuts.


You didn't say mother may I.

Go back two giant carrot sticks.

Wolfshead said...

A girly dress. Late huh? Think you are just overcompensting for that scar. Give her hell Cricket. And sweater? what the hell is the weather up there. We're in a near heat wave down here if they haven't put out the official declaration yet. Calling for 6 more days of 90+ temps. Screw sweaters.

Josie said...

Wolfie, it's girlie yet nunlike. not me. And yeah I'll nix the sweater - just a private joke with cricket. i went out with her after work one night and i was in that mr rogers get up - very ugly outfit and she wanted to stop by her salsa dancing all the girls were dressed in salsa dresses and there's me. still got asked to dance, but i cannot dance.

Cricket said...

omg, THAT was a bad, bad, outfit.
lol Wolfie, always do.
Danced with your man tonight, actually. Even wearing that, he was looking at you like he was starving you were the last cupcake on the desert cart! lol

Josie said...

Ewww that guy was NOT my man.