Friday, June 18, 2010


This all took place about (16) years ago, when I was extremely young and naive.  I had been doing accounting for a company that managed head injury rehab centers.  I was there for quite a while until they closed their doors.  Actually they had over 200 employees and when I got laid off there were only about 8 of us left.  So I was unemployed for the first time since I was 15 years old. 

My hubby was working for a painting contractor at the time and the owner needed someone to run his office.  As I was doing nothing at the time, I jumped in.  Office of 2.  Me and this guy, who was odd to say the least, but whatever.  I worked there for a couple of months and whipped his office into shape. He was amazed and quite frankly the work was super easy and didn't require much effort.

So one day he tells me that he bought a bunch of guns.  He was a gun freak/collector anyway, but this recent purchase was purely for an investment.  Sure enough, less than a week later he sold them for maybe 3 times what he bought them for.  Then he did it again.  I didn't really think much of it except these were illegal guns.  Illegal to buy and illegal to own.  That's why the profit margin was so high.

I really don't like guns.  They scare me.  I feel like guns are an accident waiting to happen, but I digress.

So he's making money buying and selling his guns and then one day he makes me an offer.  How bout we split a batch of guns?  We could buy 12 each then sell them and split the profit.  I said NO.   He kept asking.  He said he couldn't afford the whole batch but in a couple of days we'll more than double our money.

I don't do things that are illegal (mostly) and I hate guns.  Yet somehow.....maybe because I was unemployed (I didn't count this suck job as employment) I considered it.  If I did it, not only was it illegal but it would take most of my savings.

I must've been out of my mind.  Too trusting, too naive to say the least.

So I hand this guy a load of cash and he happily buys us a boat load of guns.  He'll take care of everything.  The reselling should happen in a day or two.  Then a week goes by.  Then two weeks.

It's not that I couldn't wait two weeks for my money but I knew I had made a bad decision and just wanted it to be over.  Believe me I wouldn't be reinvesting.

Every day I saw him I would ask him about the sale and he'd say the same thing.  I'm working on it, give me a few more days.  This is NOT good.

I gave some guy a boat load of cash to purchase something illegal.  What if he doesn't give me my money back?  Other than cutting his dick off what can I do?  I cannot go to the police and say hey, I bought these guns.....

The worst part was he sold the guns but needed the money to fund his payroll.  I don't remember if he told me this or I figured it out on my own.  I finally got my money back along with a little extra, but certainly NOT triple my investment.  I was pissed.  I was sure he got triple the return, but I had no proof and had to accept what he gave me.  He just said that all of a a sudden the price went down.

I couldn't believe I was so stupid as to trust this guy who always seemed weird to me.  It was a lesson learned although once it was passed I pushed it to the back of my mind and forgot about it.

Until about a month ago.

My son was playing some war game on XBox - maybe it Modern Warfare II or Call of Duty II or something like that.  He's got all these weapons to choose from and he says "Mom which gun should I use?  The xxx, the yyy, or the AK-47?"

Now Sonny Boy is fascinated with guns and I have no idea why.  He's not a violent or aggressive kid so it isn't that.  And he knows how much I hate them.  So just to be funny, I say "Pick the AK-47.  Did I ever tell you I owned a bunch of them?"


It took him a little while to believe me but he finally did and was soooo impressed. lol  Of course he keeps asking about it and I keep giving no details.  Not something I'm proud of...the exact opposite actually.  

One of the stupidest decisions I've ever made.



Wolfshead said...

Me, I used to be a hunter so I have no problem with (legal) guns. My daughter, 12, while not fascinated by them, loves to shoot although we've only used my air pistols so far. The thing is I taught her the 3 rules of gun handling when she was 6 or 7 and altho we don't shoot as much as either of us would like and I have never repeated them to her if you would ask today what he rules are she'll snap them right off for you. Best part is she actually knows what they mean and isn't just repeating a rote speech.

MorningThunder said...

I signed this blog up on the NRA web site. You are welcome.

Josie said...

Wolfie, my son has a couple of those air guns, pellet guns whatever you call them...and we have lots of rules...yet I was shot once. hurt like hell. plus I was pissed off for about a month.

Morning Thunder I'll give the NRA a skip but thanks.

The Neophyte said...

First off kids are fascinated with guns. Throw in today's video games like Call of Duty etc and that makes it inevitable that the boy will interested in the things. I also have always feared guns to an extent but that's mostly from being unfamiliar with them. Growing up in RI or Mass can do that to you. If you don't have guns in the home, no real problem there but if you do have a gun in the home it's always better to handle it like Wolfie did and introduce your child to guns along with the rules in gun handling so something bad doesn't happen. The thing is these rules apply when the kid is elsewhere as well so knowledge of guns, gun handling, and the things that can happen when guns are used might be more important than you know. Suppose the boy is at a friend's house and there is a gun there? You can't always be with him, the best you can hope for is to teach him to make good choices.

Josie said...

Neo, yes he's a big CoD lover. And I agree knowledge is power in this area as well as all others. but no there won't be any gun shooting lessons any time soon.

Wolfshead said...

Yea, those air guns can pack a bit of a sting. I've been hit a few times by jackasses horsing around. Also caught a bit of birdshot to the side of my face once. Was a walking a field on the edge of the woods and someone in the woods must have let go at something cause I felt something sting the side of my face. I put my hand up and came away streaked with blood. Must have caught a few stray pellets. Luckily he was far enough away that they had no power left and it wasn't bad, like a couple shaving nicks.

Josie said...

I got hit on an exposed part of my arm. left a bruise and a bad attitude on my part, but didn't break the skin.