Sunday, June 20, 2010

Scar Face

Scarred for life

See the scar?  That picture was taken the day after the stitches came out.  It might be a little more faded now but it still bothers me.

So here's what happened.  Poker night was over and I went upstairs to my bedroom, which has an old hardwood floor.  A nailhead was poking out just a hair higher than the floor.  As I walked by it my sock caught on the nail head, tripped me up and sent me flying head first.

So I fell head first hard with some velocity and the bottom drawer of my bureau was open a little and my head hit the corner of the drawer hard.  Really hard.  I was laying there dazed for awhile thinking about a concussion and didn't realize there was a hole in my forhead.

Yes a hole.  As much as I hate that photo above it looks 100 times better than I thought it would.  The hole was big and deep.  Big enough that I could put my finger right into it if I chose to.  Bleeding alot and like you could see right in.  It wasn't like a slice or a straight line.

Anyway, I go down stairs, try to get undazed and Cricket takes me to the emergency room.  My head is killing me, bleeding and I'm dizzy.

I end up waiting in emergency for 3 hrs before they see me, with an open hole in my forehead that was bleeding.  After complaining a bit a chick who looks like a teenager tapes a piece of gauze to my forehead and asks me on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain you've ever felt in your life, how much pain are you in now.

I figure child birth was the worst pain I've ever been in....compared to that I give this an 8.  I never should have said that.  Cricket says I waited so long because I didn't say 10.  But sheesh, I'm frigging bleeding from the face.  The gauze gets filled up and has to be replaced a couple of times.

And I'm in alot of pain but they give me nothing.  In hindsight I should've taken an ibuprofen before I left.

They finally put me in an exam room with a bed and I wait there for another hour.  I've been waiting for so long, I'm so worried about how this whole is going to end up looking and I'm in alot of pain. 

The doctor finally shows up and is very nice and concerned.  He tells me his father is a tailor and because of that he'll be good at closing up this hole.  He shaves part of my eyebrow too!!!  Cricket is hovering over every move he makes, and discussing all the options.  There aren't that many.  Stitch it up or glue it.  He stitched it up like his dear old dad would've done. 

It actually looks a little better than that pic.  It's faded a bit.  I bought concealer to cover it up but I don't use it.  It made the scar look more noticeable for some reason.  Go figure.

You know my profile picture with the one eye?  Some guy decided to morph the profile pic with the scar pic to make a complete Josie.  See below.

Some guys obviously have too much time on their hands.



Wolfshead said...

Give it a rest. I'll have my daughter set you straight. She had her first set of stitches around age 6 and we waited so long in the ER, two heart attacks came in, that when the doctor finally got to her and asked how she was she looks at the doc and tells her that she has been waiting so long that she just wants to get stitched up and out of there. Her father's daughter. That was just the first of many actions that had the docs looking at my daughter like she was from Mars. When they finally finished she's in the bathroom looking at the stitches in the mirror, hers also in the eyebrow, and saying out loud that she looked cool. We now match as we both have scars thru our eyebrows. So get over it, you look cool.

KenP said...

So when do we get the reveal on the others?

We've heard you've got holes in your head. We just didn't know it would be serialized.

Now we will have Guess the Casino # 9999888877775555 and Josie Head Hole # 2 to look forward too.

Josie said...

Okay, the wait is over. It has finally happened!!!! Wolfie said something nice to me - said I looked cool. FINALLY. Unfortunately he's referring to the shitty scar so he's lying, but I appreciate the sentiment.

Ken, That's the only scar on my head. I do have a c-section scar, but most likely won't be posting a picture of THAT. :P

Josie said...

Kenny Baby!!! Thanks for following my blog! You are my 18th follower. Woot!