Saturday, June 5, 2010

Never Take Advice From A Guy Called Waffles

But should I?  I am frigging exhausted BECAUSE OF WAFFLES. 

As you know I had some success yesterday by playing those Steps games on Full Tilt Poker.  Waffles was telling me that he was going to play the Daily Dollar tournament.  I had never played it before.  As you know I'm very interested in that big $216 tournament on Sunday, NOT a goddamm ONE DOLLAR tournament.  But he was saying it's easy to go deep in it and it's good practice for a large tourney.

As he was playing it, I figured what the hell.  Only a buck!  I'll either double up quick or be down a buck.  No biggie. 

Eight THOUSAND Seven Hundred and Twenty-Five FUCKING players.  That's 8,725!!!  with 1,080 place in the money.  (if you call two bucks money)

I doubled up pretty quickly alright.  After I tripled up I thought, hmmmm, I may actually put a little effort into this.  Game started at 8:15pm

And went on and on and on.

Waffles was out after an hr or two. A-J vs A-9 and the villian caught a 9.  Bye Waffles!!

Except Waffles didn't leave.  He railed me for hour after hour after hour.  Fawk!  What did I get myself into?  For a frigging buck!

Not only did he rail me, but gave me solid advice, and listened to me complain about the goddam tourney for hour afer hour. (yes I complained ALOT)

And rooted for me RELENTLESSLY.  Till everyone knew very josie's name.  lol  He pretty much kept INSISTING that I win.  So I really tried.  By the way, don't say "I'll try" to Waffles.  Wrong answer!!!  His response was.  "No you do it or you don't do it, there's no trying!!!"  Frigging yoda.

Jew Boy also popped up as a rail bird and stayed for the whole game.  Jew Boy and Waffles kept the whole table laughing and me too for that matter.

And how long was the whole game that started at 8:15pm?   I donked off my chips a little before 3am.  Before that stupid move I played plenty of great poker.  Jamming when I saw weakness.  Playing "sneaky sneaky" when I had the goods.

Waffles played this tourney a few weeks ago and went really deep, for HIM anyway.  :)  He made it to 160 place, so that was the goal.  To do better than that.  Cuz we KNOW I'm better at poker.  Duh.

I did better than that.

Out of 8,725 players I came in 50th place.  And yes I jammed with.....wait for it......ACE RAG.

Jesus Fucking Christ.

I was exhausted, punch drunk with exhaustion, so it seemed like a great idea at the time.

I had played for hours with between 600k - 700K in chips.  Had a few beats and was down to about 150K.  Not shortstacked but not in my comfort zone.  Blinds were HUGE.  10K/20K with antes. So there was alot of money in the pot and I felt I wanted/needed it.

Besides the blinds and antes, 2 peeps limped in for 20K.  I have A-9 s00ted, so I jam all in while i have a decent sized stack.  Everyone folds but a blind who has K-Q.

Yes he gets a Q on the flop and no, I didn't get an ace.  I was out in 50th place.  For over 6 hrs of playing I won $15.

I kept chatting to Waffles that if I had just played the BIG tourney instead I'd be in some serious cash at this point.  His response was "win this and you can play that".

I almost did it.  cuz he kept insisting!  GOOOOOOOOOOO JOSIE over and over.  Someone at the table asked who I was....they also asked him to keep the cheering down, but he didn't. lol

lol I bet he can type GOOOOOOOOOOO JOSIE in his sleep.

I will say this.  All the games he's suggested I play have been profitable.  Maybe he does know something about poker.

Play smart.

PS.  One more thing!  I have this new ScreenHunter software that I downloaded (because I am soooooooTECHNO) and was dying to have a reason to use showing you guys a screen shot of a big win.  50th place isn't too shabby right?  I got so pissed off (yep anger issues) because of my ace rag demise, that I shut the stoopid Full Tilt windows before I took the screen shot.  Argh!!!  So you're going to have to trust me that I did what I said I did.  I do have witnesses though!


SirFWALGMan said...

wow your up early! Good job and your push was standard awesome play. Last to act. Two limpers. Dead money. <10BB and the best hand. Good jam.

Josie said...

lol you're up early too.

The Neophyte said...

Congrats Josie

Yep those big tourneys are a marathon. Have done the same kind of thing a number of times though I think 2:30 am is the latest I ended up going. Get some rest today

SirFWALGMan said...

Kid's for me. LOL. You too?

Memphis MOJO said...

Without photos, did it really happen? Witnesses can be bribed, you know :)

Gary said...

A good time railing you - my own observations available at The Crafty Southpaw...

Josie said...

Thanks Neo!

@Waffles, Yep, the little angel (bastard) woke me up at 8am. lol Went back to bed for a few hrs tho.

Mojo, It happened!! Next time. pictures!

Gary, I hope you painted me in a favorable light!