Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I'm tired today cuz I was up too late playing the Daily Dollar tourney on Full Tilt last night. 7,900 players.  I played once before and came in 50th place.  I was hoping to improve my record but that wasn't the case.  When I donked off my chips (and I DO mean donked) I wound up in 330th place.  1,080 places in the money. I tripled my $1 buyin but the end was ugly.

I hade 123K in chips and was out about 3 hands later.  I got too tired, and just became a calling station.  I had trip aces and threw half my chips at that only to be out kicked by ace jack.  Obviously this guy wasn't afraid of me but I just kept calling.

I blame Waffles though.  I was playing great till he decided to call it a night.  Once he left I pretty much gave up.  I wonder where I would've wound up if I just went to bed and let myself get blinded out.  May try that next time.

I also played a little stud8 and was down a buck when I "stood" up.  LOL I was doing better before I started reading Super System 2.  Unforunately, the chapter on Stud8 didn't really impart anything that I didn't already know.  Play baby cards or big pairs - goal is to scoop the pot.

Tomorrow night, I am meeting up with  A POKER BLOGGER  for the first time.  Should be alot of fun - or he could be a crazy psycho - we'll see.  I've been very hesitant to meet any of you crazy people but I'm breaking my rule!  I'll tell you all about it on Friday.  And if you don't see a post from me on Friday.....CALL THE COPS! (jk i think)

Play smart.



The Poker Meister said...

[Feeling like I'm back in middle school] Is this "meet up" a "date"?

Have fun, you two silly kids!

Schaubs said...

Should we arrange for the search party now or cross our fingers?

At least you already know what he looks like...

I hope you two hit it off, he is a nice guy and deserves some lovin'

Josie said...

No,no,no! Don't misunderstand -

I'm gonna straighten Waffles depressed ass out....Riggs was supposed to come up and do that but

A.) I'm closer
B.) I think he's travelling via camel cuz it's taking a looooong time.
c.) Waffles must've asked about 52 times - I figure once you've asked me more than 50 times I should say yes.

Just drinking and chatting among friends!

Bayne_S said...

Asking 50+ times means stalker or desperate

Josie said...

Bayne, Nahhh he just wants to learn how to kick ass at poker like me!

Memphis MOJO said...

"straighten" him out? Whazzit mean? Heehee

Leave your cell phone turned on. I've heard they can trace you that way. You can never be too careful when around a blogger.

KenP said...

No need to run from him. You quickly outdistance him at a brisk walk.

If it get too quiet, you can say whatever on the topic of baseball. He knows absolutely nothing about it. Just say it with authority. That he's into.

Bayne_S said...

A gift for you this afternoon.

Wolfshead said...

Still playing A-rag are we?

Thought you said poker blogger. That's more like poker whiner with very little poker. Just be careful what you rub.

Josie said...

Bayne, that was AWESOME. lol

Wolfie...I know. No more ace rag.

Wolfshead said...

Until your next game

Josie said...

I was TIRED!!!! Didja see the name of the post????

BamBam said...

Shove him in Riggs trunk with some Chowdah. I'm starving!


suitedaces said...

Take exception to stud/8's chapter is simple. Here's a challenge since there are at least 3 of us with the book:
Starting tonight at 18:45 for $5.50on FT is a small tourney. The first one to win $33.00 can enter that event etcetera. Follow my blog

Josie said...


I'll check it out - sounds like fun!