Thursday, June 3, 2010


As usual I had alot of fun playing The Very Josie last night.  2 full tables and I came in third place. DDionysus won (he kicked my ass during the BBT5 as well) and MemphisMojo came in second place. 

I was about to do a big write up about it but I cannot because I am in utter shock.  As I went to write my post I noticed Coop had a post up called LAST POST.  What the fuck???

Both Coop and Waffles were at my table when trouble ensued.  Seems like Coop was behind and caught trips on the river.  I was at the other table chatting so I missed most of it, but I can imagine what Waffles might've said. 

Coop, you CANNOT stop blogging just because of Waffles!  I really enjoy reading everything you write, even the posts about chick flicks.  I think it would be a crying shame if you really stop because some dickhead (hi waffles!) called you a name or two or 3 or 4.  Just my humble opinion.  Don't put that high a value on his words. 

Put a higher value on mine.

You would be disappointing so many people, none more than me.  I understand you need to make this decision for yourself, but perhaps it's a rash one.  Maybe something you should sleep on.

I'm so sorry all this happened during The Very Josie.  So very, very sorry.



Wolfshead said...

For once I agree with you

Cricket said...

Ditto, missed what happened, but my sister is always right about these things.

Memphis MOJO said...

Fun tournament as usual and I hope Coop listens to you.

CEMfromMD said...

Wow, I had no idea that had happened at the other table. I hope Coop listens to you.

Josie said...

Well I'll keep talking and maybe eventually he'll listen.

Wolfie, Cricket, Mojo & Cem - thanks alot for playing - had a really fun time.

Cem - really enjoyed playing wih you last night - you don't play to badly FOR A GUY. ;)

evpjm said...


Do not for one second think that you are the cause of this because it was your tourny. I understand the feeling bad part but this could have happend anytime, anyplace. I also understand that this is a friendly game with Low stakes but still be played by some serious card players. Adding fuel to the fire is the bounty's and the pressure of having you write about it the next day. That being said, people losing it over bad beats is part of the game. Handling winning is as important as handling losing. You need a protective shell to play this game and Coop should know that. People handle losing pretty bad and say things out of fustration. To stop writing a Blog over this is crazy. Especially since this is a Poker community. Anyway, My concern here is your reaction to this. This had nothing to do with you and don't think it does just because you hosted a tournament.

PokahDave said...

Had a good daughters cooperated with the early start time so I was able to actually play. Was that the first official Very Josie tourney or what?

Josie said...

EVP, Thank you. Really. Makes me feel better.

However, I feel like mebbe he blames me a little too. Maybe he thought I should've stepped in cuz it's my tourney? I was chatting at the other table...didn't witness alot of it, but knew coop was pissed. On coop's blog he removed me from his blog roll, but not some others like mojo....sounds like guilty by association. Nothing I can do about it though. I am only responsible for me.

Josie said...

Pokah Dave - Sweetie, Baby, I aint don't with YOU. Not even close.

First of all, I had no idea Pokah Dave and Dionysus were the same donk...I mean guy. :)

Why do I shove with K-Q into A-J? One iffy move after hours of good play. Grrrr

What I am MOST proud of from last night: I had 3-4 and the flop was 5-6-7. After a bunch of betting and raising Pokah Dave shoves all in, someone else follows...and what do I do?

I THINK I have the best hand, but I don't want to be out of the tourney so early....figure most someone has is trips tho.

I FOLD my straight. Pokah Dave has trip 5s and gets a 5 on the turn for quads.

Had I not folded what was the best hand at the time, I'd be ranting like Waffles.

Josie said...

@Pokah Dave:

No that was not the 1st official tourney - that was the 4th one. You missed 3 of them!

Riggstad said...

First, i can't believe I am even posting about this ridiculous topic...

But let me explain. If Coop can't take a little hounding then let him quit. Who cares?

This blogging COMMUNITY has been around far longer than his blog. WE all know each other. WE have traveled across the country to see each other multiple times, to hang out in vegas, go to a party someone is hosting for a weekend, or a trip to AC.

WE are friends. WE are almost damn family. With the exception of Bam and I where we actually are brothers.

The person who is wrong here is COOP. Then he writes "He's lucky it wasn't live and he was in front of me"... Are you kidding me?

You played bad. You showed you didn't think about the hand. You get blistered by a guy after you suck out. The guy who blisters you has shown for YEARS, consistently even, that he blasts EVERYONE for sucking out on him. Jesus man, grow up.

And Josie, for you to even give this the time of day is ridiculous. You're sticking up for a cry baby. Waffles has done more for YOUR blog than anyone. Memphis, Wolf, ME, BAM... no one even knows you exist without waffles.

So coop, grow a pair or leave. good riddance if that's the case. I hope it's not. But really, you're not worth it if you can't take a little tirade after a bad beat. Argue back with the guy. But to say you are going to stop blogging, or threaten physical violence. Just stupid. Go away if that's the case.

Schaubs said...

Coop said he is not reading blogs anymore, so I guess he will never get your message here on the blog.

Waffles is a tard and if you can't take his heat, then you really need to take a break anyway.

lightning36 said...

Yes, it was partly your fault and you should be punished for it. I recommend that an appropriate punishment would be a good spanking on your bare butt to be administered by Wolfshead.

Put THAT on YouTube and watch the number of views ...

Josie said...


What you say makes alot of sense. Coop has grossly overreacted. I know this....I dunno why you think I'm sticking up for him. I'm just bummed that he made such a rash decision over something entirely idiotic. For me it doesn't matter that coop is wrong - what matters is I wont get to chat with someone I like - he ignored my chat after the waffles thing - i didn't even realize why - I was just having fun, playing poker. Coop was very wrong to do that to me IMO.

As far as "what waffles has done for my blog" What the fuck does that have to do with anything? Waffles was being Waffles. I get that. I think coop needs a thicker skin, but NOT because of what waffles has done for my blog.

Riggs, really glad you played last night BTW. thanks for changing the "maybe to a yes". Playing against real players is so much better than the random donks I'm usually up against online.

Josie said...

Lightning - what an honor you've bestowed on Wolfie. I will consider it. ;)

Riggstad said...

none of that was really pointed towards you Josie. I was just jawing to the audience pointing out relevant facts is all.

let me know when you are coming to AC.

Memphis MOJO said...

Put THAT on YouTube and watch the number of views ...

ROFLMAO. Can I sell tickets? Everybody would love to watch.

@PokahDave: You probably don't know all the rules. You're not allowed to win the first Very Jose tournament you enter, so I guess you have to forfeit and I move uP??

Josie said...

Mojo, certain performances don't require an audience. ;)

PokahDave said...

Where's my linkage?? I linked you already??? Hmmmmmm? Hmmmmmmm???

Josie said...

Okay, okay, keep your pants on, and check tomorrow.

Wolfshead said...


why you alays picking on me? Think coop should do the honors and then give us a revew of the corresponding video.

Josie said...

Coop - if I agree to Wolfie suggestion will you come back? :)

BamBam said...

I've tried my best to be a "Canadian" and sit on the fence as best I can. I even posted my feelings in as close to politically correct fashion as I know how.

But seriously?

Brudder RIGGS has spoken and for those not in the know, the dude is pretty wise!

I could repeat the sentiment that you dear Josie, have spent far too much time, energy and concern for some 12 year old lacking actual life skills and a sack to hold them.

Waffles is as Waffles does and I for one, friggin' like that! I'd stand by Waffles being honest, upfront and sincere anyday. Beats the crap out of a whining and moaning little suckazz, IMHO.

RIGGS is right. I've driven & flown all across this great big flying rock of ours to see my friends. Yes we bitch, moan and more importantly, laugh at damn near everything we do. But do you want to know the greatest dissapointment Peb's and I have, as it stands right now?

We were probably within 10 ~ 12 miles of Waffles and PokahDaves home turf just last Fall and because of something as stooooopid as time, we just drove right on through.

Life's short and death's real but real friends, they're far too important to just drive on by.

I'm only Bam-Bam but I for one, will always stand by our little community of misfits.

What we do is of no concern
but who we are however, now THAT's pretty interesting!

The loss of COOP is just that, HIS loss!


The Neophyte said...

Please tell me why Coop is in the wrong here. I mean, he may have been thin skinned a bit about it but just because he plays a hand poorly and sucks out he deserves to get blasted by the guy? And then you tell him to grow up?? What about telling the guy who blistered him to grow up? I mean we are all adults here right? Doesn't that mean acting like adults too? Or do some adults get a pass because "thats what they always do"? It's ok to trash someone when you play online but not when you play live? Call me a bit confused here but I thought the guy who did the attacking in these situations was the guy who should be chastised.

Cricket said...

Thank YOU!
I have a lot of fun, and learn tons everytime I play!

This is my new monthly thing. :D

Josie said...

Neo, It's not that Coop was wrong to get mad. I just think that stopping something he's done for years because someone he doesn't know yelled at him is a bit of a rash decision. But it's his decision and I certainly accept it.

Coop will not answer my emails and that does hurt my feelings. And he never told me WHY. Maybe that's just a byproduct of "I'm quitting" but I'd be lying if I said that didn't hurt my feelings.

I really think I deserve some sort of response to say the least. Maybe I expect too much. (I usually do and am usually disappointed)

Coop is not a villian. He's a wonderful man, who will not answer my emails which makes me feel bad. I'd like to know why the fuck he can't answer my emails regardless of his decision to stop blogging. I'd like to know what the fuck I did, besides play a fucking poker game.

There, that'll get him to answer my emails NOT. lol Just very frustrated.

Josie said...

Sounds like Cricket is coming back for the next tourney!!!

She was at the other one point I checked over there to see how she was doing and what do I find, but Riggs and Bam swearing up and down to her that they were REAL brothers. lol I was, just brothers from another mother.