Monday, May 24, 2010

Yup, out already

The final nail in the coffin was A-A.  Raise, reraise, reraise then all in preflop.  I was up against K-K and felt doom in my belly!  Yup, K on the flop and I was out.

Prior to that I lost with trip deuces.  It was just one of those nights.  I caught a straight flush though!!!  Unfortunately, I folded my cards and then caught it - guess that doesn't really count.


Just one of those nights....besides I think it's Riggsy's night tonight.  Hmmm maybe I should go visit him and offer him some incentive.  Gotta think of something good though.  :)

Playing a $6 (90) person tourney.  I love those!

Play smart.



The Neophyte said...

Sorry Josie
Just got done going through almost a month of beats like that so I know what it feels like. Seems like the luck has turned as I just finished placing 7th in a 200 player tourney for an $80 win. Putting that together with multiple small cashes yesterday and I'm up a fair amount from my low point. Hope it continues. You'll clean em out next time I bet.

dbcooper said...

Yep saw those aces get cracked. Had that feeling too it was going to happen especially after that guy got the straight on your trips earlier. Tough luck.

Josie said...


Congrats on the deep run. Nice going! Doing okay in the 90 person. 7,600 in chips, w/ 36 people left.


@Coop - yeah you witnessed my pain.

Memphis MOJO said...

Going out with A-A, no shame in that. GL in the 90-person.

Josie said...

Well, out of the 90 person. Was up over 8K and got.....AA - damn you coop!!!

I made a big preflop raise and villian reraises all in, so I have to call, RIGHT????

He has A,10 suited clubs catches a straight, 9,8,7,J.

All I can say is UNCLE!!!

evpjm said...

Couple of days Late but I think you touched on another Theme for your Blog on a day when your looking to come up with something. Why do we always feel uneasy when we have a high pocket pair? You felt doom in your Belly? Why is that? Is it because we are forced to play a hand like that and we have all seen AA cracked so many times? They say AA is the best starting hand but I think most people would say their not so sure.

Josie said...

EVPM - I'm going to think about this for a while before I answer.


Josie said...

EVPJM, Is what I meant.