Friday, May 14, 2010

Live Poker Friday Baby!

It's going to be a busy day for our Super Hero!

It's my "vacation day" but I'm heading into work.  The plan is to work until 11:30am and then go straight from there to a live tourney that starts at 1:00pm.

Yes, I'm working on my day off again, but there's a reason for it.  I left work early yesterday to visit family.  A bunch of my aunts and uncles (all old and retired) were visiting my mom, so I decided to make a guest appearance.  Boy did that make their day.  They hadn't had any Very Josie love for quite a while.

Good thing I don't mind hugging them.  Got quite a bit of hugging, kissing and cheek pinching.  Believe it or not, at 43, I'm one of the youngest nieces/nephews they've got (ahem, Cricket's the oldest).  Auntie Louise says to me, "So Honey, I can't believe you're 44."

I say "Um, I'm 43 Auntie Louise".  Her response "Well, you're going to be 44."  I say "Well, someday".  She says "In August!" LOL

She's got me there, though she didn't make many friends today.  Remember my little angel pie (my son)?  He showed up for a quick appearance after school and her first words to him were "Honey, you look just like a girl!"  Not the words an 11 year old boy wants to hear.  All night long I heard "Mom, I look like a girl?" 

Thank you Auntie Louise.  Uncle Phil slipped him $10 on the side, making it was worth his while to show up.

So because of that it's a half day at work and then poker baby!  Now there is NO WAY I'm showing up at work in my poker uniform.  The plan is to be all Lois Lane for the first half day, and then BAM, like superman I'll change in a phone booth (or the car) and turn into Wonder Woman!!!

The question is, which poker uniform? Definitely not that brown crap.  Thinking about that too low top, remember that? Don't know if I have the balls to pull that off though. Hmmm maybe a wife beater! (just kidding)  We'll see.

Oh, and fuck those UK fuckers.  :-) They didn't want to pay enough for some Very Josie love. Now on the one hand, they were willing to pay me for a year up front, but on the other hand, Riggs says these offers are a dime a dozen.  His little comment made me not want to bend from my over the top asking price.  Riggs, I figure you know what you're talking about.  Consider yourself my new agent.  ;)  Besides, these guys wanted everything but my first born....and if you want EVERYTHING you should expect to pay for it.

Saturday, my little angel pie will be gone for THE WHOLE DAY from 6am to about 8pm.  Band field trip.  I could spend the day cleaning and doing laundry.....but I have a feeling that might not happen....especially if Wonder Woman cashes on Friday.

I'll keep you posted.

Play smart.



Josie said...

Why I like Jews more than Brits: Yes I tend to over value myself. (read want lots o money) The Brit wouldn't meet my expectations...fuck him. The Jew (my old boss) told me what my bonus was today......are you sitting down.........MORE than double my expectations! And like I said, my expectations are always high.

Very Josie is very happy.

Frankie called it when he said, oh going in on your day off while bonuses are pending...that's a smart guy!

Lucki Duck said...

Good luck in the tourney.

You should definitely go with the poker uniform at the top of your post!

Josie said...

@ Ducky

LOL Believe me, if I had a Wonder Woman costume, I'd be wearing it...Feel like I'm gonna kick ass today even without it!

Note to self: Wonder Woman for Halloween!

SirFWALGMan said...

Id like to see the wife beater just from a personal standpoint. Rainy day. White shirt. Hmm.

Josie said...

@ Waffles...hmmmm

Memphis MOJO said...

GL in the tournament.

Littleacornman said...

Friends to "fuckers" in just a couple of posts eh! Ahh you Americans are so fickle :-)

dbcooper said...

We know where Waffles mind is but then again being a guy we all kind of think like that. Good luck today.

Schaubs said...

Way to pass up free money!

Sounds like your son needs a hair cut...

GL at the tourney!

Cricket said...

I seem to be congratulating you every day, Sista!
My pleasure! Keep it up!

Josie said...

Whew, just played me a whole bunch of poker. Tune in tomorrow for the recap.....but here's a hint....Mama's happy!

Thanks for all the good wishes guys! I'm sure it helped.

@Schaubs - Bingo! +1 Long blond hair

@littleacornman - Had I known called some Brits fuckers would make you leave a comment, I would've done it weeks ago! (I'd never call you a fucker) xoxo

@Sista - You'll be congratulating me again on tomorrow's post. :)