Sunday, May 2, 2010

How would you play it?

When I was playing the live tournament the other day, this critical hand came up.  Did I play this correctly?

We were down to 3 players.  Blinds were 5,000 & 10,000.  I was the big blind with the middle stack.

BSV = Big Stacked Villian
SSV = Small Stacked Villian
VJ = Our Hero

I'm in the big blind so 10,000 chips of mine are in the pot and I look down at pocket 4s,  BSV is on the button and first to act.  He pushes all in.

SSV is the small blind and he pushes all in right behind BSV

I was going to call the BSV, but both of them?  Pocket 4's three handed is a pretty good hand, but I'd rather push with it than call with it.  I figure they both have high cards, prolly both have an ace, but what if one of them has a higher pocket pair?

Plus if BSV takes out SSV we'll be heads up.

I fold the fours.

BSV has A-Q off
SSV has A-K off

Flop is 2-3-6  Fuuuuuuuuk

Turn is a 5, yep I would've had a straight.

River is a non card and SSV  doubles up.

Should I have had the balls to make that call?  I dunno.  Obviously I would've won, but did I make the right move?


Guess what?  I used to have (9) followers but now I have (10).  That's not the big news.  The big news is this guy is from The United Kingdom....all the way across the pond.  Very Josie is now International!  Woot!  Welcome to my little corner Johnny UK!

Of course I'm never satisfied for long.  I'd really love a follower from Australia next!  Love to hear them speak...any jackys out there?  Do they even play poker in Australia?  Come follow Very Josie, mate!


Tonight I'll be playing the BBT5 Invitational on Full Tilt.  It's at 7pm ET.  Come on by, say hello and cheer me on.  It should be very interesting.  You can find it by finding me:  veryjosie

Listen to me!


So what if there are 3 professionals playing and one of them has 2.2 million bucks in winnings.  Know what?  He hasn't play against ME before.

Oh and if I take out one of the pros, you can be sure I'll be blogging about THAT.  Did I say "if"?  I meant WHEN.

Play smart.



The Neophyte said...


I play pretty tight but personally I fold the 4-4 hand against 2 all ins. Even against the first all in you're just a slight favorite if he holds 2 cards over 4. And a major dog against any pocket pair. Against 2 of them it is possible they are playing similar cards like AK or AQ so that they take up some of each other's outs, but it's also possible you're up against a pocket pair. Considering the small stack pushed after the big stack you have to give him more credit for a hand in my opinion. Even if BSV pushed with 8-9 (very possible)and SSV called with AK or AQ, you are not a favorite to win the hand. In that situation where you are acting last, you better have a hand you are a clear favorite with. I agree with your fold. I'm sure Tom Dwan disagrees with me but then I want to move up a place for free in that situation. At worst BSV takes a decent hit and then you have a chance to double up on a later hand where you don't have to play against both villains.

The Neophyte said...

btw good luck tonight Josie, I expect to read all about victory tomorrow.

dbcooper said...

The pocket 4s for me are an instant fold. With both of them shoving why risk your tournament life when you can move up if one goes out. You can't look at the eventual results and even though you were a 45% to 32% to 19% favourite going in you didnt know this. If one had a higher pair you were a serious dog. It was a good fold. Others may disagree but that's my thoughts. Gl tonight

Josie said...

@Neophyte...dunno who the hell you are, but be prepared for more poker questions in the future. Very informative answer. Thank you.

Thanks for the good'll be reading about it tomorrow.

@Coop - glad to hear you agree old man!

fmarra17 said...

I would have folded the pocket 4's. By folding in that spot you pretty much guarantee yourself 2nd place which translates into more real money. You live to fight another day heads up for the win.

Gary said...

Easy fold - you made the right move. Couldas, Wouldas, and Shouldas kill your thinking. That's why rabbit hunting is so poisonous to a good player - a good decision is a good decision, whether or not it results in a pot this particular time.

The Neophyte said...

I'm just another of your legion of fans Josie, enjoy your poker insight very much and have put a couple of your tips into my own game.

Lucki Duck said...

Fold 'em.

I agree with you that I'd take a flip against one player, but the second all-in is a sign of real strength. At best, you're gonna have to fade four overcards.

Good luck in the tourney! Heck, I almost feel sorry for those pros!

Wolfshead said...

Oh, c'mon now, 10 followers? You follow your own blog? Talk about inflating numbers. You're getting as bad as Waffles. :-P

As for the fours, good fold. As said, with 2 all ins in front you are racing at best and while there is a chance that they may be holding an out in common it's not guaranteed and there may be a bigger pair out there in which case you are dominated. Can't go by hindsight to decide whether the play was good or not. Sucks that you could have taken a big lead there and gone heads up by the play was correct.

Josie said...

Everyone agreed with the fold! Thanks guys. That hand has been playing in my head...was it the right I know it was. Outlasting is the key....winning the war, not every battle.

@Wolfie...okay so one of my 10 followers is me LOL, and one's my sister...but other than that, the rest are real followers!

@Frankie...There you are! Didja read about my win???

@Neo baby...a fan! That gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling all over. I expect a comment on tomorrow's post too! (I dunno if you've noticed but I can be a tiny bit demanding, but very very sweet).

Thanks Ducky. I'm ready for war.

Okay, I just got real comfy (took my bra off!) One hour till game time!

Wolfshead said...

What happened? Regret your trashing of George? He did give you a link eventually

Josie said...

Whaddaya mean? i heart george. i would never trash HIM. :)

5 Bucks to keep your mouth shut. (jk)

Damian said...

Hey Josie

You do have a fan from Australia!
I'm in Melbourne.

I've been following your blog for a couple of weeks now. Keep up the good work matey..

I woulda done the same thing with the pocket 4's. There's a big chance that one of'em had a higher pair considering they both went all-in. Not worth it IMO..



(damo137 on FT)

Heather / Eyeconic said...

Can't wait to read your post about the tourney. Final table. Impressive ...

Josie said...

@Damo..Oh my god! You just made my night! I just got knocked out of the invitational but seeing your comments makes it better. (8th place)

How cool that you're reading from waaaaaaaay over there.

Make sure you keep reading!


Josie said...

Heather baby! Thank you!!! Aren't you the cutest thing ever. There might be some bad shit on this blog that you're too young to see. :)

btw I too am a makeup fan. Love it!! I'm like an artist when it comes to that.

You know what heather baby? You should follow me!
Final table baby!


Wolfshead said...

5 bucks??? You gotta be kidding. I'm easy but I'm not cheap.

Josie said...

LOL Wolfie. You and I have something in common! Easy but not cheap!

SirFWALGMan said...

I do not exaggerate my numbers! Possibly everything else but not my numbers!