Thursday, May 6, 2010

Like Kissing My Sister.....

The Very Josie was Very fun yet I'm Very frustrated. (looking at you Jordan)

We ended up with (13) players.  Not too shabby, considering it was Dank night.

The players were:
1. Coop
2. Frankie Baby
3. Gary
4. Jordan
5. Kattitude
6. Lucky Duck
7. Memphis Mojo
8. The Lovely Very Josie
9. WolfsButt, I mean Wolfshead :P
10. Edgie???
11. GoBurn1
12. My sis, PrettyCat1 a/k/a Cricket
13. Baynes

Baynes made an entrance showing up a tiny bit late, but what a pleasant surprise.  I could've kissed that frog!  (frog avatar)  Baynes I think you can leave work at a decent time one a month, right?  The Very Josie is only once a month!

2 tables.  I started off with Mojo, Kat, Edgie, GoBurn1, Baynes & Ducky at my table.  Started off playing good and stayed that way.  Caught some decent cards early on and kept the chips I won.  But that Damn Mojo was a thorn in my side for the whole game.  He got MORE chips early on and held onto them too.  Mojo will now be called Nemesis from here on.  And Meanie, and Ugly, and....well you get the idea.  Cricket thinks he's sweet like I USED TO.  lol

Okay I was having too much fun chatting to actually pay attention to the game, but here's what I do remember.

Gary was out first.  He was playing on the other table, so I didn't witness his demise.  But when I stopped by his table to visit and chat, very early on, I noticed he was gone.  He pushed all in preflop with ACE RAG.  Specifically A-8.  My boy Frankie had K-Q, called him and flopped a straight.  Gary was having a hard day, so we're gonna cut him a little slack.  Hard to play good when your mind's elsewhere.

My favorite Canadian, Coop, was out 12th.  Yes Schaubs, he's my fave.  Unlike someone, I'm on his blog roll.  Coop got his favorite hand, Pocket Rockets!  My sister had Fish hooks. I wasn't there for the betting but I know that Cricket caught another jack for trips and hurt Coop badly.  Coop was shortstacked, but he was my pick to win The Very Josie so I was rooting for a comeback.  It didn't happen.  Both Coop and his Canucks lost.  Coop out 12th, the Canucks a 2nd place finish. :)  Just remembered that Kat's Canadian too.  She's my other favorite canuck.

Kat was out 11th, and I don't remember what happened.  Don't think I did it.  Must've been Mojo.

Go Burn1 out 10th.  I took that boy out and got a bounty.  No dinner though.  :)

Wolfie lasted longer than I expected.  He was out made it to the final table.  That's good FOR HIM.  I'm just kidding around.  Wolfie was playing 4 games at once which I cannot imagine doing but I'm glad he did.  He made time for my tourney and you know why?  Because he likes me!  :)

I busted Frankie out 8th, I think. I flopped trips and bet and bet and bet. He had a two pair and I got all his chips. Sorry sweetie.

Duck got hunted down in 7th place. Baynes was out 6th.  Really cool that he was able to show up though.

Edgie was out 5th.  Edgie says he's a blogger but I've never heard of him.  Edgie if you're reading this drop me a comment so I can check out your blog.  I like Edgie. Know why?  I'm on his Google Reader.  Obviously, The Edge has some damn good taste.

Down to 4.  Someone has to be the bubble.  My sister, Mojo and I had the biggest stacks.  Jordan had a puny little one. (talking about his CHIP STACK).  Anyway....soon enough my sis gets shortstacked.  Mojo and I have about 15k in chips and they have between 2 and 4K each.  We go round and round for quite a while till Jordan takes my sister out.  She shoved with pocket 3's and got called by Jordan with a higher pocket pair.  Buh-bye Sis.  Cricket played damn good tonight.

Down to the 3 of us.  Me, Mojo and Very Jordan. I was my usual tight but aggro self.  If I had the goods I was betting hard....unless I had the nuts....slow played once or twice with good results.  Jordy was shortstacked but not out by a long shot.  Some people know how to play shortstacked.  He's one of those guys.  We played 3 handed FOREVAH.  Very Jordan and I had a $5 side bet and man I wanted that money.  Nah, it's not the money I wanted soooo much, it's the win.  But in the end I had ace rag against his picture cards I THINK, and he connected while I didn't.  Out 3rd.  Factor in the prop bet, the knockout bountys and my Mookie buyin and I'm even steven.  Like kissing my sister.

Mojo took out Jordy when Jordy flopped trips.  Mojo was on an open ended straight draw after the flop and yes he connected and took Jordo out.  Great players and a great game.

We played 3 handed for quite a while and I have to tell you I love a challenge and challenging they were.  Now Mojo won the game, but I was most impressed with Jordan's playing.  I'm woman enough to tell you he made it happen.  Yeah he got some good hands.  We all did.  But the way he played ALL his hands got him to 2nd place.  Kinda reminds me of myself. *smile* (except I DON'T raise repeatedly with 2-7 off suit and yell HAMMER when I win with it.  hee hee) And he did this while I trash talked him MERCILESSLY.  Didn't phase him a bit.  Right, Schnuckums?

Money's one thing.  Getting to chat with 10 guys at once...priceless.  That's MY kind of night.  I had the most fun chatting with The Wolf.  He cracks me up.  There's something about him that I like. 

Speaking of guys I like, as I type this Riggs is at the final table of The Dank.  He's second in chips with 35K.  If he doesn't fall asleep, he just may himself a ToC seat. 6 players left...Oops, now Riggs is down to 23K.  He called an all in with AA.  He was up against 9-7 suited. 
Flop 9-7-8...Full Tilt Special! Ouch.   After that he was out 5th.  Damn fine showing, but no ToC seat.  Know what he lost with?  Yup, Ace Rag (8)....Still, it was the best hand.  He was up against K-6 and lost to sixes.
Both Riggs and I got knocked out with Ace Rag.  Just further proof that  it's a piece of shit hand.  Think of it as a diseased hooker.  Looks appealing but it's deadly.

Time for Mama to hit the hay.  I'm a little bummed though.  I don't want to wait an entire month to do that again. 

Play smart.



Josie said...

PS When I looked for an image of sisters kissing, you wouldn't BELIEVE the photos that came up!

The Poker Meister said...

Riggstad said...

A rag 5 handed is a monster

LJ lucked her way across the felt last night. Ridiculous hands by her

Josie said...

No Riggs. It only LOOKS like a monster. Here's what happens if you play it. If you get called your opponent will have either

1.) Ace with better kicker - if you hit an ace you're screwed.

2.) Something like K-J. So you're playing with one decent card vs 2 decent cards. Not worth it.

3.) Pocket pair....still an under dog.

Start tracking how often ace rag wins/loses and you'll stop playing it like I did. It looks good but it usually loses. Didja like my diseased hooker analogy? Next time get ace rag - drop it like it has aids.

BTW I TOTALLY agree that LJ was....terrible IMO. How that kind of playing can be rewarded by the full tilt gods amazes me.

Trust Auntie Josie Riggsy - at least consider what I'm saying and keep an eye on it and see for yourself. Auntie Josie is older, wiser and most likely cuter. Oh and can I please be on Survivor Donkey Island? :)

Memphis MOJO said...

Thanks for hosting The Very Josie -- blogger donkaments are the best.

Wolfshead said...

LOL, Josie giving Riggs poker lessons. James you just been pwned. She keeps this up she may just get that nice comment

Josie said...

Wolfie, give me that comment now!!!

And I wasn't giving lessons, just sharing a theory of mine.

Now YOU could use some lessons. Spanked you last night at the Very Josie.

dbcooper said...

Sisters kissing I was expecting something hotter but then that's how my mind works. Tell your sister I want my chips back. I am still whining about it. Thanks for hosting although I am not giving you a link today. I can't be nice all the time. It hurts my brain.

Josie said...

@Coop - No worries. Save those brain cells....looks to me like you need them. :)

Cricket said...

It seemed like it was four-handed forevah!

So much fun playing last night, but pissed I was bubble. :/

Coop, your chips were extra sweet and delicious, though, kinda feel bad I caught you in my trap...
that fourth J was just overkill! ;D

Josie said...

@ Cricket

Like taking candy from a nitty old man. :)

You played so well last night. Bubble doesn't matter. Good play does.

edgie212 said...


Edgie here, it is

edgie212 said...


Edgie here (Jeff) and it's

dbcooper said...

Yes Cricket it was way over kill. Damn Aces. Glad you liked my sweet chips... I sicced Memphis on you though and he came through for me. Us old guys stick together. As for you Josie don't you try getting into my brain. Many have tried and failed. It's a lost cause.

Cricket said...

Thanks Josie!

I'm a winner.
Chicken dinner.


Josie said...

@Coop - not trying to get in your brain...I'd be too lonely in there. LOLLLLLLL

I'm aiming much lower. ;)

dbcooper said...

I am almost afraid to ask but I will. How much lower?

Josie said...

@ The Edge....Ohhh Fuck, ANOTHER New Yorker....haven't gotten further than THAT yet. But damn you're cute. I'm used to all my readers being over 102 years old. :)

evpjm said...

Hey Josie,

Ever watch "House" on TV. I was able to watch a few episodes off the DVR and one show reminded me of you. This woman was addicted to her Blog. Couldn't make a move without getting an opinion from her followers. I'm not sure your quite there but I'm sure not too many minutes go by that you don't think about this Blog. Anyway, Thought it was funny.

Connecticut next week. I've played at Foxwoods but does Mohegan have Poker now? They didn't last time I was there. Guess I can check the website. Hotel is pretty close to Mohegan.

Josie said...

@Coop - Never mind. Just trust me, you'll like it. ;)

@ Edgie....nice blog, but I notice I'm not on your reader YET. You need to fix that shit PRONTO. :) R U a Yankee fan? Man up and tell me.

@EVP - Why you so stingy with the comments lately? Never saw House. The Crazy Receptionist is a faithful watcher so I figure it ain't for me. But damn you make it sound interesting. Might be my cup of tea.
Good luck in CT. Never played at Mohegan so I dunno.

Speaking of CT - I have a weight loss bet with Cricket. If I win it's a road trip to Foxwoods! And I ALWAYS win. Remember my last cleansing diet? That was just for a bet too, WHICH I WON. This has to be the last weight loss bet though. After this I'll be all skin and bones and big ass. LOL

SirFWALGMan said...

LOL. Josie you quit playing Ace-Rag? *cough* *cough*.

fmarra17 said...

Another fun night at the Very Josie Tournament. For a short time I had both sisters to my left, but then I was crushed just like Coop. See what happens when we try to tangle with Josie & the pussycat. So it seems that you are starting to get surrounded by more New Yorkers and you seem to like it…… Coop & I will get our revenge in this life or the next.

Bayne_S said...

Thanks for hosting.

Getting home that early was tough but I was too tired to work much longer.

Got to put a nasty beat on Kat to leaver her short stacked (tho I made a reasonable call on turn unless she had AdKd or KdQd)

I also got the rare treat for me of playing in 6:15 PLO where I took a horrible beat which led me to spewing with A rag into Jordan.

Glad he used my chips well.

edgie212 said...


I only read stuff via Google Reader, I don't put it on my blog. I probably should, though.

I hate the Yankees.

And I see you are in Boston...we're practically neighbors. :)

SirFWALGMan said...

"With over 40 tables in a state-of-the-art room, Mohegan Sun's new Casino of the Wind is the East Coast's premier destination for poker!".

They had a crappy poker room. Then they closed it. Then they reopened what is supposed to be a really nice room -- Casino of the Wind. I have not been yet though.

evpjm said...

Busy at Work. I usually respond to questions you ask or opinions you are looking for. Your Blog has taken on it's own life. BTW, Have you read Mikey lately? He leaves Vegas and I most likely stop reading. Once again, he seems like a real good guy and a blast to hang with but I'm in in for Vegas stories. So I'm hoping he stays in Vegas.

evpjm said...

Thanks for the infoon Mohegan "SIR"

Cricket said...

Props to Memphis, he played well and got the well deserved win!

Josie said...


Listen Bitch. You wanna taste of Sicilian temper? Just kidding. Yeah I played ace rag and lost with it. NOT GONNA DO IT AGAIN.

@The Edge

I checked your Google Reader and something fantastic is missing from it. MY BLOG!!!!!

RE: Mikey, I know what you mean. But I like all his posts not just the vegas poker ones....but the vegas ones are my fave too. He just has a writing style that I can read all day long. Notice how I try to copy his blog with the pictures and stuff?

Wolfshead said...


Casino of the Wind? Sounds like that is right up your alley.

dbcooper said...

If I can get Josie out of my head/brain and wherever else she wants to go I am with you on that Frankie. Revenge is in my brain. I like the way you think.

Memphis MOJO said...

This from Crickett: Props to Memphis, he played well and got the well deserved win!

Aw shucks, thanks. I linked to you (your profile, actually) on my blog. When are you gonna start writing?

Josie said...


"Mojo & Cricket sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. lol

She is my OLDER sister....which may work out. Cricket, you could do alot worse. ;)

Wolfshead said...

It ain't hard being cuter than Riggs

dbcooper said...

Yea she could doo me

Josie said...

Got kinda busy in work and the comments got ahead of me.

Frankie baby! You and Coop get revenge on moi? Sweetie you should start with more modest goals, like winning the WSOP. :)

Josie said...

@Coop - LOL Good one - I just got it. :)