Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Won A Little...

...and  played alot. 

It ain't easy winning a little!

I started off with the 2-4 limit cash game with $60 on the table.  Caught trips early on and it paid off.  Pretty much a grind after that.  Played maybe 3 hands total but won them so when I headed over to the sit & go I was up maybe $45.

I sat down at a (1) table $60 game.  First place was $240.  The dealer was the same dealer I had when I played against that bus load of 18 year old boys.  The dealer remembered the game, how it was one kid's birthday, and how I pwned them.  lol  So of course the talk turned to "You should have let him win because it's his birthday." Ugh. 

There were 3 decent players at that table, me (fabulous), and (6) donks.  I was playing with one of the donks at the cash game and I liked what I saw.  It was unbelievable.  At thte cash game he was calling EVERYTHING even after the river, WITH NOTHING.  I just don't understand it.  He once called a river bet, when there was plenty of paint on the board and he turned over 8-6.  That's it!  no pair, no nothing.  Didn't connect at all.  Gotta be something wrong there.

Anyway he was out first at the table, no big surprise.  Unfortunately not at my hand.  Early in the game I wasn't getting too many hands, but things turned around quickly.

Lost a hand or two early on and then buckled down.  Played super tight for a while till the cards started coming.  And did they ever.  I raised with my fave hand J-10, got one caller and the flop was 10-10-7.  I checked and he bet. I smooth call.

Turn is a Q.  I check again.  He bets and I raise he goes all in.  I jump on in too.  He has A-Q and I double up.  Now I have plenty o chips.

Blinds are up and I start stealing them.  I pick on the low stacks and especially this woman who is 2 to my left.  I raise, she gripes and folds.  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  She gets angrier and angrier.  I get A-K suited and I do it again.  This time she calls.  I catch and ace on the flop and bet pot which pretty much makes her pot committed.  She just calls.  Turn doesn't match much.  I push all in.  She says "I have to call you" and turns over A-7.  No 7 on the board and she's out. 

It's pretty much a repeat of last time.  When there are 5 of us left, I have a monster stack and everyone else is shortstacked and desperate.  3 places in the money.  I keep stealing blinds till there are 3 of us left.  I say to the guys "the only question is which of you is going to get 2nd" (just to be funny) one guy laughs at my cockiness, and the other guy answers seriously, like he agrees.  lol  I was like dude, I'm just making a joke, it's anyone's game.  Although it wasn't.  I won $240 and gave my good ole dealer $20 . (is that enough?)

So I score in the cash game, I score in the sit & go, and head over to the 5pm $70 tourney.  5 tables, about 47 players.

I love tournaments! 

I started with the game I liked least (it sucks ass), to a game I kinda like (winning is fun!), to a no limit tourney (weeeeeeeeeeeee!).  The only way the day could get any better is if the day ended cream (it did not).

I like my table.  They're a friendly bunch and they're good players.  One guy (Brendan) come's running in a little late...he's missed the first hand or 2.  Looks to be in his early 30's, sunglasses perched on head, and dressed casually.  I don't know Brendan at this point, but the guy to my left does.  He asks him if he has the day off cuz he looks so casual.  Brendan, seems to be a type A personality.  And yes he did take a half day off.  (Hi Brendan!!!)

Now let me start off by saying I DO NOT THINK BRENDAN IS GHEY. (although I could be wrong)Guess what non-ghey Brendan did prior to coming to the game?  He had himself a manicure & pedicure.  I shiat you not!  He seems THRILLED with the results too.  lol  No polish though.  More's the pity.

So he sits down, bragging about his mani/pedi, and we get to talking.  He's a scumbag   lawyer, he plays golf, he has something to do with pokerstars too (wasn't really listening).  He seems to be a decent poker player too.  Since I think he's about Schaubs age, that's the name I assign him in my mind.  Then I start thinking about the other players.  There's this other guy in a blue button down shirt, looks like he came here straight from the office.  He has kinda short brown hair about 40ish. I name him EVP.  It gets easier and easier to assign names from my blog and it keeps me amused.

There was a guy on the other end of the table, who was getting a back massage from this poor girl for about 2 fucking hours.  How long does a goddam back rub have to take?  Maybe it wasn't 2 hours but I'll tell you this.  It wasn't a a friggin second shorter than a half hour.  She fricking worked up and down his body like nobody's business.  At one point I look over and SHE'S ON HER KNEES and she's rubbing his goddam elbows.  Maybe she gets a better angle being on her knees, I don't know.  Maybe she gets better tips that way. I think all those guys that get those chair massages are just horn balls.  Which reminds me, the guy has brown hair and a salt & pepper mustache so I rename Massage Boy.....Waffles!

I'm playing tight and aggressive.  Aggression is very selective.  Only with guys who I can tell aren't thrilled with their hands and who know enough to fold mediocre hands.  We started with 6K in chips and after the first break I have 7.5K.  After the 2nd break I have 12K.  I never get short stacked until the bitter end. (and yes it IS bitter)

We are down to 2 tables and 6 places are in the money.

Schaubs and I are talking about favorite hands and I tell him how J-10 wins more often than he'd imagine.  He says he prefers it over J-J.  2 minutes later he WINS with J-10.  About 10 minutes after that EVP who has been tighter than a drum makes a big raise.  This weird old man shoves all in.  EVP is shortstacked, thinks awhile and then calls.  He turns over J-10.  I say, "were you listening to my conversation?" and he smiles.  Flop is A-K-Q.  Yup! For real yo.  He was shortstacked and happily doubles up.

Schaubs and Waffles are out.

I take out EVP when I get A-K.  I raise with it and he's shortstacked so he shoves all in.  I call and see I'm up against A-Q.  I catch a king and EVP is out.  Poor guy, he didn't play many hands at all. 

We keep playing and playing and the blinds keep getting bigger and bigger.  New young kid on my left. He likes to raise, but folds to aggression.  I can deal with him (or can I???).  I flop an open ended straight.  I check, he bets and I call.  Turn gives me the straight. I bet and he shoves all in. (Yay!) I instacall.

He has 2 pair and I have a straight.  River pairs my hand and gives us both THE SAME STRAIGHT so we split.  FAWKKKKK.  Frigging lucky river.  He should have been OUT.  And if he were out he wouldn't have taken me out in 11th place, which he did.  Mother fucker.

We keep playing and playing.  I'm down to about 10K and everyone else has mucho more.  I'm the small blind and it's folded to me.  I have A-Q.  Blinds are 2k-4k.  I shove the rest of  my stack in.  New guy instacalls in the big blind with A-K.  No queen for the queen and I'm out.  After all that playing.

I ended up playing ANOTHER sit & go that I should've cashed in but called an all in with an open ended straight draw that didn't connect. 

Still I ended up winning a little and had quite a bit of fun.  Of course I'd rather win quite a bit of money and have a little fun, but beggars can't be choosers.

Ohhhh the poker  uniform! LOL  I always get a good reaction to my poker uniform in Seabroook, but NOT LIKE TODAY.  Today was by far the most distracting and it was NOT the most lowcut.  Instead of getting dressed up like I usually do, I decided to dress down.  My readers had a positive reaction to the white wife beater, so that was it.  That with a new pair of jeans, sandals, and some ghetto fabulous necklaces.  Hotter than it sounds.

Ewww that reminds me.  I was sitting next to this man who smelled like pig shit.  Well he smelled like a goddam farm, so I don't think pig shit is too big a hyperbole.  Anyway he's a stinky, greasy haired guy with an accent wearing short shorts.  ( I wish I was making this up).  This is at the last sit & go.  There are 10 us jammed in a table and his goddam naked leg (cuz he's wearing short shorts) keeps rubbing against my leg.  And every now and then he rubs my back or arm which I really cannot stand.  Remember the no hugging?  Well I say nothing but I know I'm going to explode and he's going to lose a limb.  As soon as the first person is knocked out, I tell EVERYONE to move the fuck over.  I can barely breath and his leg keeps doing the rub rub rhumba. 

So when I ask the table to shift he says, but you're keeping me warm.  I'm like well that's over.  Then he says but if you move how can I rub my leg against you.  (that fucker was doing it on purpose!)  So I actually say "You're gonna lose a body part buddy.  One that you might wanna keep." THEN he says "What you don't like it when I grab your leg?"  He hasn't done that, he's kidding, but the dealer sees how pissed I am and tells the guy to lay off or he's outa here.  Then I move waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the fuck over so you could park a minivan between us and he actually lifts both arms and sniffs with like a "what is it, do I smell?" expression.

And YES, he does smell, but I do not acknowledge him.  When he gets knocked out, of course he has to come over put his hand on my shoulder and hair and wish me luck.  Lucky me.

Edited:  On Poker Grump's blog he mentioned that he thought 2-4 was a power hand.  I tested it during an online game and won with it.  I was keeping my eye out for 2-4 live to do a little further experimenting and I got it ONCE in all that time.  I raised with it in early position, got re-raised, someone else called the reraise and then it was to me.  I frigging chickened out against 2 players and I fold.

Flop was 4-4-2
Turn was A
River was 4

I need to grow a pair, (not literally lol) make those tough calls, and follow through.
Play smart.



The Neophyte said...

Congrats on your win Josie, sorry about not making the money on the big tourney. Always sucks to go out right before the money. And you managed to go out with my least favorite hand, AQ.

Being a guy, I am awfully glad I don't have to deal with yahoos like the one in your last tourney. And I try to make sure I'm not that yahoo when I play (no guarantees there though). Of course you dress up the way you did and you're just asking for it. Just joking Josie, don't blow your Sicilian top reading this. But really, I don't understand some people who go out to play poker in a social setting like that and look or smell or act like a bum. Or all 3 together. You would have done everyone a favor if you had chopped off a body part.

Anonymous said...

You should have taken a pic of pig shit with your phone so we could have gotten additional laughs.

You're write ups make me laugh.

Josie said...

Neo, You got a rise out of me with your "you're just asking for it" comment!!! lucky for you you were kidding! I am very friendly at the felt but that DOESN'T mean you get to touch. Of course I smacked a few guys around last night. Difference is THEY like it.

@Don, LOLLLLLL Good idea! Thanks!

dbcooper said...

Glad you won some anyways. Sounds like you had a blast.. Isn't that better than working???

Memphis MOJO said...

Sorry about the A-Q running into A-K, you were right to shove, given the circumstances (I know you know this), but stuff happens.

think all those guys that get those chair massages are just horn balls.

I occasionally get those if I'm feeling uptight -- very relaxing and nothing sexual about it.

Josie said...

Coop, Yeah it was fun, but took a long time. I figure I won about $10 per hr. I'm worth more! ;)

Memphis, i was just trying to make a funny (@waffles' expense) lol

I've never had one, but one of these days I'm going to purchase one when I'm at a final table. I figure a couple of moans at the right time, and I might win me a tourney. lol just an idea

dbcooper said...

What are you going to pull a Meg Ryan in When Harry met Sally?? I would pay money to see/hear that. Then I forgot you don't like chick flicks. By the way that is my all time favourite movie

Josie said...

Coop, lol I wouldn't go THAT far, although that's one of my all time favorite movies too.

The Neophyte said...

BTW Josie, I told the wife about the 4-2 powerhouse and she played it tonight. Of course she flopped trips and rivered the boat. She started laughing when the 4 hit the river. She's now a believer.

Josie said...

Neo, kinda crazy isn't it?

Glad it worked for her too. Obv it's playing the low - very interesting isn't it...I'll be keeping my eye on the 2-4 hand.

SirFWALGMan said...

I have had exactly one table massage. It was AWESOME. Although I admit I had trouble playing poker. If Mojo thinks there is nothing sexual about a hot chick massaging you then he is GHEY!

Josie said...

Waffles, I bet you had trouble standing too! lol

and IMO Mojo is NOT ghey, not that there's anything wrong with that - it's just that I have Gaydar!

evpjm said...


Glad I'm on your mind even when I'm not leaving a comment.

Josie said...

EVP - When the guy kept smiling at me, I was somewhat convinced it was you. lol

evpjm said...

Sounds Like something I would Do.(show up like that and not tell you right away) Except the part about you knocking me out. Sounds like that guy was waiting for the cards to come. I don't have that much patience because that's what happends. The Blinds raise so fast that you are forced to make a move.

Josie said...

EVP, I knocked your ass OUT. lol

And yes, I don't have that kind of patience either - but he didn't play a hand for hours then all in w/ j-10.....I hope you're better than that....actually hopefully you aren't IF you're playing the very josie tomorrow night. (although I doubt you're playing)

evpjm said...

Not tomorrow, But maybe sometime down the road. Also, I will try and shoot you an e-mail soon.