Saturday, May 15, 2010

Emails, Followers and Live Poker with 18 Year Old Boys

Good Morning My Peeps!

Let's start with the emails and the followers and then I'll get into why I have a purse full of cash, even though I LOST the live tournament I played in yesterday.

Email number one is from ANOTHER agent who wants his client's ad on Very Josie.  Damn I thought it would take a little longer to get another offer but nope!  We'll see if they'll be willing to pay to be on the coolest poker blog in town.  Oh and they won't tell me which poker site it is yet, but it's in the good ole U.S.of A.  Riggs man, you know what you're talking about.  Congrats to your parents on their golden wedding anniversary!

Email number two is from Google.  They say I have (72) hours to remove the BBT5 badge or they'll drop me and the ads on my site like a hot potato.  The BBT5 badge violates some sort of policy Google has.  I can't tell you what because I never read all that fine print.  I just clicked on "I accept the terms".  So Mama has a decision to make.  It's pretty much made actually.  I think I'll let them drop me.  Only thing is I never got my first check for the month of April.  I wonder if they'll still send it because I didn't put that badge up until May.

Email number three is woman who makes "exotic" costumes.  Actually she's a follower now!!!  She's the half naked profile picture to the right!  That's her!!!  Yeah I know, I did say that if I had a Wonder Woman costume I'd wear it to the poker room.  ROFL! I just didn't expect someone to offer to make one for me.  Here's a picture of the costume she's made and can make for me at the bargain price of $200.

Wear it to the next poker game?

It's actually a little more modest that all of her other work, but I think I'm going to give this a pass.  ROFL. Thanks for thinking of me Exotic Costumes!

Speaking of followers I have another new one called SuitedAces. Yeah he's an accountant like me.  Yeah he's old and retired like Coop. :) He's gonna fit in just fine.  Welcome Sweetie! 

Let's get to actual poker content, shall we?

I played the 1pm tournament at Seabrook that has a $100 buyin.  There were (6) tables that were not entirely full so I'm guessing about 50 something players.  I started off GREAT.  Pwning the table.  There was one dealer there that I played with last time I went (when I won).  He's immediately intimidated and keeps saying that I'm his nemesis and he's in big trouble.  As he's lamenting his worries I look down at KK (about 5 minutes into the game).

I raise to 250 (5 times the big blind) and I do it as though I'm pucking with this dealer who's the big blind.  I say let's see if you're really all that scared.  I raise!  And instead of folding, like he should do with 9-7, he calls. 

Flop is 9-7-2.  He checks, I bet, he calls.  Turn is a king!.  He checks and I check right behind him.  River is a non card.  He makes a big bet......1,500 I think.  We start off with 8K in chips and this is 5 minutes into the game, as I've said.  No straight or flush draws on the board....I wanna bet with my trip kings but want him to call.  I push it by raising 2k on top.  He goes into the tank and finally calls.  He's shocked as I stack up about half of his chips.  Sweet!

Play for the next couple hours and trips is my undoing.  I have 5-5.  I call a raise and the flop comes 5-K-3 rainbow.  Sweet!  Hoping my opponent has a king, I bet big!  More than pot.  He thinks about it, and no he doesn't call, he goes over the top all in!

Fawwwwwk!  We have about the same amount of chips.  Only thing that can beat me is K-K.  I really ALMOST lay it down but decide I cannot do it.  I just HAVE to have the best hand, don't I? I call.

Turns out I do have the best hand!

He flips over K-5 (big effing deal!  All in cuz of THAT).  I show him my trips and he stands up....starts getting ready to leave, but the river is  GODDAM king.  He makes kings full of fives and I am left with one 25 chip.

Which I triple up with, then quad up with, but I'm out after about another 20 minutes.

Ohhhh that reminds's a couple of pictures of Friday's poker uniform.  Not really thrilled with the pictures but I don't think it's the subject so much as the lighting.  :)

See how I look like I have vampire coloring in one of them?

Anyway back to poker.

Crestfallen, I go to the 2-4 limit cash game.  I frigging hate limit holdem, but I usually pick up a few bucks at this game.  Ugh, I don't like it but I do it.

I play here for about 45 minutes and win alot more than my share of pots, until a dealer comes by and says "Josie, we're looking to fill up a $60 sit n go.  Are you interested?"

Fuck yeah, I'm interested!  I join the sit & go while one of the floor guys cashes out my cash game chips.  I netted $68 for my 45 minutes at the cash game, so this game is kinda free!

It ends up being a clinic on how to play sit n goes, and Very Josie is the teacher!  I pick up the first two pots, and dominate that table (I tend to dominate alot of things).  When we are down to 7 players I look around and everyone is pretty much short stacked.  I have almost all the chips.  So I start taking them down one at a time.  Good read after good read.  Damn it's fun to win!  One guy comments that if I win any more chips he won't be able to see me behind them.  I have THAT many.

When it's down to heads up, we play ONE hand and I win.  Of course the hand dealt to me is KK.  I smooth call and he raises.  I re-raise big and he goes over the top ALL IN.

Fawwwk!  I hate calling all ins, and of course my fear is he has an ace (or two).  I'd rather see a non-ace flop before it's all in with kings.  So I take my time and think about it.  I decide I'm not folding kings and hopefully he won't catch the ace he needs to beat me.  I finally call and turn over my cards.

He flips over K-Q.  Well, well, well, I'm liking this!  He's pissed off though.  I mean really mad.  Yeah I've been pwning him for the last hour, but he starts yelling that I called too slowly, and I'm pucking with him.  "You think you're funny messing with me?"

Now even though he's yelling at me, I stay calm and explain my reasoning as to why it took so long to call.  Of course I end with, I had no idea anyone would shove over the top with only a K-Q. That pisses him off more.  "You're trying to tell me how to play poker?  You win and then you shove it in my face?" 

I tell him he won too so chill out baby.  But he doesn't.  He walks away without tipping the dealer.  I win $260 a net of $200.

Next game is a $40 sit & go.  10 players and 6 of them look 15 years old AND I'M NOT KIDDING.  I ask the dealer if a school bus just rolled into the parking lot and he laughs.  The minimum age is 18 years old but they do not look 18 to me.

One little boy puts on a pair of men's sunglasses that look 3 times too big for him.  It's all I can do not to giggle as I ask him his age.  He says TODAY is his birthday and he's 18 today!!!!  His dad took him and his friends to Seabrook for his birthday and this is his first poker game that isn't a home game!  Awww.

None of them know how to bet, how to raise, how to muck their cards.  Frigging killing me.  I hate players that slow the game down but they're so excited to be playing and that makes it fun.  One kid gets a boat in right away against this older man and almost doubles up.  I start to increase my stack bit by bit and then I get 10-7 suited.

Flop is 10-10-7.  Yeah baby!  I bet big and the birthday boy calls.  Turn is a 10.  Hmmmmm I check, he bets and I smooth call.  I check on the river too.  He bets all of his chips except 500 so I raise him all in.  Now he has no idea of how to bet.  None of them do.  He has a gazillion chips in the pot but really almost folds rather than put in that last 500.  He seems really scared but calls and turns over a 7 for his boat.

As I'm turning over my 10-7 one of the boys says does she have the 10?  Dealer says "she's got every card in the deck".  lol

It ends up being another clinic on how to play sit & goes.  I have ALL the chips against a few shortstacks that I take out one at a time.  When we are heads up, the boy calls my all in with nothing.  He doesn't even try.  He says he knows he's not gonna beat me and want his 2nd place money.  Sounds good to me!  I win $160 for a net of $120.

I play another $40 sit & go and wind up in 3rd place....winning $60 and netting $20.  After tipping the dealer I don't net much!

Back to the cash game, which I hate, but I'm waiting for my buddy Picky.  I leave the cash game up I dunno maybe $15.

At the end of the day I have netted a little over $350.  I'm pretty happy about that.  I wish the tournament turned out differently but I had alot of fun and made some decent money. 

BTW I really feel that playing those BBT5 events have helped my live play a great deal.  Players in the BBT5 are so good it has upped my game.  Then I go play against these schmucks and it just seems so much easier.

Mama likes schmucks.

Play smart.



SirFWALGMan said...


The Neophyte said...

Wtg Josie

Wish I had been able to play as well last night but I did not. I did manage to have some luck playing limit and yes like you I hate low limit hold em. I did manage to come out $55 ahead at least. Almost paid for the tourney entry that I got crushed in earlier.

So you broke in a bunch of 18 yr olds last night huh? Sounds like you weren't too gentle about it either. Oh well, it's high time they learn that the weaker sex is not the weaker sex because they make the stronger sex believe they are the weaker sex and then take advantage of it. Much as you took advantage of those boys. I'm sure you showed them a good time and made it worth their money.

Sounds like your opponent had a bad day in the first SNG. Which you of course made worse for him. Just because he would call immediately with KK doesn't mean everyone would. Anyway well done Josie and like you, I like schmucks at the poker table too. Unfortunately, sometimes its me.

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice job. Money is always nice.

Josie said...

Thanks Waffles & Mojo!

@Neophyte, Sounds like you cut your losses and that's never a bad thing.

They did have fun and learned a thing or two. Ewww and I failed to mention that all of these young kids were "packing a lip" chewing tobacco! Gross! with bottles to spit into. Nasty and I told them so!

dbcooper said...

Way to cash. I am shocked the 18 years olds didn't hit on you. You know kind of like Mrs Robinson. Oh here's to you Mrs Robinson. Should I sing more???

Wolfshead said...

Nice bit of a win there. Congrats.

No one likes to play limit poker but me. Probably because most have a NL mindset and try to play limit the same way. Biggest complaint I hear is that you can't protect your hand. I learned to play HE at the limit tables tho, long before I did NL, so I developed a strategy for it without the prejudice of NL play interfering. It's profitable for me if I can find the right sort of table and I osually start out with it when I go to AC since it will keep me at the tables for a few hours even if I lose. After all, who wants to have to drive back from AC 20 mins after you got there because you had your aces cracked 3 times running and you are broke.

Josie said...

@Coop Thanks and LOL Noooo MUCH too young, but that didn't stop me from torturing a bit. After I won most of one kids stack (he had way more than me early on) he said "look at your big stack now" And I said "Are you talking about my chips?"

He turned bright red all the way down to his t-shirt...poor kid. All his friends were cracking up.

@Wolfie -Thanks, and that's exactly it - everyone calls and I can't protect my hand. And I know how to play tourneys and no limit....still don't know all the strategy on low limit. Seems to work out tho.

Cricket said...

Congrats again, Josie!
I'm loving it! :)

your son's M from G

Josie said...

Thanks Cricket!

John said...

Very nice, I think you should have let him win seeing as it was his birthday. You probably ruined it for him lol


Josie said...


You have a point BUT he got entertainment AND an education for only $40. I think he got his money's worth. ;)

SirFWALGMan said...

LOL. I like limit Wolfie. It used to be all I played.

Josie said...

@Waffles - everyone's a calling station. No pushing anyone off a draw. dont get how you can win against that. yuck.

SirFWALGMan said...

If you take the concept that a better player will win over time because they will come out statistically ahead then limit might be actually easier.. sure you can not push someone off their flush draw but you also do not lose your entire stack when they jam and hit. So it's a tradeoff. I prefer limit Stud or O8 since skill gives even a better edge.