Monday, May 3, 2010

Didn't I say I would cash?

Well, I'm really pissed off right now because I just donked off my chips after playing for 4 1/2 hours.  That's the bad news.

The good news is up until that point I played really good poker and came in the money.  8th place = $60 with a free buyin.  So I guess I don't have to make that deposit after all Miami Don!

I started off fine, until I got A-K during the first hour.  Flop was A-Q-7.  There was a big raise preflop and a call.  I make a bet after the flop and get a call.  Turn is a king.  I have top 2 pair.  I bet big and the villian (COLUMBO) goes all in.

Now there was a big raise preflop so I just don't put columbo on the J-10 for broadway.  I figure him for A-Q or A-J.  I call.  Columbo has pocket queens, which means trips and I double him up.

I am down to 665 in chips within the first half hour. Not good.

I buckle down and wait to double up.

I tell Columbo I'll be coming for him and my chips.

I have jjok to my right and he's bullying me cuz I'm shortstacked.  Makes me fold a couple of times and raises my BB.  I have 5-5....I might as well....all in.

He has cruddy K-5 and doubles me up.

Next critical hand is QQ.  Columbo raises, jjok goes all in, and I jump all in right behind him.

I'm up against AK (Columbo) and 6-5suited (jjok) (yuck).  I triple up! and before the first break I have 5,040 in chips.

I'm doing my thing and get 3-3.  It turns into QUADS and I keep adding to my stack.  I have a healthy stack and I'm enjoying my table but then poof I get moved.  At my new table I have the chip leader to my immediate left (Doctor Chako) and Jim McManus (BIG Poker pro and poker author) to my immediate right.

Not good.

Also I have Floppy brown nosing the poker pro.  "I Love your books poker pro!  Sign my deck of cards!!!"  Well maybe he didn't say THAT, but it was close.  LOL

The Doctor on my left is a ball buster.  Has a huge stack and knows how to leverage it.  I raise, he re-raises.  Repeatedly.  I feel trapped between the two and don't play many hands.  These guys don't allow a call or a standard raise.  Seems to me if you're in the pot you have to have the goods.

I wait till I do.  I get some of the Doctor's chips. Then I get pocket 8's.  At this point I'm getting too low.  There's no one else in the pot so I shove all in preflop.  One person calls with big slick.

Flop is K-K-8.  Boat baby!  Turn and river are good to me and I double up!  Woot!

At one point I'm even the chip leader.  Clicky on the picture so you can see just how much I rock!

I play patient tight aggressive poker.  For hours and hours.  I don't donk off any chips hardly, but then again I'm not in many hands.

Then........guess what happens?

Buddy Dank Radio wants to know if Very Josie is listening!  Um, No, I'm not listening to the goddam radio, I'm playing a poker game!  They ask me to put it on because they want to interview me!

So today I've had two people (Neo and Damo) tell me they're fans of mine.  (Yep, FANS) Aaaaand I got interviewed!

Oh and this guy Damo....well you're not going to believe this, but dreams do come true.  He's from Australia!  I shiat you not!  I bet he has one of those cute accents too.  So Very Josie is waaaaaaay International.

Editor's Note:  One of you guys isn't pretending to be a guy from Australia are you?  Schaubs?  Loretta?  Waffles? Lightning? Better not be!!!

Okay I'm getting side tracked by an Australian named Damo...must get back to the game.  Well, the interview.

Let's just say this Joanne chick who interviewed me had a personality like mine.  She starts by asking my age.

"I"m 43 yrs old" I say.  "Ohhh so you've been around the block a few times" says the darling Joanne.


The interview went DOWNHILL from there.  I was no longer thrilled to be interviewed while I was trying to win a goddamm game.

Then she asks "What do you do for Waffles?"  WTF

Very Josie says "I blow him".

The interview ends up being entirely about Waffles. 

How do you know him?  How long have you known him?  How did you meet him? What's going on?  Waffles is playing the tourney for you isn't he?"

Hey Waffles, that Joanne chick is really interested in you.  Buddy didn't even seem to mind.

Anyway, I made the final table.  Got to 8th place and then I gave away my chips.

I had Ace King.  Flop was I dunno something low.  Some fucking dog goes all in and for some reason I call.  he has pocket 6's.  I don't catch a pair and i'm out.  I still dunno why I called.  Shoulda known he had a pocket pair.

Anyway, I'm a little upset with myself for making that call but I'm really happy with my play up until that point.

Lucky Duck, you were right about feeling sorry for the pros.  I lasted longer than ALL of them.  Wish I had made that LLB (last longer bet) with Schaubs, but I guess there are plenty of Mookies for that.

Toldya I was gonna cash!  Al Can't Hang even picked me to win the whole shcbang.  I'm bummed that I didn't but I gained alot of insight into how many of these players play.

Feels like there's a hole in the blindfold.

Play smart.



lightning36 said...

Okay -- you have earned some respect. lol

btw -- I sent you a screenie to use in your post if you want.

Josie said...

Well so long as lightning respects me in the morning that's all that matters. :) Thank you. That really means alot.

Just added screenie.

Lucki Duck said...

WTG Josie!

I was railing ya while I was getting Full Tilted at another table, but didn't want to break your mojo.

A great run, congrats!!!

DrChako said...

It was good playing with you, even if you beat me by one place. I'll get you next time!


Josie said...

Nice playing with you too DrC...though it would've been nicer to have you on my right. What a player you are. Think i learned a thing or two tonight. At least I hope I did.

Thanks Ducky. I appreciate it very very much. i could feel the love.

SirFWALGMan said...

It's all about Waffles. :P. I have crazy friends.

Josie said...

Waffles, I forgot to mention the funniest part....THE WAFFLES SONG! ROFL They played it just for me.

Cricket said...


Congrats Jos!

Josie said...

Water, water, all around, but not a drop to drink. Where I live and work, there is no clean water. Know what that means? Coffee shops can't make coffee!!!! They can with spring water but most places have a line piped in. :( No water in the office is good.

I'm goddammed exhausted from last night and it took me a half hr to find a non-poisonous cup of coffee thismorning, and it's NOT hazelnut. It's the shittiest cup of coffee I've ever had.

And I'm savoring it.

Josie said...

Thanks Cricket. My next conquest....OUR BET! You better watch out Missy!!!!

Wolfshead said...

Save that 60. You are going to need it to remodel those doorways

Josie said...

??? Wolfie, I don't get it. What doorways????

Josie said...

Remodel the doorways cuz my head's so big I can't get through? LOLLLLLLLLLLLL Wolfie knows me!!!!

The Poker Meister said...

I'm up against AK (Columbo) and 6-5suited (jjok) (yuck). I triple up! and before the first break I have 5,040 in chips."

I was actually surprised to see jjok call this 3-way. Being that I'm not a MTT player, is this a standard call in this spot? If I remember, JJOK had plenty of chips to fold here against a shove -> re-shove...

And with regards to brown nosing... I butchered the man's title of his book. But I did actually read (audiobook, so listen) to his book. It was a non-technical poker book; a good read. I recommend Positively 5th Street by Jim McManus... not because he's a pro, but it is well written.

Josie said...

PM, not that was NOT a standard call. It was a shitty one.

And geez dude, I thought you were going to kiss his ring! LOL

Josie said...

@PM, I forgot you were a jew boy....that kissing the ring's in reference to you acting like he was the pope. ;)

The Poker Meister said...

LOL. Need to brush up on my religious education.

Josie said...

Ahh know I heart you right? You've got my back. Gary better watch may be ahead as my fave jew.

Schaubs said...

p.s. - well done on getting to the final table!

Schaubs said...

I am half Australian FYI.

Josie said...

@Schaubs, thanks baby. Oooo half australian!!!! Now you're talking. Too bad you're just a little boy.

The Poker Meister said...

My wife is from Morroco, making her "African American." Therefore, you have a minority readership as well :-).

dbcooper said...

Congrats on the cash.

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on the run.

Wolfshead said...

cripes, and you say they don't suck up to you. Wonder what odds I can get on that Survivor series

Josie said...

Wolfie, sometimes the ones that matter don't suck up, and all the other sucking up in the world doesn't fill that hole.

Auntie Josie

Josie said...

RE: Survivor, put your money on me Wolfie!! Assuming they let me play.

Wolfshead said...

Like it's even going to be up for debate?

Josie said...

I think I'll have to audition or something. I think you should do it too!

Wolfie you can be grumpy all you want but I still like you. :P

The Neophyte said...

Wtg Josie

Sucks to go out the way you did but obviously you made a ton of right plays to get to the final table. Very well done.

Unfortunately one bad play can undo 4 hours of good play in this game. But you learned a lot and you cashed too, so life is not all bad is it? Congrats again Josie.

Josie said...

Thanks's just that it wasn't a bad beat, just a bad move on my part. Not gonna happen again.

I get to do it all over again next Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the cash girl.

Let's see how much you can turn that $60 into.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the cash girl.

Let's see how much you can turn that $60 into.

Josie said...

Sounds like a challenge Donnie!