Thursday, May 20, 2010

Very Enlightened

Someone Very Smart left me a comment, telling my how my camping posts were, to paraphrase, horrible.  I'm airing her dirty laundry in public and it's unfair.  This person is entirely right.

I feel so bad that I did just that.

I have no excuse.  I didn't mean to hurt her and was going to remove the posts in a day anyway.  But I never should've posted them.

I think because she still is a thorn in my side on a daily basis, that somehow justified it, but it doesn't.

My motive was merely to give Schaubs a little comic relief, but I shouldn't have done that at her expense.

Very Embarrassed,

Very Josie


Riggstad said...

Well, that all depends on you. This is your personal private space. How you choose to use it is for you and you alone.

There are things to consider of course. That is, your standing in the community for one. Your integrity, your desire to be viewed within that community and your readership.

Look at waffles... he has become enjoyed and desired because of his rants and the fact that he doesn't hold back personal feelings. In other words, he's honest.

The community has it's own rules as well that you will need to follow if you wish to be a part of it. I'll give you an example... Pictures of folks should never be posted unless you get their express permission first. Some people just don't want their pics posted. You should adhere to those wishes as part of the "community". If you don't care about them, or the ramifications, then post away. But be prepared for the retaliation. It's what we live for here in Blogger land. DRAMA!

You also have to realize that most of us have known each other for a long time. We've spent trips with each other, we've visited each other, we have partied together, and some (quite a few actually) have come to work together directly related by their meeting through these blogs.

So there is more to the relationships than just playing some online poker tournaments and a daily read.

All you did was tell a story about something you experienced. You did post a pic, you did mention names, and you did write some pretty funny (albeit harsh) stuff about someone you had an experience with. For that all you did was provide content and didn't really disparage anyone within this community. But you did rip someone from your personal life. Most likely someone none of us will ever know or meet (except maybe waffles cause after reading that post he probably wants to meet her in the worst way - including the boyfriend!)

Just think about who you might be offending. If it bothers you, don't post it. OR post it in a different way without naming names. If it doesn't... post away realizing that somewhere down the line, there might be some backlash. That's all.

Josie said...

Riggs, I think my problem is I react without thinking things through. You guys don't really know me at all - just one tiny facet of me that you see on this blog.

If you did, you'd know I really don't have a mean bone in my body. Yet what I posted WAS mean, albeit unintentionally so. I knew she'd never read it and be harmed by it, but that's no excuse. My intent was to post a funny "look what happened to me post".

All I can do is learn from from my mistake.

evpjm said...

I guess it was up and down before I had a chance to read it. So I don't really know what you are talking about. I would get something else up there to change the tide because now it's just raising questions and curiosity for people who didn't see it.

Josie said...

EVP - always the voice of reason. good idea....

I can't think of a topic but I'll try.

dbcooper said...

It was incredibly funny but yea I got to agree if you want to post it just use initials or whatever and no pics. The story would have been just as funny but nobody could get hurt that way. Still can't get the vision out of my head though.

Josie said...

@Coop - Yup, lesson learned.

@EVP - I'm not going to repeat the story/mistake but if you want to shoot me an email, I'll reply and give you more detail as to what I did wrong.

Schaubs said...

Waiting to read about day 2...

I personally don't care and neither should anyone else.

this is your blog, write whatever the fuck you want.

pic's can be altered, photo shopped or you can just draw stick people using MS paint.

Censorship blows. Being open is what has gotten you this far.

Josie said...

Jeez Schaubs - I never posted any of it with maliciousness - it was just supposed to be comic relief. She certainly doesn't play poker, nor does she know about this blog.

But I've already offended one reader and more than that - this person thinks less of me - because the reader doesn't know me, just knows about this action.

Fawwwk....I'm all about NOT censoring - I post ALL the comments I get, whether I like them or not....I dunno!

Schaubs said...

Somehow day 2 was showing on my google reader so I did get to read it!

good stuff, very funny. Much appreciated.


Littleacornman said...

I enjoyed the camping posts and I don't think you came across as mean at all.In fact I thought you were very patient!

Schaubs said...

that's my point.

who cares if you offend readers.

Waffles does it all the time as do many many others...

Josie said...

@Schaubs - funny enough Waffles was just telling me that we have alot in common, including offending people. fawwwwk. I really need to use the costanza method I think.

@little acorn man - bless your heart! You heard me! Thanks for your support! xoxo

Josie said...

@Schaubs - don't think i didn't notice the *hugs*. Dammit, you hugged me!!! Grrr lol

Gary said...

Josie, I think in this case you're judging yourself too harshly. You're never going to please 100% of your readers. You wrote an entertaining piece, without using crazylady's real name, about her doing crazylady things. Give yourself a break, ok?

Josie said...

Thanks Gary - Thing is they don't know me like you do, but I appreciate your comment. xoxo

Katitude said...

FYI everyone, I was the one that left the comment.

Yes it is her blog and I'm a firm believer that anyone can write what what they want. I didn't ask Josie to take the post down. Censorship is bullshit. And it was mostly a funny story.

But if comments are open, and I disagree with something enough, I'll leave a comment.

I teach girls that discretion is the better part of valour, that we should be nicer to each other, and that no one ever regretted taking the high road. I try to take the high road in situations like this, but there was one of my knee-jerk angry action words in it, the one that begins with "r" and well, there you go.

Anyway, it was not my intention to make you embarrassed Josie, nor to make you think it was "horrible". I've done things like that, wrote something and then looked at it from a different angle and said "oops". But one thing I've learned is that thanks to readers & etc., stuff is more permanent on the internet than we think, and we never know when it's gonna come back to bite us on the ass. If she ever ran across those pics or that post, well, I doubt it would be pretty.

Anyway, Josie, I'm sorry if I came across overly harsh. Write what you want; it's your blog. And CCR sounds like she might make anyone nuts. But I won't change my opinion that some stories just aren't ours to tell, much less with pictures.

Josie said...


Thank you for taking the time to write this. I really appreciate it. I just wasn't thinking, and I too am all about girl power. This is an unusual circumstance.

CCR had a very bad day today in work (nothing to do with me) and maybe it was a little guilt, but I'm happy to say I rose to the occasion and helped her out.

I'd like to think I've learned from this.

Katitude said...


Josie said...


Cricket said...

Aren't I glad you didn't post that pic of me from last night?
No permission from me for the massive cleavage shot of me in my "lucky dress".
And, as usual, the dress lived up to its name. ;) Details in person!

AND your story was real, true, and funny! And CR was lucky you were there yesterday,
and you cant make everyone happy!

Except never dissappoint, sista!