Saturday, May 8, 2010

Frigging Yankees and Frigging Francona

 Man that game sucked after the 3rd inning.  It started out so well too, with Beckett striking out the side in the first inning.  Frigging Francona just leaves him on the hill until the Yanks score 7 runs....then he takes him out after the damage is done. Not even going to discuss it any further.  If you want to know what happened, ask Schaubs.

Other than the actual game, we had a great time.  The client sat with the owner and I sat next to the boss.  Seemed the boss knew every person in the section so it was a party atmosphere.

I took a bunch of pictures of Fenway, like a roving reporter so you could get to see the historic park.  Please to enjoy.  (Clicky on the pictures for a better look)

Trying to get out of the subway, on the way to the game
(with a few other sox fans)

Parachuters landing on the field during pregame ceremony
Giant American Flag is covering the Green Monster

Notice the "baseball uniform" is very different from the "poker uniform"

Yawkey Way

The Marines were in town for the week!

Marine Sandwich with Italian Filling
(notice the B on my hat lights up!!!)

Jeter fan in the background is ghey

L&BM Tourament is tonight.   Time to put away the baseball uniform and take out the poker uniform. You guys know what a poker uniform looks like now, right?  Don't have to post one again do I?  I'm thinking nahhhhhh, unless 10 of you request it.  Let's see if the readers want it, and if they are reading Very Josie on the weekend.  

I haven't played with the these guys in over a month.  They must be dying to give me some money.

Play smart.



Josie said...

Hey Mr. Devil Rays! (Neo)

I was just thinking....I went to the Devil Rays spring training facility and have a picture of me with SOMEONE on the devil rays....think its a manager....can't figure out who it is....I'm gonna have to post it and see if you can tell me. :P

dbcooper said...

Cute pic in the hat.

Josie said...

Thanks Coop! :)

The Neophyte said...

I'm one of those forgetful type people Josie, better show me what the poker uniform really is. BTW its the Rays now, no longer the Devil Rays (tho I still have my DRays hat). Good luck in your poker today. Mine has been sucky

Josie said...

Yeah Neo, I know it's the rays. It's just hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Trust me, I'm learning that with Coop (now that's an ooooooooooooooold dog).

Okay we've got 1 vote for the poker uniform....but I dunno. Don't think too many people read me on the weekend.

Thanks for the wishes. Playing ONE online game today - no time for more than that. it's a 90 person and I am kicking ASS. We'll see if I can hold onto all these chips till i'm in the money.

Memphis MOJO said...

Sorry the Sox lost, but thanksfor the pics. Have a good weekend.

Josie said...

Thanks mojo, you too. Took all the pics with my cell so that's why they aren't great. (unlike your pics) too lazy to schlep the camera around.

dbcooper said...

Who are you calling a dog?? Ha Ha. Depend on what tricks I need teaching.

Josie said...

Come on Coop! Go fetch the ball Coop!!! Good Dog!!! LOL

Okay you get a little scratch behind the ears. :)

SirFWALGMan said...

You look really good in your Sox Uniform.

Josie said...

Aw thanks Waffles. :)

The Poker Meister said...

Get out the brooms! Just finished watching; 14-3 Yanks! Sox looked *TERRIBLE* tonight!

Josie said...

Poker Meister - I'll get out those brooms to hit you with!!

I know what the goddam score is THANKYOUVERYMUCH!

Not being nice to JB2 anymore!!!