Saturday, May 22, 2010

So Very Sad - Dammit!

How I feel

Live actions sucks!  Just kidding!  It sucked for me today though.  I played at the SSC, as did Gary, and I frigging lost.  Only 10 players at $50 per person.  One big table, with Gary to my left.  I was pretty much card dead FOR THE WHOLE GAME.  I frigging hate when that happens, especially when playing against a big table like that.

Maybe 45 minutes into it, I'm looking down at Q-Q - I raise to 5 times the blinds...Gary calls and Pokah Dave (best player at the table EXCEPT ME) reraises to triple my raise.  I call and Gary folds.

Flop is 5-5-8.

Pokah Dave bets 1,600.  Fawwwk.  I put him on aces with that re-raise.  He reminds me that he hasn't won a race against me in 3 years but I have a bad feeling about this, yet I call.  (should I have shoved pre or post flop? I dunno, but like I said I had a bad feeling so I didn't).

Turn is a non card - 2 maybe.  He checks (weakness? maybe...) I really consider shoving all in, but I like the idea of seeing the river first so I check behind him.  River is an 8 and he immediately shoves all in.

Fucker!!! I was going to do that!

I put him on aces from the I donk off my chips and call?  What if he has AK or JJ?  I really have never seen him shove all in so early in the game with hands like that, so.......

I FOLD.  With about half my stack in the pot.  Still don't know if it was a good fold....Well, according to Poker Dave, it was.  He said he had K-K...but he's a poker player and we're all liars, so who really knows.

Funny thing is, he didn't believe that I'd fold Q-Q...he thought I was lying!

After that I couldn't catch a cold, and played for a couple hours till I was blinded out.  Boring and unsuccessful. 

When there were 4 players left Gary suggested a 4 way split - with chip leader getting $150 and the other 3 getting $100 and that's what ended up happening.  Gary won $100!!  A net of $50, which is a frigging lot better than what I did.

Before the split Poker Dave and Mary were in a hand and the flop was K-K-8.  Mary bet and Poker Dave called.  Turn was a 5.  Mary bet and Poker Dave called.  River was an A and Mary makes a big bet, but not close to an all in.  Poker Dave ponders and ponders, says HE has a bad feeling, and folds his trip kings face up.  He said he thought Mary had a king too with a better kicker.

I cannot BELIEVE he laid down trip kings but I saw him do it.  Then I saw Mary turn over K-9.  Yep he's that good...and No, I'm not QUITE that good.  I think I would've called.

Other items of note today:

First thing Gary tells me is that he's had a dream about me! Yes Mr. Creepy himself is dreaming about Very Josie - Don't you all at some point?

Anyway, he dreamt that we were married and I was rifling chips (I do that ALOT) too loudly while he was on the phone so HE DIVORCED ME. The bastard!

The second the first cards are in the air, much to Gary's displeasure, Cancer Al asks "Will Josie be giving a back rub bounty?"  LOL  I do end up offering the bounty to anyone who takes out frigging Poker Dave, but that doesn't happen. 

John, the old guy who's in charge at the SSC, tells us there won't be anymore tourneys through the summer. (I voice my displeasure)  Then he says "Well maybe I'll have one in my backyard".  Well that's more like it!  I love me some summer outdoor playing and I tell him so...and he responds with "Maybe you can play in your swim suit?"  Excuse me?  I was a little speechless!  Finally the penny dropped and I said "John do you have a pool?"  And YES, he does.  I may use his pool before or after the game, but trust me, I ain't playing poker in a goddam bathing suit.  Does sound like a fun day though.  Poker and sun/swimming.  Sign me up!

Well that's all I've got for now.  Gotta go get oiled up for some naked wrestling.  Gonna win me a prize!

Play smart.



OES said...

if he's good, that check on the turn might mean strength, but more often than not, that's him definitely slowing down.

I'm back baby!!!!

Josie said...

Hey!!! Welcome back! It's College Boy! Is the school year over?

Yeah, him slowing down, or slow playing...I dunno - I just didn't wanna be out of the tourney 20 minutes into it.

It reminded me of a hand a few weeks ago when I had AA - I min reraised with it and got two callers (couple of UGLY guys). Flop was 5-5-6 and yeah I was dead but didn't know it - up against trips. Dammit.

dbcooper said...

Sorry you didn't cash but at least Gary did