Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Know What Boys Like...

"College Boy"

Isn't he cute?  This is College Boy!  Yes, he looks like he's 16 years old but he's a very legal 20 years old. 

CB rocks because he was one of my first commenters evar.  He and Coop were there, way back in the beginning (two and a half months ago).  Anyway that first comment from CB back then, was a request to justify how I raise with pairs and the theory behind it.  So I wrote RAISE SHIT JUSTIFICATION for CB.

He's a full time college student but he's on summer break so he's back home in Massachusetts. One of his first posts once he was back, was to mention his admiration for me.  Awww.  You know I love me a hyperlink! 

This is his latest request: 

Josieeeee if u ever have another game, I want innnnnn. I wanna play with jew boy and get soul read by uuuuuuuuuu

Okay so maybe I was bragging about my mad reading skillz in those early posts.  :)  But trust me College Boy, I can read your soul, if the game's live.  Just to be NICE, I'm going to suggest that College Boy read what happened to all the 18 year old boys at a live game two weeks ago.  College Boy read THIS

Now, I like to comply with all requests (not really) but I don't really know CB.  Actually, you would not believe (I sure don't!) how many people want to meet me or play live with me.  Can't you guys see that I'm a bitch?  Now why do you wanna meet a bitchy Sicilian with a bad temper?  ;)

College Boy wants to play against me cuz he wants to see my mad skillz in action but I figure we'll start slow.  He's going to play the next Very Josie tourney on Full Tilt and after that, I think I might be kind enough to school College Boy LIVE.  I'm smiling, just thinking about it.  Dude, it won't be like playing against the boys in the dorm.  I'm just sayin'.

The Very Josie is next Wednesday and I hope you ALL will join College Boy and me for some poker!  As a Hostess with the Mostest, I've decided to add an extra bounty to the game. Yes, it might be on you!  It's gonna be fun and it's gonna be a little wild.  (CB I assume you've heard 4 letter words before)

I feel geared up to kick some holdem ass, but I think I'll save the ass kicking for The Mookie.

Play smart Boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



OES said...

Wowieee, I wake up in the morning only to see my lovely mug on Josie's post. This might be a pretty good day, indeed. I think a post is due to explain the drama that ensued from that picture.

Okay, so you own a few 14 year olds who probably maybe played 3 cash games with their friends. But, I'm a month before I'm scarily legal to play at Foxwoods and begin to take people's 401k plan ;).

Thank you for the shout-out and I am definitely in to play your honorary tournament and jump through a hoop to get to play liiiveee.

Josie said...

The pic is really cool. I've been wondering if it's real - someone caught an image of the cards in the air??? Please do tell!

Oooo a month before 21!

I'd slow down a little on the foxwoods thing....hell come take my 401(k)!!! Or at least try. I could use the influx of money.

Get used to jumping thru hoops!

dbcooper said...

You sure he's legal? Looks like jail bait to me..... Boy do I feel OLD

dbcooper said...

Yea but do you know what men like???

Josie said...


First of all, you ARE old. Second of all he sure likes jail bait to me too, but all i'm gonna do is play poker with the kid! Hell even if we DOUBLE his age, he's still too young.

Fawwwwk I feel old too.

Josie said...

Coop, of course I know what men like!

Seems to me that SOME men like short, brunette, bitchy Sicilians with bad tempers. The men with GOOD taste, anyway. ;)

BLAARGH! said...

Finally got around to linking you up Josie - been to busy to take care of the blog lately. Love the way you're messing with the pups, you tease. Makes me wish I were 18 again ;)

Josie said...

Well Blaargh, it's about fricking time! I mess with the nitty old men EVEN MORE than the pups and I think you qualify there.

Thanks for linking me up baby, but seeing is believing, I'll have to check it out for myself....did I ever tell you what LORETTA6 did to me?

BLAARGH! said...

Ha, save it! I had my pecker willingly removed 15 years ago and haven't regretted a thing.
What did that biotch loretta do to ya?

Josie said...

Hmm sounds like you have a 15 year wedding anniversary coming up! (jk)

I asked him to link me and he did. I never TESTED said link...about a week later he left an odd comment (I think it was the word "outplayed") so I go click on Very Josie on his blog....and I get sent to PsychoJLady - who is a real woman and a dominatrix (her most endearing quality) Trust me the other stuff was worse. But then he fixed it, god bless him

BLAARGH! said...

Holy crap - you're right! I better buy something nice or I'll never get it back....

And now I'm regretting putting a real link up, I'll have to congratulate Loretta on that one!

OES said...


I made the post about my profile picture. To everybody else, definitely read the post because I am interested to hear what you would do if this happened to you.