Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do I Have A Treat For You!

One of my all time favorite bloggers is Hurricane Mikey.  He rocks.  He has a huge following, and I ought to know, because I've been following him for years.  Anyway, he's the one who got me started in the blogging department.  Yes Wolfie, blame Mikey.

I read his blog religiously and one day I offered him an "incentive" to write an epic post.  And I mean epic.  It was a story of him travelling with a giant canoe to Alaska, lol.  There's more to it than that, but that's not what this post's about.

After that we got to chatting a bit and he graciously offered to let me be a guest blogger on his site and tell a poker story of mine.  Well, if you know me even a little, you know I was thrilled.....after a couple of months another blogger, Linda Lou asked her readers to think about what they really wanted to do and do it.

Damn, I really liked writing about poker, and although I thought not a soul would read my stuff, I decided to make a real effort.  I reprinted that first story that was posted on Mikey's blog and then just kept writing.

Mikey was the FIRST guy to add me to his blog roll.  A girl always remembers her first. 

As a matter of fact, half of all of my current readers come from him.  I shiat you not.  They don't seem to comment alot, but they're there reading.  Can't complain about that.

Speaking of complaining......Mikey finally got around to posting a story ABOUT POKER again.  I was thrilled and demanded more.  Guess what he did?  Wrote up a juicy poker story just for me, which is entitled....get this....Ok, Since Josie Wants Me To Talk About Poker  It's classic Mikey storytelling. 

If  you like stories about live poker on the felt, straight from the heart of Vegas, well clicky on the link and enjoy.  I'm sure half of you (the good half) have already read it.  I know I did.  And yeah, I know he writes better than I do.  So fucking what.  I'm cuter!  Well...he's pretty damn cute too, with a voice that could make a person swoon. 

I'm off track here but guess what????  Mikey's spoken with CR!!!  The Crazy Receptionist!  I shiat you not. He got a little sample of her and was like WTF, who's answering your goddamn phone at work!  LOL (btw I have an epic story about CR in my pocket....with a little incentive you can hear this shocker and feel my pain)

In other news, I played The Mookie tonight.  96 players and I was out 17th.  9 in the money, in case you didn't know.  Guess what I lost to?  Ace Rag! 

Played for the first couple hours with Hoyazo at my table.  Damn that guy can play pokah! Of course I tell him about my incentive bet with Waffles. And he tells me that I better watch out, Waffles might not pay up.  My answer was "Yeah, I hear he's a chip dumper too."   Then I tell him "I'm just kidding, and Waffles is too sweet to welch out on a bet." 

Funny enough, Hoyazo doesn't agree.  Hoy was assuming our bet involves money.  It doesn't. It's much more interesting than that.  But maybe Waffles isn't that interested, cuz he hasn't won it yet. :P

I last longer than Waffles unfortunately. Waffles, dontcha wanna win a prize from Very Josie?

I also lasted longer than Floppy, DB Cooper, Wolfie, Columbo, Miami Don, Lightning, Riggs, Memphis Mojo, and a shitload of other people.  Of course I didn't cash, so I don't know how much it really matters.  What does matter is that I played very well.  You guys know how much I hate online poker, but damn it sure is fun.

I have other BIG news too.  Remember when I was kidding around about Very Josie going International?  Well I don't think I'm kidding about that anymore.  It seems a gambling site in the UK is very interested in my little blog.  So much so they had an agent get in touch with me!  When I hear more, you'll be the first to know.  All this happened the day after my blog was featured on Full Tilt, Poker From The Rail, so thank you Al & Italian Dave McCarthy!  I don't think that's a coincidence.

Waffles you don't have any friends in the UK, do you?

Play smart.



Wolfshead said...

Yea, that dumping of half your chips with A-rag was playing well.

Told you so lightning

Hurricane Mikey-- said...

Thx for the shout-out, sweet mama! I feel like I'm enabling an addict, though...

Josie said...

Mikey, You're welcome! And thank YOU....Yep, love me a hit of Mikey!

Wolfie baby, thanks for the advice, but if I recall, I LASTER LONGER THAN YOU, and Lightning too for that matter. Now don't you have something to tell me????

Just got an email from the UK guy...Wolfie are you ready for THE BIGGEST NEWS YET???

SirFWALGMan said...

Wolfie is such a hatah.

You cant seem to get on the right side of Ace rag Josie.

I have readers from several countries including the UK.

Josie said...

@Waffles...yeah those Ace Rags are killing me. Starting NOW i'll never play one again. ;)

Wolfie's right it was a bad move, 1 of 3 that I made last night. Thing is I made like 168 really good moves....of course it's the bad ones that kill you.

Currenly under negotations with my NEW UK friends. *wink* Sure, I'm asking for too much money, but you have no idea what you'll be betting, Mr. UK!!!

Riggstad said...

BLog long enough and you'll get 5 of those offers a day. They actually become quite annoying.

I refuse to work with any of those sites as to not "sell out" but they still ask... relentlessly.

Oh, and as much as you think Wolfie can play poker... He can't. He plays catch.

Now, he'll try to write something witty and insulting but he will fail miserably... As he does in most things. He couldn't even get a stroke right :)

Josie said...

I knew I liked you Riggsy!

But no, I never said I thought Wolfie could play poker. That Hoy guy....HE can play poker. Wolfie just threw a bad move of mine in my face...that's pretty much the only thing he's good at.

I <3 Riggs

dbcooper said...

Good playing with you last night. See you leave the table and I get knocked out. Hope you liked my 2 7 raise?? ha ha

SirFWALGMan said...

Hoy sucks balls. He just buys enough lotto tickets to get lucky once in a while.

Wolfshead said...

Riggs,never said I could play poker, I just like to donate chips and you are right about catch, both shoulders are shot but I pretty much got the stroke down pat. And on my first try too.

Wolfshead said...


Riggs, how would you know how I play poker these days. Haven't seen you at a game since Al's get together before my stroke when ck owned your arse with the hammer :->

Josie said...

Coop, I couldn't protect you ALL night! LOL

Yeah you "hammered" me with that raise. You've got balls, I'll give you that much.

I <3 Coop too. Guess today's just a love fest!

Josie said...

"Now, he'll try to write something witty and insulting but he will fail miserably..."

Damn Riggs, you're good....what are you, a mind reader? :)

@Waffles - I didn't know about Hoy's affinity for testicles. Duly noted.

Wolfshead said...

Naw, that wasn't insulting. Insulting would have been mentioning how he called a win last night but that you finished better than him, and pointed it out in your post at that

Wolfshead said...


mrdej said...

Good Evening Very Josie!
I found you through Mikey's blog as well. I'm not a poker player, but enjoy your blog immensely. Thanks for what you do! Keep it up!

from H-Town!

Josie said...

Hi Moe,

Thanks for the kind words - I hope all the poker talk doesn't bore you! Please keep reading AND commenting. :)