Saturday, May 22, 2010

Think Lightning is Lucky in Poker?

Well Lightning's even luckier in life.  He's married to Salutations By Susan, but I like to call her Thunder. 

That's right, Thunder and Lightning!

Anyway Thunder is a very talented woman who makes handmade cards, so very beautifully.  I've bought a couple of sets from her.  The first set is called the "So Very" in each card says..."so very cute", "so very sorry" (need lots of them), "so very sweet" get the idea. 

Going to get alot of use out of this

Then I got an idea!

I asked Thunder if she could change that third word on the card front so it would read So Very Josie!!!

She made the custom cards for me and they are FABULOUS.  See for yourself. 

If you're very lucky, someday you might receive a  So Very Josie card. (but don't hold your breath)

You should check out all her cards and show her a little love.  Cards are beautiful and attention to detail is amazing.  Oh and they're very affordable!  A set is a perfect and thoughtful gift for any woman, especially if you are trying to get laid by said woman.  Trust Auntie Josie on this. Chicks LOVE this shit.

Buy them.

And tell her Very Josie sent you....if you do that she'll throw in a free card!  Right, Thunder???

You might even get laid too.  Hell, if you place an order, Lightning might even get laid too.  Talk about a win-win situation!

Seriously, I've been doing scrapbooking for years (Creative Memories) and these are of quality materials and excellent workmanship.

Now her taste in men.....I'll leave that for another post.

Today's Poker Uniform

So Very Josie


dbcooper said...

Do they have any that say SO VERY OLD?? If I die from seeing that picture of you in the wife beater shirt can you bury me with one of the cards. Oh and on that one put So Very Happy.

Seriously they look great.

SirFWALGMan said...

So very nice uniform!

I am sending you a box of cards! This better work! ;).

Josie said...

@ Coop - lollllllll

You have to cash in order to get the wife beater pic - which is just sitting here waiting for you!!! So do it!

@Waffles - lol I already have my cards!! Thanks though sweetie!

The Neophyte said...

Can you come play poker down here? On second thought, better not. I have a hard enough time cashing without that distraction.

Josie said...

Neo - LOL I think I'm going to take that as a compliment! Unfortunately the poker uniform did not work today. :( Card dead the whole tourney - except QQ which I folded on the river when the villain shoved all in. Bad run o cards....should've gone to Seabrook - Hmmmm Maybe I should be playing in Florida!!

Ummm Neo - Did you notice the CARDS? ;)

Josie said...

Wolfie, Red Sox are gonna kick some Philly butt today!!! Just you wait!

Gary said...

Jesus, all of you - so very creepy.

lightning36 said...

Since you are both obviously in love with me (what real woman wouldn't be?), I propose a naked wrestling match between you and my wife -- winner take all (ME!).

Fellow bloggers -- Pay Per View details TBA

Josie said...

Gary, coming from YOU, that's something!

Lightning - I'll take that bitch out!!!! LOL Just kidding Thunder....kinda ;)

Josie said...

Lightning, When you get a little "Thunder" later on, remember who to REALLY thank.

dbcooper said...

Hell I would pay top dollar for that wrestling match.... Who's bringing the popcorn???

Sheahasu said...

Thanks for the praise, Josie. As an aside, I've been doing CM for about 17 years now, too (not selling for them, just buying from them!). That's what led to the cards. Lightning keeps telling me to find a hobby like his that makes money instead of spending it! :)

I just wanted to clarify to everyone out there. Josie said:

"And tell her Very Josie sent you....if you do that she'll throw in a free card! Right, Thunder???

You might even get laid too. Hell, if you place an order, Lightning might even get laid too. Talk about a win-win situation!"

I'm happy to provide a free card, but everyone needs to understand that the getting laid part refers back to the woman you're buying them for, not the woman you're buying them from!

As for the naked wrestling--that happens everytime I put on a pair of pantyhose. Not a pretty sight, I asssure you.

Lightning, thanks for the compliment. Nice to know you think I'm a real woman! :)

Josie said...


I've scrapbooking for about 8 years. Did a TON of it, but haven't picked up a thing in over 6 months. I think poker won out in the hobby department, for now anyway.

Thanks for the clarification! Yes, I was referring to the girl who gets the cards. Waffles, didn't place an order did he?

LOL I've wrestled with pantyhose myself! You're hubby has QUITE the imagination tho. +1

Memphis MOJO said...

Last summer, Thunder and Lightning came to Memphis, and it was my pleasure to treat them to some Corky's BBQ.

I can assure you that Thunder is one very cool lady.

You can read all about it here.

Josie said...

Thanks Mojo! Great post and it looked like fun! I'm sure you're right about Thunder.