Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BBT5.....Guest Starring Very Josie!

Are you ready for my Big News?????

Those awesome guys at Full Tilt, Poker from The Rail, are featuring really awesome, cool, incredible blogs as part of the BBT5 and they picked MY BLOG as their first featured post!  If you go onto the Full Tilt website, you can see my post featured there!

How Un-freaking-believable is that? Click on the words BIG NEWS to see for yourself.

Obviously, Al (I think you CAN hang) and Dave have the finest taste in blogs as they  have chosen Very Josie....no make that, they've chosen Very Josie as their FIRST featured post.  You guys have no idea how much that thrills me.

I guess a chick with a bad temper who doesn't like to hug is right up their alley!  But guys, I'd hug you both until you had to shake me off like a dog in heat.  :)

That's my way of saying thanks for thinking of me and I consider it an honor.

Wolfie, I didn't ask or inquire about this, nor did I get my knee pads out for this one.

Very Josie = Very Happy, for the moment.  When I win The Mookie tomorrow night, that'll be the icing on the cake.

Play smart.



SirFWALGMan said...


Josie said...

Thanks sweetie.

The post they're featuring IS about you...grrrr....but whatevah. :P

Wolfshead said...

You're right, it is un-frikkin-believable. No accounting for taste I guess. And you shouldn't tell fibs either.

Lucki Duck said...


Josie said...

Thanks Lucky!!!

Aww Wolfie, I guess I'll go with thank you! What do you THINK I fibbing about? Don't think I lied!

Wolfshead said...

no suckups or kneepads? Oh c'mon.

lightning36 said...

Comment #1 was obviously the highlight of the post.

Cricket said...

Very nice, Very Josie!


dbcooper said...

Congrats on getting featured.

Josie said...

@ Wolfie, you suck.

@Lightning, you too. didn't realize want comment #1 of the featured post was. Grrrrrr

@Cricket, you DON'T suck, and thank you.

@Coop, you too. (You DON'T suck and thank you)

Wolfshead said...

only on pearls

Josie said...

Wolfie, that's not what I heard.