Friday, May 7, 2010

Guess How I really feel

Good morning All!

Somebody (me) has the day off.  Yep I have the day off and tonight I'm going to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game at Friendly Fenway Park.  Start time is 7:10pm.  I got a free ticket (to a yankee game!) from work.  This will be my first sox game of the season and it's a Yankee game so I cannot wait!  I could've gone to a previous game but ball games in April are just too darn cold.

Unfortunately, it's a business thing so I have to be on good behavior.  I'll be going with my immediate boss, (remember the guy from the lunch?) the owner (the guy who determines my bonus which has a deadline of this May 31st) and some clients.  Ugh.  Like I said I'll be on good behavior.  At least until Jeter's up at bat.  ;) 

I figure I cannot wear my beloved "Yankees Suck" T-shirt which I've worn to every Yankee game I've gone to in the past 4-5 years.  It's autographed by Oil Can Boyd, Coco Crisp and Kevin Youklis.  It's just as well that I don't wear it as there were some issues last time.

Me and about a gazillion other sox fans wore Yankees Suck t-shirts at Fenway without a problem for years.  Last year I show up in my t-shirt on a hot July afternoon and they won't let me onto Yawkey Way wearing it.  I gave the guy my ticket and he said people wearing my t-shirt were no longer allowed in the park! Huh??  He said it's Friendly Fenway and my t-shirt wasn't very friendly to the other team.  Ugh.

So what to do?  He suggested I go into the souvenir shop and buy myself a new t-shirt.  But all the t-shirts on Yawkey Way start at like  $25-30....just for a t-shirt!  Total rip off.  Nahh I wasn't dropping my money on one of those.  Then the guy tells me that I can wear it in the park if I turn the t-shirt inside out.  Hmmm I can do that.  Except I'm in the middle of the street....any establishments with bathrooms, like the bars, are overcrowded before game time and people are lined up outside.  So I had to take my t-shirt off, turn it inside out and put it back on before I was allowed in the park.  Basically I had to flash Red Sox nation in order to get into the park.  Talk about "Friendly" Fenway.  Sheesh.  Anyone wanna guess if I turned that shirt front side out after I got inside?  :)

Anyway I'll be avoiding that drama tonight.  Although there was a little drama this afternoon at work.

Yankees tickets are hot commodities and I was invited last night.  Today, the owner is in my boss' office and they're chatting away.  They come out and owner says "I'm going to need that extra ticket" to my boss.  My boss says "Ummm, okay sure".  As they're walking right by my office!  They continue to chat about MY TICKET.  Boss says I'll go get it, it's in my office. 


Let's just say I wasn't wearing my poker face.  I could feel my face start to turn red and burn up.  I couldn't believe it! But the tickets are the owner's so I say nothing, but my feelings were evident in my face.  Owner says sweetly "Josie, everything okay?"  I cannot even talk I am soooo shocked.  I think I manage a grunt.  He starts to walk away from my office and I shoot daggers to boss (lunch guy) and get ready to say "WTF happened?"

The owner, who is 77yrs old.  turns around and says "Gotcha!  We got you good!  You didn't think I'd really do that, did you?" 

I could've frigging killed him.  But instead of killing him I smack him! Not that hard, cuz he's frigging old and he's the big boss, but still.  He just yucked it up and didn't mind at all. And apologized a few times for causing the shock.

Guys love to torture me.  Even the nitty old ones.

I was going to go back to Seabrook and win another tournament, like last Friday, but timing wise I'd be cutting it close and as much as I'd love to play, it doesn't compare to my first game of the season against the Yankees.  I.  cannot.  wait.

So that's Friday night.  Today I'm staying home, doing some cooking and cleaning, then Cricket and I are going to Mom's house for lunch. (Cricket has every day off, Biatch)

Saturday - The L&BM (lesbians and black men) tournament is back!  If you're a new reader, no I'm not a lesbian and no I'm not a black man, so I'll be in the minority but I couldn't care less.  It's sure to be alot of fun and easy money.  Poker Meister, I'll be offering no help or tips to anyone!  At least that's the game plan.

4pm is a horseshoe tournament with backyard BBQ, then Poker game starts at 7pm.  Assuming the rain holds off it should be a fun time.

Ohhh and as an aside, on my way home from drinks with the girls Tuesday night I was on a much later bus than usual, and this very large/tall black man gets on the bus.  He looks familiar but I can't quite place him out of context.  We kinda look at each other and I'm thinking "I know him, but from where?" 

All of a sudden it dawns on me.

"Junior!" I say.  He's one of the black men from the game.  He yells back to me "Auntie!!!"  and comes running over to give me a hug (he's a sweetie).  You had to be there, cuz you had to see the people on the bus staring....Junior this huge black guy and his Auntie, a shrimpy little white woman.  LOL 

Play smart.



fmarra17 said...

Have a great time at the game tonight. I've been to fenway twice, a fun place to watch a game. I have Youklis & V. Martinez on my fantasy team so I will be rooting for them. No yankees on my team!!

SirFWALGMan said...

Yankees tickets! Nice!

Josie said...

Frankie, Glad to hear you've been to Fenway. You're okay for a Brooklyn kid. No fantasy baseball for me....too much effort. I pwn at fantasy football though.

Thanks Waffles!

You guys try not to work too hard in the office! Me, I've got my ass planted on the couch. Good times!

Wolfshead said...

See, told you that you invite abuse. Now stop being so impolite and just accept it.

Enjoy the game even if it is between two teams just a scoch above pond scum. Well the Yanks may actually be lower.

Josie said...

Wolfie! I'm gonna beat your gimpy ass. Just kidding.

I invite abuse and I'm very impolite. I completely agree.

Soooo now that we have THAT out of the way, maybe that nice comment is forthcoming? :)

evpjm said...

Nice Pics. The kid giving the finger has been photo shopped so many times for many different teams. My family in Pa has the same kid with a Steeler Jersey on giving the finger to the Browns. Sox coming in off a 4-game sweep should be in a good frame of mind this time around. Will See.

Josie said...

EVP - Yeah baby, sox sweep the angels...yanks are next. I just wish Papi would start hitting again. Maybe tonight.

evpjm said...

I think papi is done.

Josie said...

Unfortunately, I think you're right.

Schaubs said...

It's no secret that I am a YANKEES FAN...soooooo


Memphis MOJO said...

Have fun!

dbcooper said...

Where's the pictures??? No not of the game. It might take you a few minutes to figure that out but you are a women of leisure today so you have the time. I was going to say something about how bad the Sox are playing but I won't because I hate the Yankees more. Whats this you lasted longer in 4 tournaments than me you posted on that 6-4 lawyers blog?? I count only 2 and I lasted longer in both the first 2 VJ tournaments. sheeesh, I just may give you the opertunity to win it back next VJ one. Hockey should be done by then and I can really concentrate. (good excuse).

lightning36 said...

No drinking, right?

btw -- I bet it didn't take a whole lot of persuading for you to take your shirt off -- he he.

Josie said...

Coop, no way it was 2. I lasted longer in that one table you wouldn't bet on.

I lasted longer in the last mookie and I lasted longer at the last very josie. That's at least 3....thought it was 4. :) Whatevah!

And sox have been doing GREAT! They just swept the Angels babe.

Thanks Mojo!

LOL Lightning, you're wrong. I was maaaaad, but I did it quickly. And No, no drinking. I don't drink beer.

I'm in the NEXT invitational Sunday Night!!!!!

dbcooper said...

Oh so now we are counting the little mini SNG are we. Okay that's sort of 3 but NOT 4. Yea I saw the Sox won the last series.. Should be a great game . Have fun. Be good. Well sort of

Josie said...

Yes Coop, I count EVERYTHING....except I cannot remember the 4th one....old age I guess.

The Neophyte said...

Hope you had a good time at the game tonight Josie. Too bad your team got spanked. I remember some good times at Fenway when I was a young man but now I have to tell you that no matter how the rest of the series goes this weekend, both the hated Red Sox and the even more despised Yankees (cue the evil Empire Strikes Back music)are playing for 2nd place in the east. Cuz neither of them will catch the Rays

Josie said...


I hope you're right about the Yanks not catching the rays. But I dunno.

Oh and after the 3rd inning the game suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked! Francona took out Beckett after the Yankees scored 7 runs. Too Late!!!