Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!

You guys are into cake decorating right?  Me too!  I've been decorating cakes for years.  I took a night class
at the local high school when I was about 20 years old and have just done my own thing since.  Below is a small sample of some of my cakes!

For a girl turning Sweet Sixteen

Tank cake for Sugar Bear - He's still fascinated with guns

Wanna play?

Made in between two live tournaments, hence not great

A friend's 50th Birthday

A friend's 60th Birthday

Boss' 75th Birthday (is that sucking up?)

Pooh Bear for Sugar Bear

Soccer Cake

Cake decorating wasn't my first endeavor into baking though.  I am an offical Donut Maker!  Certified by DDU (Dunkin Donut's University).  LOL Yes, it's true. Mama's got mad skillz.

I worked at Dunkin Donuts from 15 years old until - I dunno 21 maybe.  I started as a counter girl.  Back then Dunkin Donuts had booths, china and metal silverware.  Anyway, eventually I became a baker, donut maker and yes, store manager!  At the time I thought I was making a ton of money.  Working 6 days per week, with THURSDAYS off. for $420 per week.

What the fuck was I thinking?  All those weekends spent well behaved because I had to work in the morning.  I'll tell you what I was thinking.  Cha-Ching!  That was alot of money for back then.  I was living at home with no expenses but school.  I would save half my check and SPEND half my check. Youth is wasted on the young though.

I used to work with this baker who didn't speak English very well.  Now even though he had a hard time with the language, there was always a radio on in the kitchen.  The baker would sing along with all of the american pop songs playing on the radio.

One day as he's singing he comes running over to me and says "Josie, you know the song abouta the car? What kinda car is a that?" 

No, I don't know which song you mean!

"You know, the car witha the two carburetors. What kinda car has a 2 carburetors?"

Now I have no frigging clue what song he's talking about and he gets very frustrated.  Later the song comes on the radio and he comes to get me.  "Josie, the song about the car, is a on.  This is da song."

It was Sade.

Smooth Operator!

Whenever Sade sang "Smooth operator", the baker would sing along with "Two carburetors!".

So I try to explain this to the man.  "She's saying SMOOTH OPERATOR".  He says "Okay, whatsa the smooth operator?".

"Um, a  guy who likes girls" said I. 

"Oh, like a me?"

ROFL - You try explaining the meaning of THAT song to a horny baker who doesn't speak English.

Don't misunderstand me, he was horny, but wasn't interested in me.  I was very young, and he was pretty old, but guess who he WAS interested in? 


Now don't forget that the baker's only English education was the radio and the T.V.  This was back in the day when the "Where's the Beef?" commercials were really popular.  If you're old enough you remember them, if you're not old enough to remember them, fuck off.  :)

Maybe he took a shine to Cricket because she was oldest.  Even back then Cricket was QUITE buxom.  The baker would always go up to her and say "Where's the beef?" while staring at her chest.  Then he changed it to "You have a nice a beef" while ogling her.  The culmination was when he just started calling her "Beef".  Like it was her nickname.  LOLLLLLL  "Hey Beef, I gonna singa songa for you!"

"Two Carburetors....."

ROFLLLLLL  Maybe you had to be there, cuz just typing it is making me crack up.



Rakewell said...

I hope you read this blog:


SirFWALGMan said...


We just had a guy start. He said call him Aubrey since that's easier to say?!?!? Someone should tell him that's a girls name. :P.

"Aubrey" means "Fair Ruler of the Little People", or "King of the Elves". The name is traditionally male, but is also used as a feminine name in the United States.

See fairy!!!!

Memphis MOJO said...

I remember the "Where's the beef?" ad campaign. Classic.

Josie said...


Never saw that blog before but I LOVE IT. Guess I won't be working today - got a new blog to tear thru!

@Waffles - be nice to the fairy! lol. I work with a guy who goes by his middle name, because his first name is..............wait for it...........STACEY. Now THAT'S a girl's name. NO, I'd never say that to Stacey Keach.

Yeah Mojo! I figured YOU were old enough. :P

lightning36 said...

It is funny -- you have so many of the same interests as my wife. No wonder we clash. lol

Josie said...

Light Honey, Does she dream about kicking your ass too?

dbcooper said...

Geez I never knew they had cake decorating classes back in the sixties. I learned something today.

OES said...

Josieeeee if u ever have another game, I want innnnnn. I wanna play with jew boy and get soul read by uuuuuuuuuu.

PokahDave said...

I wanna know what that donk's major tell is...what's his name...oh yeah Poker Dave...what a donk!

Josie said...

@Coop - you ass! LOL You KNOW I wasn't even born till the latter part of the sixties!

@College Boy - Someone's on summer break! Those college boys love to learn a lesson fron Auntie Josie! Sweetie, that sounds like a challenge, but NOT a very difficult one. If you wanna play live with ME, you can START by playing the Very Josie, which is next Wednesday. You do THAT and I'll think about it.

@Pokah Dave - I think I have to change my undies. I saw your comment and thought it was the pokah dave I was playing with live on Saturday. (i didn't mention my blog TO HIM) Sheesh - who knew there was more than ONE pokah dave! You have a blog? :)

Josie said...

Oh College Boy, The Very Josie is a private online tourney on Full Tilt. Ever hear of it? :)

OES said...

Okayyyy I will just have to play it.

Josie said...


Cricket said...

Good story, especially because the old guy, Tony, was probably in his forties at the time!! Younger than those nitty old men.
Talk about sexual harrassment! He used to chase me around the kitchen, begging for the "Beef". Ahhh, good times...
I forgot what I did to make him stop, but he did eventually. :b

Josie said...


I know what you did to make him stop. You Quit!!

Yeah I think he was in his early 40's....you were prolly 22...

Nitty old men! LOL that never gets old for me. The N.O.M. are hitting Vegas in a couple of weeks BTW (soooo jealous).

Josie said...

Oh Pokah Dave,

I never answered your question. According to Gary (ugly dumb gary lol) He breaths through his mouth HARD when he has a monster hand. I will confirm this next month and get back to you. :)

Gary said...

The "Where's the Beef" lady was one Clara Peller, who was every inch the dotty old lady she was portraying on the commercials.

@College Boy, I am the Jew Boy about whom you've read so much. I'm honored you'd want to play me and I am glad to oblige if I can.

Josie makes a good cake but her trifle makes you cry. So frigging good...mmm....

@PokahDave, he's really a good player, one of the better I've ever faced in person. It's no shame to have a tell on him. I guess etiquette demands that if he asks m, I tell him, but until then, sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh..