Friday, May 21, 2010

Today Off and The Weekend Ahead

It's the weekend Baby!!!  Mama has the day off....kinda.

I attended a focus group last night, out in East Bum Fuck, which paid $150 for a one hour, one on one, discussion about my office, office equipment, computers, etc.  I pretty much talked for one hour nonstop (don't say it Coop) and they handed me a Benjamin and a fifty in cash, which I split with my sista Cricket.

Today I have the day off, but I'm doing ANOTHER focus group at 3:30pm.  When it rains, it pours.  At least this one is in Boston and it's very easy.  I have to watch a TV show with a monitor strapped to my chest.  They want to see when Very Josie's heart beat quickens.  Hopefully there will be no commercials for waffles.  This pays $100.  Shit, if you want to pay me $100 to watch a one hour TV show, I'm all yours. (don't get any ideas!)

So because of this $100 guaranteed win, I can't get to Seabrook today to continue my "Fridays" run there.  Tomorrow there's a tournament at The Saugus Sportsman's Club.  Coop, if you're ever in town you should play there.  You'd feel downright young!  LOL  So I have a choice to make - play with the old boys (and gary I think) at the SSC or spend my Saturday at Seabrook.  Gary are you playing?  I am if you are.

I'm kinda leaning toward the SSC - those tourneys are monthly at most, but the potential to win more (and lose more) is at Seabrook.  Although I cannot remember the last time I lost at Seabrook (for real yo).

Sunday night is the invitational.  I'll be reading and studying up in prep for that.  I'm taking it really seriously.  If I lose, it's not going to be for lack of trying.  Thanks for all your comments and suggestions.  They are not falling on deaf ears.  (just consider yourselves lucky that this is not a live game.  If it were, I'd have a table all to myself - 10 seats by now!)

I'm dusting off all my poker books too.  It's only 10:30am and I'll be reading them in the backyard in the sun, until it's time to watch "TV for Dollars". 

Good thing I have today off, as I was railing Wawfuls for hours last night.  He pwned a field of 913 to come in 34th place.  Poetry in motion,  until he shoved with 2-5 off suit (that's worse than ace rag, baby) and got called by QQ.  Congratz on the deep run, sweetie.

Oh, one more thing.  While drinking my morning coffee I read Wolfie's post.  Damn, I'd PAY to read shit like that.  I suggest you all check it out and enjoy a nice bit of storytelling yourselves.  I know I did.  Wolfie, do me a favor, write the continuation!!!!

Day started off with a fine read so I feel lucky already.  Lucky + Very Josie = Unstoppable.  Just sayin'.

Play smart.



Josie said...

Cricket just left a comment, which I published and yet it seems to have disappeared. Frigging blogsite....I betcha it'll magically reappear. In the mean time - the comment reminded me that.....

Cricket picked me up at my office for the trip to East Bum Fuck...I open the door to her car, and there she is in a dress sooooo you wouldn't BELIEVE. And lemme tellya - her girls are about 5 times the size of mine (which are actually not that big, but seem to photograph that way) Anyway she is POURING out of this SHORT dress that isn't quite mid thigh. Oh and wearing high top sneakers with it.

So me, being the THOUGHTFUL person I am says, "Let me take a picture of you for my blog". Do I love you guys or what? Of course my cell phone camera is focused in on area. I take the pic, it's kind of dark and all you can see is MOUNDS of cleavage. Even though I begged, she wouldn't let me post it. Someone told me I have to get permission before posting pics. Talk about cramping my style!

dbcooper said...

Imagine you talking for an hour?? Okay I didn't say it. Never been to Boston although when I was younger (yes Josie many, many moons ago) I did qualify to run the Boston marathon a few times. Never went as my kids were young and I couldnt justify the expense. It is on my bucket list though as I want to go to a Red Sox game. Not sure why.

Josie said...

Coop, Not sure why? You'll know why after you experience one. Just ask Mojo.

Josie said...

Here is Cricket's comment - she left it on an older post.

Cricket said: See?
Aren't I glad you didn't post that pic of me from last night?
No permission from me for the massive cleavage shot of me in my "lucky dress".
And, as usual, the dress lived up to its name. ;) Details in person!

AND your story was real, true, and funny! And CR was lucky you were there yesterday,
and you cant make everyone happy!

Except never dissappoint, sista!

Josie said...

Must be the day for leaving comments on old posts. A very nice reader just left this one on an older post.

John said:

I LOVE this blog. Easily the BEST poker blog I have read in a while. Keep up the good work!

I <3 John!

SirFWALGMan said...

i am so sleepy

Wolfshead said...

Love those focus groups. Boston's chintzy. I used to get a buck, buck and a half for phone surveys, 2 bills and parking if I had to show up somewhere.

Thanks for the promo. You really do want that nice comment

Memphis MOJO said...

Coop, Not sure why? You'll know why after you experience one. Just ask Mojo.

I remember the first time I went into Fenway Park -- I thought "Babe Ruth used to play here!" not to mention so many others.

Memphis MOJO said...

GL and have fun at the table this weekend.

Josie said...

@Wolfie - Only want the nice comment if it's sincere, like my thoughts about your post.

I've done some focus groups that have paid more, but regardless it's easy money.

@Mojo - Thanks! And Ted Williams played there - and Yaz...

I met Yaz once...let's just say he had a personality like Wolfie - refused to give autographs, including a man in a wheelchair - but know what? He gave me one!

Wolfshead said...

Go Phils

Josie said...

Wolfie, If you want to root for a winning team, root for the Sox!